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These beautiful shrine are also located in kyoto. it's nearly 5000 torii gates surrounded by nature if you're ever in kyoto definitely check the shrine out! i recommend coming in the winter time or early in the morning to avoid crowds since it's extremely popular.

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Currently in japan for the next couple days hopefully it doesn't rain anymore.
this is the kinkaku-ji golden temple located in kyoto japan if you ever get the opportunity to travel to japan this is a must see!

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Views of victoria harbour , 118 stores up

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Go where you feel most alive

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View of big buddha while watching a beautiful sunset

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Moody days in hong kong

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Humid nights in hong kong

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Congratulations east oakland warriors

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That ultra light beam

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One more win that's all we need

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Let's take a cruise over victoria harbour

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The view from my hotel is incredible.

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