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@alex1v in lyon...#unitedbmx

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@slaytanictom 270 barspin. check the clip in the new @centsofnonsens mixtape on @digbmx #bmx #frankfurt

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Gap pegs sequence in france. shot by @fo0man for @united_bmx #bmx

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Luce360 in lyon @united_bmx shot by @fo0man #bmx

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With the squad at the @freedombmx_mag awards in munich.

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Sunday bumb. filmed by @vincentsylvain #unitedbmx #animalbikes #bmx

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Filmed this one with the vhs app because the battery of my camcorder was empty. quality was too bad to use it, now it's on instagram... make sure that the battery is full when you go out. filmed by @brunohoffmann | @united_bmx @animalbikes #bmx

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Luce180 in lyon for @united_bmx photo by @fo0man

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Thanks to everyone for such an amazing year. wish you all the best for 2018. cheers

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Thanks for this one.

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@coreymartinezz and @peteradam in paris while filming for "still united". the full @united_bmx dvd is online now. merry christmas!

comment 1 star 201 December 2017

A different angle of @nathan88williams / @fo0man 's @digbmx cover. cheers boys ๐Ÿป @united_bmx "no foreign lands" part one in lyon is live on dig. #bmx

comment 4 star 616 December 2017

@alex1v in lyon. the first part of "no foreign lands" is live on @digbmx . had such a good time with the @united_bmx squad ๐Ÿป #unitedbmx #bmx

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Wallride in amsterdam. ๐Ÿ“ท @joeriveul @united_bmx @animalbikes

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I was honestly confused when i saw this @united_bmx add in the latest @realpropsbmx episode... but it was a really nice surprise. keep dvds alive! filmed by @peteradam #unitedbmx

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@ciaocrew.cc mixtape in progress. #dammangles

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Two clips for @animalbikes . #bmx thanks to @freeholli @brunohoffmann @jonathanmalte @felixlukas_p and @lukashaeusler_ for filming โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธ

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Feeble to smith from my @animalbikes video. thanks to @niquetamerlin for the photo and helping me out with the editing. #bmx #animalbikes #unitedbmx#ciaocrew

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My "welcome to @animalbikes " video is live on @ridebmx . really exited to be a part of the crew and thanks to my friends for helping me out with filming and editing โœŒ๐Ÿผ๏ธlink in my bio.enjoy it. photo: @joeriveul #animal bikes

comment 39 star 762 November 2017