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. the one that got away. i don’t think i’ve ever tried a trick more than this. multiple trips to the rail and hours each session trying. on this particular trip i managed to land it with my foot coming off the pedal as i rode away. the rail had since became an apartment complex. august 2013 photo by @markgralla

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My collarbone might be broken but california ain't so bad.

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Hit up @digbmx and peep the trailer for the @us.andthem video i've been working on for the last year or so with @jeffreymilby_ @jakecoulson_ @hell_smash. link in bio

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. i hope you don't think less of me if i'm cold i don't want to watch you go. not a bad way to spend my birthday. alone seeing my favorite band.

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. a brick wall view that reminds me of nothing but you. #35mm

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Well i played with fire, i burned it all down. i've made more mistakes than you can count.

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This was pretty cool. shout out to @devondenham138 @helllo_newman @animalbikes @ridebmx

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Remember the time we wrote our names upon the wall remember the time we realized thriller was our favorite song

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Throwback three years ago. my favorite place with my favorite person.

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You ran away from the midwest and traded it in for beaches and east coast sunsets

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And now i'm too late, but at least you moved on it feels great to escape, i'm sure you know

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Surrounded by december cold there is really is no other place like home

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The hard truth of life, is that everyone leaves and everything dies.

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The king in his castle

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Rex waiting for me at the front door.

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