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Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life #uahovr @uarunning @underarmour #sponsored

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Today is a very special day because it’s my sister’s 21st birthday. happy freaking birthday to my incredible sister who has filled my life with happiness and confidence. i can’t express enough how lucky i am to have someone like you in my life forever and to see you continuously grow into a beautiful and strong human being. i guarantee you my life, that i will always have your back and be there for you whenever you need me. well let me get my license first and then i can literally be there for you whenever you need me, anywhere on this whole planet. love you serris:) @serrislew

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Thank you @ztato for always pushing my body and mind into different boundaries 🖤

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I care. @beyonce

there’s nothing greater than knowing that the voice of an artist can change someone’s life. not only did this class give people a chance to release their emotions, but it was led by such a special person. genuinely couldn’t have been more proud and happy to see the influence you’ve given others kayc. to my first classes of yours, to the next, and the next.. 🤜🏼🤛🏻
choreography: @kayceericeofficial

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Happy father’s day to the coolest guy in my life. it’s crazy to think how lucky i am to have a dad like you. you are the most hardworking person i’ve ever known and you’re always there for me when i need you. even when i fall down as a baby, you’re there to catch me. there isn’t anything in this entire world that i can do to repay you for all the things you’ve done for me. but i promise that i will always love you unconditionally and be sure to make your care, your time, and your love that you’ve given me, all worth it. thank you for being the most incredible father anyone could have asked for. love you endlessly:)

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Trial // searching for air and space through my movements

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“give me your best instagram pose”

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This was my first time taking this weirdo’s class and also witnessing her teach. all i really have to say is that it turned out to be an amazing class and i’m honestly really proud of you for being a great teacher. you killed it dood and i’m really excited for you:) the best part was knowing that i get to be a part of ur journey and growth and that is just a really great feeling
▪️choreography: @kayceericeofficial
▪️music: boasty - @wiley__ @duttypaul @stefflondon @idriselba
▪️@xtremedanceforce // @newpixelfilms

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Sean lew x nct 127 // “hey look ma, i made it” ——————————————————————————
i had the incredible honor to create and teach these hardworking artists in three hours. taeyong and mark have such humble and hardworking spirits and i honestly had the most fun time with them. thank you msa and nct 127 for having me and bringing us together. it was my greatest pleasure being able to witness the growth of these amazing artists within the time that we had. i hope you guys enjoy this just as much as i enjoyed dancing with these two🖤
choreography: @seanlew
music: @panicatthedisco
filmed by: @timmilgram
@msaagency @nct127

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Because this song has a special place in my heart

full vid on my yt
apologies if ur ears hurt

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| 2014 |
happy birthday brian! you have not only been a huge father figure to me, but to this entire dance community. thank you for always being there for me and supporting me since the first day i met you. i am always and will forever be thankful for your guidance and the relationship that we’ve built over the years. you mean so much to me and i hope your day is as special as you. love ya:) @brianfriedman

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