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SeaLegacy #TurningTheTide We're on a mission to create healthy and abundant oceans. Founded by @PaulNicklen & @CristinaMittermeier. Please join The Tide: SeaLegacy.org/Tide https://act.sealegacy.org/s/12-dreams-of-christmas
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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // in the stunningly beautiful waters of antarctica, the smallest of animals provides a foundation for the entire food pyramid. krill, small shrimp-like creatures are the backbone of the antarctic peninsula. sealegacy is currently leading a multinational campaign to create a marine protected area that will give safe haven to wildlife and protect the food they depend on from rapacious industrial fishing. but we can’t do it alone. please join sealegacy to protect the last frontier of southern ice and its animals – from krill to humpback whales. follow along on our #12dreamsofchristmas wish list by clicking the link in the bio.

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Photo by @daisygilardini // despite the fact that the brown bear is the most widely distributed of all the eight species of bears, and its worldwide population is stable, its north american range has declined dramatically. once extending from alaska to mexico, its territory south of canada is now limited to idaho, montana, wyoming and washington. coastal bears diet includes salmons and clams, which provide the nutrients to build up the f*t reserves necessary for the winter hibernation. protecting these coasts means protecting the land ecosystem that depends on a healthy marine environment. hallo bay – katmai national park – alaska #turningthetide #alaska #bear #grizzlybear #katmainationalpark

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Photo by @paulnicklen // lofoten, norway is a haven for orcas and humpback whales alike. the norwegian government is considering oil and gas exploration in the same place where thousands of whales congregate to feed, threatening one of the most biodiverse cold-water locations in the world. @sea_legacy has been shining a light on the issue through our massive media footprint, rallying the people of norway and the world to let norwegian government officials know how we feel. join the growing chorus of voices opposing this short-sighted plan that will forever change these fjords. tell norwegian prime minister @erna_solberg to keep these fjords clear of oil. view all of @cristinamittermeier and @paulnicklen s’ #12dreamsofchristmas by clicking the link in our bio. #turningthetide #lofotenforever #oilfree #fossilfree #lovese #lofoten #oilintheground

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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // for day four of our #12dreamsofchristmas, we wish for wild and free salmon. pacific salmon are the super athletes of the sea. they are meant to swim free and to return to the streams where they were born. they deserve better than to be infected by diseases and parasites from fish that is being artificially farmed in the ocean right next to their migratory routes. as the mounting evidence against the toxic fish farm industry grows, the voice of the people grows even quicker. join us in protecting the lifeblood of the british columbia coast, as we put heavy pressure on the b.c. and canadian governments to regulate the fish farms out of the water and onto land where they will not affect our wild salmon. click the link in our bio to see a list of #12dreamsofchristmas curated by @cristinamittermeier and @paulnicklen

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Photo by @daisygilardini // i captured this image of a gentoo penguin colony in a snowstorm on pleneau island in the  antarctic peninsula in november, 2015. i was feverish that morning with flu, and so didn't go out on the ship's first landing of the day. i chose instead to stay in bed and ride out the bug. i couldn't get any rest, though. i tossed and turned,  knowing i was missing out on a great  storm. finally, i decided to go out in the afternoon, no matter what. once on dry land, i hardly made it up the hill, i was huffing and coughing so much. reaching the top of the hill, i started working a couple of penguins, who were courting. the wind picked up and a strong gust almost knocked me over. at this point, i realized it wasn't really that wise to be out there, considering my cold. i thought it would be wiser to return to the warmth of my bunk in the ship. i started packing up my gear and, when i turned around to descend the hill, this is what appeared before me. in a blink of an eye, i forgot about the fever, forgot about the cold, forgot about the discomfort. it was one of my most memorable shots of the entire expedition, and i was the last one to leave the site to go back to the ship. perseverance always pays off. that image made into national geographic, the february, 2017 issue, in the “vision of earth” section. #turningthetide #antarctica #penguins #climate_change

