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Photo by @daisygilardini // emperor penguins are listed as “near threatened” on the official international union for the conservation of nature (iucn) red list of threatened species. climate change is the prime culprit.
emperor penguins are amazing birds. they breed on the pack ice during the antarctic winter (april to august), facing temperatures as low as -40c. by september, the chicks have grown a thick cover of down, and by december they start going to sea.
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Photo by @nickhawkinsphotography // i felt a tug on my fin and turned around, expecting to see my dive partner @stevenmelansonphoto. instead i was greeted by the gaping mouth of an adult male grey seal. i raised the camera and fired off a few frames before regaining my composure and buoyancy. it was relieving to see that the seal was only curious about this strange intruder to his underwater world and that he posed no threat to us. instead, he stayed with us for most of the dive, playfully investigating every piece of our equipment. it was one of the most interesting and amazing interactions i’ve had underwater. follow @nickhawkinsphotography for more from canada’s east coast.

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Photograph by @cristinamittermeier // in the northern fjords of norway, thousands of orcas gather to feed on the overwintering herring. this mother brought her calf right beneath @cristinamittermeier , as if to take a closer look at the stranger in the water. “there is something tremendously humbling about having 10 to 15 wild orcas swimming straight at you. such a privilege to get a glimpse of these magnificent animals in their own realm,” cristina said of the encounter. these waters will be safe from oil drilling for the next 4 years, but we will have to continue to work in order to ensure these waters and the animals which inhabit them are protected.

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Photo by @shawnheinrichs // west papua is one of the most special places on earth with endless beauty and supreme biodiversity, but the true reason it’s so extraordinary is because of the people there taking bold action to protect their resources for future generations. their passion and work on behalf of the environment is inspiring and i am excited to use our new film to thank these communities and encourage them to continue pushing forward with their conservation efforts. to this motivation, we must continue to add our support, because the sad truth is that the better west papua does at protecting its precious seas, the more attractive they will be to those that want to extract every last resource.
despite all of the devastation and wrongs in the world there are reasons to be hopeful, reasons to keep fighting, and a real chance to restore this beautiful planet we all share to its fullest potential. we can all be guardians in our own ways, but we must take action collectively. every great movement throughout history has depended on people coming together, putting aside their differences, and working towards a common goal. gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” the communities of west papua are proof that despite enormous and daunting challenges, anything is possible. 💙🇮🇩✊🏽 #turningthetide with @shawnheinrichs @cristinamittermeier @candace.crespi @sea_legacy @bluespherefoundation @conservationid #provinsikonservasi #protectwestpapua #papuabarat #treekangaroo

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We have been anticipating the release of #sharkwaterextinction ever since our late, dear friend rob stewart began filming and we’re excited for its canadian release on october 19th. stewart's first critically acclaimed film, sharkwater (2006), inspired significant changes in attitudes and laws around the world and was a powerful tool for many conservation groups in our collective quest to protect the planet.

with sharkwater extinction, stewart goes deeper to investigate the ways sharks are still being illegally exploited around the world and continues the fight to save them, our oceans and ultimately ourselves.

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Photo @ladzinski / when hunting for prey, stealth and ambush are the name of the game. in the antarctic #leopardseals are the masters of this technique. this seal here is strategically positioned near an iceberg, a prime spot to wait for unsuspecting penguins to swim by, especially fledglings. when leopard seals can’t catch penguins krill is their primary diet, a small shrimp that feed on sea ice algae. krill is the primary food source for nearly all mammals here in fact. it’s rich in these waters but something humans are fishing for as well. it’s a delicate balance as to how much of this resource is harvested and one that needs to be monitored quite closely to be sustainable. photographed on the antarctica peninsula last year onassignment for @natgeo @sea_legacy while documenting climate change and krill fishing on the frozen continent, story hits stands in november.

