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“xanny” by @wherearetheavocados // free thought movements in @jakekodish’s class:)

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“xanny” - @wherearetheavocados 🥑
-choreography: @jakekodish
-performed: @seanlew
-filmed: @timmilgram

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| plexo |
honestly just trying to keep up with this style haha but i’m really grateful to learn from such a unique and incredible mind like zoi. always a great pleasure 🙃
choreography: @ztato
danced: @seanlew
filmed: @timmilgram
studio: @tmillytv

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#throwback | happy birthday jules! it’s crazy to see the journey you’ve gone through in the past years and i’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far. you’re probably one of the funniest guys i’ve ever met and you just have a warm soul that makes people smile. i’m honestly really grateful to have a friend/brother like you and just know that i’m always here for you:) love ya man @juliandeguz13

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“broken roots” - @thisismichl | sean lew freestyle
thank you @instagram for allowing me to share a story of mine and believing in what i do. this piece represents the saying “not everything is what it seems” because sometimes, what you see is what you assume and you never know the whole story about what the person really went through. i felt like freestyling this piece because i just wanted the story to take over and allow the feeling to be geniuine. i really just hope to create a different perspective of art with use of dance and acting together. i hope you enjoy this little piece of mine
performance/freestyle: @seanlew
film: @geraldnonadoez @vibrvncy
music by: @thisismichl

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“flux” - @elliegoulding | sean lew choreography
when i first heard the song, i was immediately touched by the pureness in her voice and beauty of the piano notes. the main purpose of this piece was to allow people to showcase internal pain, personal feelings, and flow through the music, rather than focusing on what moves or beats to hit. thank you brooklyn for opening up your hearts and allowing me to help you connect with the music. it was such a pleasure:)
performance/choreography: @seanlew
film: @rubifilm_
event: @m_eventgroup
music by: @elliegoulding

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If you ever call kaycee strong, she’ll fist her hands, show her biceps, and say “hoo!”
@kayceericeofficial | @jordanmatter

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I’m really glad that i was able to come by nat’s class and support the cause that’s against gun violence. with everything that’s happening in this world, the most important thing that we have to do is support and protect each other. we have to emphasize a change in our ways to stop this cycle of violence. it’s really great to see occasions like these, where we all get together to do what we love and do it for a great cause. i’m so happy for you @nat_bat_ and again, really glad i could be there to support and see you promote such a great message. // dedicated to nipsey
🎥: @brandonesparza
📍: @kmdanceacademy

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You don’t know🎷
•choreography: @brianfriedman 🔥 thank you brian for an amazing class, as usual. missed this love and energy that you always give every time. love you 💙
•dancing w/ this weirdo: @kayceericeofficial ✊🏻
•filmed by @robfish_inc 🎥
•at @theplaygroundla 📍
•you don’t know - @702beat 🎼

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Hi everybody. thank you for taking the time to watch this very important video of mine. i can't even begin to tell you how long of a journey it's been to get to this stage. to start off, this project is overall a short film. a short film that i have been continuously working on for 2 ½ years now. a short film that revolves around my entire work for the past 3 years. i promise you that i won't rest until i'm able to give out the best possible creation that i can possibly create. i hope you’re able to believe in this, just as much as i do
(go fund me link in bio)

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Wish you were gay. @wherearetheavocados 🧬

choreography: @erica_klein
filmed: @timmilgram
studio: @tmillytv

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thank you talia for this incredibly beautiful class. when i heard this song, an instant rush of emotions went through my body because the artist was talking about feeling lost without a certain person. at the moment, i just envisioned what it would feel like if everyone i loved and cared for, was gone. at that moment, it was so hard not to feel the way i felt during that class. as shaun evaristo says, “vulnerability is power” and through every class, i believe that’s what sets you apart from being a dancer and being an artist. i’m really grateful to have floor to dance on and share my stories through the beauty of dancing and music
choreography by @taliafavia
lost by @dermotkennedy
filmed by @timmilgram

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