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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // when it comes to changing the world, community matters. like an orca swimming with its pod, we know there is great strength in numbers. as individuals, we cannot single-handedly put an end to coral bleaching, or stave off acidification of the oceans, but we can come together to join and amplify a movement that focuses on the opportunities to create healthy and abundant oceans. organize a beach clean-up with your friends, convince your business leaders and co-workers not to use single-use plastics, car pool, or even start a local organization that educates people how to understand and respect the oceans. find the pod you’ve been searching for and start #turningthetide for our oceans, our orcas and our climate. click the link in our bio to see all #12dreamsofchristmas curated by @paulnicklen and @cristinamittermeier

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Photo by @daisygilardini // the kermode bear is one of the rarest bears in the world. due to a unique recessive gene, this subspecies of the american black bear has white or cream-coloured fur. just 400 to 1,000 individuals are believed to remain, in a 400-kilometre-long corridor of rainforest along canada’s west coast: the great bear rainforest. this unique ecosystem where everything is interdependent needs protection. salmon are the natural link which connects the forest to the ocean, through their cyclical spawning seasons. bears will catch a fish and then drag it into the forest to eat. birds and other mammals feed on the remains, while marine nutrients, along with the bear’s droppings, help fertilize the forest soil. as conservation photographers it is our duty to capture the beauty of places and species at risk, and raise awareness through the universal power of the images we capture. #turningthetide #spiritbear #greatbearrainforest #canada

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Video by @paulnicklen // happy bears are important to us. that’s why they are number two on the #12dreamsofchristmas list. from polar bears to grizzly bears to black bears and spirit bears, @sea_legacy wants all bears to healthy, happy and protected from trophy hunting, climate change and all other dangers. as apex predators, they represent the general health of an ecosystem. we need marine protected areas (like the recently created tallurutiup imanga / lancaster sound), and we need to combat climate change. through our influence, we are working hard to build constituencies that demand that world governments legislate protections in all forms. consider giving the gift of a membership to the tide and letting your loved one help in #turningthetide for our bears. link in bio. #12dreamsofchristmas

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Photo by @daisygilardini // "the giggle" - in my photographic career specializing in polar regions, i've landed on half moon island in the south shetlands of the antarctic peninsula dozens of times. quite often, we can find weddell seals resting on the pebble beaches around the island. seals usually come to land to rest and digest after spending time in the water fishing. in order to capture any kind of behaviour, you have to be very patient and simply sit, wait and be ready when the action starts, as it might last just a few seconds - just the time it takes for a quick yawn. #turningthetide #antarctica

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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // christmas is for giving, and @sea_legacy ’s co-founders @cristinamittermeier and @paulnicklen have curated a wishlist for the oceans. our first christmas dream is healthy reefs. beneath the thin blue line of our planet tropical seas, lies a world of biodiversity few will ever see. while on expedition this year to the gardens of the queen reefs of cuba, we raised funds to repair a scientific research centre that had been destroyed by hurricane irma, and we discovered a revolutionary concrete product that can be used to rebuild corals. our dream is to rebuild coral reefs and promote science and sustainable tourism that supports healthy coral reefs around the world. instead of purchasing material goods that inevitable end up in a landfill, consider giving the gift of a membership to the tide. it’s the perfect gift for the ocean lover in your family. link in bio. #12dreamsofchristmas

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Photo by @daisygilardini // about 98% of antarctica is covered by ice, that average 2km of thickness, and holds 80% of the world’s fresh water. this is the reason why it is so important and vital to care about climate change! icebergs calve from glaciers and with time, wind and water carve them in the most amazing ice sculptures. #turningthetide #climate_change #antarctica #iceberg

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Photo by @daisygilardini // swipe left to view the sealegacy winter fine-art poster collection. thank you for the amazing response. your proceeds will help power our efforts in ocean conservation. if you’d still like to purchase a poster for a loved one or for yourself, there are now only 48 hours left (deadline: midnight on december 12th) to order from the @sea_legacy winter 2017 poster collection in time for delivery before christmas in the u.s. international orders will now arrive after christmas. swipe left see more options, and click the link in our bio to see all the options, prices, sizes and shipping details: sealegacy.org/store. happy holidays and thank you for #turningthetide with us.

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