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Photograph by @paulnicklen // an emperor penguin dives into the waters of antarctica. emperor penguins can stay underwater for up to 20 minutes and reach depths of 564 meters (1,850 ft), making them the deepest diving birds. penguins, like this one, are also a lot bigger than you might think, standing over a meter tall on average and weighing up to 40 kilograms. while their large stature can make land travel slow and difficult, they navigate the waters with ease and grace.

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Photograph by @paulnicklen // the relationship between wolves and humans has historically been a complicated one, with these animals often bearing the detrimental consequences of encounters with our species. we must remember that wolves are wild creatures, and do everything we can to make sure they are respected and protected.

the wild coastal wolf, found on west coast vancouver island, is incredibly unique and we know very little about it. one of the few things we do know is that up to 90 per cent of its diet is seafood. these beautiful creatures are often placed in the same category as other types of wolves and allowed to be hunted with cheap, unrestrictive permits. we are grateful that these amazing animals exist and we must strive to protect them so they can lead the wild and free life they are meant to live.

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Photo by @abc4explore // do you have an irrational fear of sharks? from your perspective do images like this invoke fascination or fear? if you fear sharks, love/hate sharks, or simply misunderstand them, take a minute to learn the facts and discover who the real killers are...
according to the “international shark attack file” the worldwide total number of unprovoked shark attacks is remarkably low given the billions of people participating in aquatic recreation each year. for decades, worldwide fatality rates have continued to decline reflecting advances in beach safety, medical treatment, and public awareness. this underscores the importance of global efforts to improve ocean rescue, medical care, and shark education. the somber truth is that the world’s shark populations are actually in decline, or exist at greatly reduced levels, as a result of over-fishing and habitat loss. on average there are only six fatalities that are attributable to unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, each year. by contrast about 100 million (or more) sharks are killed each year by humans. there is a pressing need to conserve these animals and their associated habitats to ensure their sustainability in the long term...
#sealegacy #turningthetide #savesharks #coexistence #isaf #greatwhiteshark #abc4explore // follow @abc4explore (andy casagrande) & tag someone that loves, hates or fears sharks, and help them learn the truth! 🦈💙🙏🌎🎥

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Photograph by @cristinamittermeier // global warming is a global issue, but there are disadvantaged and vulnerable populations who will have to face disproportionately higher consequences of the rising global temperature - and if it continues to rise at its current rate, it is likely to reach 1.5°c above pre-industrial levels as soon as 2030. these populations include some indigenous peoples and local communities dependent on agricultural or coastal livelihoods. together, we must make conscious decisions to stop global warming and make sure our oceans stay healthy and abundant, which in turn will translate into prosperous communities both in the water and on the land.

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Photo by @nickhawkinsphotography // sea anemones and soft corals compete to filter the plankton-rich currents of the gulf of saint lawrence. i'm always amazed to find scenes like this in atlantic canada. growing up here, i never knew such vibrant and diverse ecosystems are only a stone's throw from the beach. follow @nickhawkinsphotography for more from canada’s east coast. @sea_legacy #turningthetide @seabluecanada; @ecologyaction @davidsuzukifdn @wwfcanada @cpaws_national

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We are excited to announce @carltonward as a new member to the collective — a trusted group of @sea_legacy’s esteemed friends who have pledged to use their talents and voices to amplify the message of ocean conservation.
carlton ward jr is a national geographic explorer and eighth-generation floridian and focused on conservation of his state’s nature and culture. he grew up surfing and fishing on the coast before turning his attention to the overlooked wildness of florida’s interior. carlton founded the florida wildlife corridor campaign and has trekked more than 2,000 miles to showcase a statewide vision keep florida wild. living on a peninsula surrounded by water, carlton’s work shows how land and water are inexorably connected, in the everglades and beyond. his current project, path of the panther, draws attention to the common ground needed for large landscape conservation while protecting the headwaters of florida’s numerous estuaries.
we are proud to be #turningthetide with @carltonward !

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