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Photo by @daisygilardini // arctic terns are simply amazing little birds. with a length of 13-14in (33-36 cm) and a wingspan of 30-33in (76-85 cm) these incredible creatures cover roughly 44’200 miles (71’000 km) every year migrating from the arctic to antarctica. one of the longest migration known in the animal kingdom.
their beauty and elegance in flight are breathtaking.
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Photo by @paulnicklen // a foundation of coral reefs, brain coral acts as a home and safety to many species. brain coral can live up to 900 years. however, it is particularly vulnerable to diseases and thermal bleaching. brain coral is unique, as its tissue is closely connected, which causes pathogens to spread more rapidly than other coral species. due to the risk of widespread infection of the coral, this species needs regulated ocean protection to stay healthy, such as that found in cuba’s gardens of the queen.

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Photograph by @cristinamittermeier // icelandic prime minister katrin jakobsdottir announced that her government will launch a full review of the whaling industry this fall. this comes on the heels of news that hvalur hf, the sole fin whaling company in iceland, illegally slaughtered an endangered blue whale - the first in half a century. in addition to this atrocious event, twenty-six endangered fin whales have been killed this season in this archaic industry. we must continue to keep the pressure on the icelandic government in the wake of this latest news; your voices are being heard. click the link in our bio to keep telling the icelandic government to #stopicelandwhaling. @bluespherefoundation @oceanicpreservationsociety
this photographic work was performed under the authorization n.0 xx-orac-2018 issued by the government, on february 22, 2018.

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Photo by @justinhofman // gray whales have the longest known migration of any mammal with a round trip taking them from the western arctic all the way down to the baja california peninsula of mexico. some animals will travel over 16,000 km (10,000 mi) from their northern feeding grounds to the southern breeding lagoons and it's all made possibly by this incredible tail.
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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // with the significant loss of healthy coral reefs throughout the caribbean, it can be difficult to find an example of a pristine ocean habitat. however, due to the protection of this ocean utopia, the gardens of the queen continue to show us the beauty of diverse, dynamic marine life in a thriving coral ecosystem. as the sunlight dances along this elkhorn coral, its colourful surroundings pulse with activity, showcasing the success of ocean protection.

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Photo: @andy_mann // we appreciate you, sharks. right up until the last kiss of light and beyond. thanks for keeping our oceans in balance. we’re still working on doing the same. thanks to the 1m members (and growing) of the @sea_legacy tribe and for helping lend your voices to ocean conservation. i invite you all to please join me @andy_mann , and stay in the water until last light. #sharkappreciationday 🙏🏼🦈💙

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Photo by @paulnicklen // a blue shark slices effortlessly through the crystal clear blue water of the pacific. who knows what was swimming in the 5000 foot deep water column below us. it’s a powerful moment to break through the negativity associated with sharks as we harmoniously share the waters with these intriguing creatures. #sharkawarenessday #turningthetide

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Photo by @nickhawkinsphotography // from the air, it isn’t hard to see the beauty and complexity that makes up the port joli basin. this area along the southshore of nova scotia contains some of the last undisturbed remnants of atlantic coastal landscape, from upland barrens and mixed forests to sand beaches, tidal flats and undersea kelp forests. in all, 17 distinct natural habitats have been identified here, contained within over 7,000 hectares of protected lands.
follow me @nickhawkinsphotography as we shine a light on some of the most important marine areas of atlantic canada. shot #onassignment for @seabluecanada. big thanks to @harrisonlewiscentre for hosting me. @sea_legacy #turningthetide with @ecologyaction @fondationdavidsuzuki @cpaws_national

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Video by @paulnicklen // sometimes the simplest shot can take painstaking patience to capture. getting the shot of this playful bear was not as easy as it looks. we sat for hours waiting for some exciting action, but to no avail. the bear was more interested in sun bathing than being the subject of our cameras.  however, when this moment happened it caught us by surprise. we were astonished to see such a large and strong bear roll over like a dog. it almost looked as though he was waving at us; finally acknowledging our presence after countless hours of waiting. moments like these display the character and charisma of these bears, and are essential in our mission to bring life, understanding, and emotion to nature. patience is key when it comes to photography and videography, and videos like this are the reward.

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Photograph by @cristinamittermeier // adélie penguins, and all other antarctic wildlife, are getting a better chance at survival, thanks to a groundbreaking agreement by the krill fishing industry. on monday, after years of negotiations, a majority of krill fishing operators formally agreed to stop fishing around troubled penguin colonies. the industry also committed to helping set up a network of marine protected areas in coming years to better protect marine animals, something @paulnicklen, @sea_legacy and i have been advocates for. this is a good day for our planet! it is awesome to see our efforts and those of so many others pay off.
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Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // i have a vivid memory from when i was young. i was on vacation with my family in the maldive islands, snorkeling with my parents. i hadn't been in the ocean much, i remember putting on a mask and sticking my head under the water. it took my breath away. i saw a wall of technicolor wonder. i thought to myself, this is the most amazing aquarium i have ever seen. this experience was a harbinger of things to come in my life. when i began sailing around the world years later, that first memory became a reference point. sadly, only a few places over 10 years ever met this high expectation but my fascination with the oceans has remained constant. i’m telling you this story not to depress you but to say that i believe we can restore our oceans to places of abundance and prosperity. i dream of the oceans teaming with life with healthy fish stocks and coral reef systems, of children being able to snorkel like i did, being able to experience all the magic the oceans have to offer. i do believe we can get there. the oceans are exceptionally resilient. like all things, they do have a breaking point, but if each of us make small changes in our lives, we can have tremendous impact. buying fewer plastic products, making safe, sustainable seafood choices, and supporting organizations like @sea_legacy, who are working to protect the oceans. #turningthetide #everythingisconnected #climatechange

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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // with thick white coats that camouflage them from their prey amid freshly fallen snow, polar bears truly live as one with their surroundings. whether i'm photographing landscapes, animals, or people, i want my subjects to engage with me as genuinely as possible. my goal for every photo is to translate my experiences into visuals that ignite similar feelings and emotions among viewers. through these shared connections and emotions, i strive to spark a desire for action that makes lasting changes to our planet and mindset. thank you for your caring nature and support; together we can keep #turningthetide.

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