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Foolish mortal, i am a wizard..

comment 1 star 31 last month

Put down the knife or get dva bombed genji

comment 1 star 23 November 2018

I sit in a pringles can to simulate being hugged.

comment 1 star 14 November 2018

I dressed up a little late for halloween...

comment 4 star 19 November 2018

Hit or miss.... i guess they never miss... huh?

comment 1 star 28 November 2018

I am warm toasty like a baked potate

comment 3 star 15 October 2018

Sorry i can't participate in phys-ed today

comment 2 star 23 October 2018

When your mom just finished yelling at you and now you gotta make your own dinner.

comment 2 star 17 October 2018

No i do not have a c*****e problem for the last time.

comment 4 star 19 October 2018

Is dog still mans best friend susan?

comment 1 star 19 October 2018

The teacher wouldnt round my 59 to a 90

comment 1 star 17 October 2018