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Cozying up under the tree with christmas books is pretty much my favorite holiday tradition. i hope the boys never outgrow it!

this year in addition to some new holiday books, which i get them every year, i also got the boys darling red lanterns from @bonanzamarket to read with and take on walks around our neighborhood to view christmas lights. they are such a fun photo prop and the boys are in love with them - can’t wait to take the lanterns camping this summer to get some cute pics with them too!

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Captain snow beard

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My 3 snow men ☃️☃️☃️
dedicating this post to the nicest person on the internet (and in real life too!) for hitting 150k followers this week. her and her whole family are so inspirational and well deserving of all good things that come their way. thanks for your endless kindness and support, meg, and huge congrats!
this community is so large but can be brought together by small acts of kindness. this is what @meg_nlo does daily. she has helped build this tight knit community of friends, mothers, and artists. she takes the time to mentor and support... so, in honor of her hitting 150k we are spreading the love!

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Pocket is my holiday cheer 😂♥️.
a lot of you have commented on my plaid blanket in many of my holiday photos! it’s a vintage @pendletonwm that i got in used in like-new condition from @bonanzamarket . i have found so many great photo props and holiday items at @bonanzamarket - check them out to see what you can find 😍.

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I mean, not the most technically great photo, but they are all looking at the camera and smiling - it’s a christmas miracle!
it’s a pajama party! what is better than kids in their christmas jammies?! nothing! so a bunch of us got together to spread some holiday cheer! check out our #holidaypajamaparty_2018 to see all the fun!

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**** giveaway **** closed - congrats @littlebeanmom !
we love cozying up with our @_thewishbooks this time of year - they are some of our favorites! the boys even have a little anja ornament (see second photo.) we are giving away one copy of their newest book “the polar bear wish,” to celebrate the season.
to enter:
•must be following me @seasalt.and.evergreens and @_thewishbooks
•tag at least two friends. for additional entries tag additional friends. **please tag each person in separate comments**
•winner will be chosen on wednesday evening 12/12/18.

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Our 2018 holiday card ♥️.

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Living his best life - that little face cracks me up. gloves caked in snow, sure sign of a good time ☃️.

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My little elves. we have lost 3 ornaments in 6 hours . . .
. .
this time of year brings so much joy and happiness to our homes! i’ve joined a group of photographers to capture the memory and beauty of this holiday season! #ourholiday_loop . up next is the talented: @hollynicoletimekeeper

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Never under estimate the power of good chocolate and a good story. we enjoy both in plenty this time of year. this year our favorite yummy treats from @seattlechoc have the cutest little stories inside their wrappers that are cracking us all up. thanks for the smiles #seattlechocolate !

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Walking in a winter wonderland ☃️

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