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. you all alone in these streets, cousin every man for they self in this land we be gunnin' and keep them shook crews runnin', like they supposed to they come around, but they never come close to.

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. classic spot and a classic trick. the only spot i got to ride pain free on this trip before i rolled my ankle and blew up my wheel. 📷 @chrismarshallphoto @animalbikes

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. xup feeble in san francisco. peep @animalbikes youtube and revisit the video from that trip. 📷 @n.transit

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comment 3 star 218 April 2017

. us and them and after all we're only ordinary men me and you god only knows it's not what we would choose to do

comment 5 star 139 April 2017

Hit up @ridebmx and see my newest @animalbikes piece from a week in san francisco. filmed by @zackgerber

comment 17 star 271 February 2017

Life's not so hard anymore.

comment 14 star 139 January 2017

My collarbone might be broken but california ain't so bad.

comment 0 star 111 January 2017

Hit up @digbmx and peep the trailer for the @us.andthem video i've been working on for the last year or so with @jeffreymilby_ @jakecoulson_ @hell_smash. link in bio

comment 26 star 203 January 2017

. 10/25/2007. flash back nine years ago this week. riding my favorite handrail with @skavenger937 and @ricwood937. shout out to white v necks, green glh tires, rick's boot cut jeans and first try xup crooks. what a time it was to be alive.

comment 21 star 237 October 2016

. i hope you don't think less of me if i'm cold i don't want to watch you go. not a bad way to spend my birthday. alone seeing my favorite band.

comment 9 star 50 October 2016

. crooked grind on the @legendbikesusa rail from the new issue of @ridebmx. this night was a trip. 15 years after seeing grimaldo ride this rail in the first @animalbikes i never imagined i'd be inside a mall at 2am crooked grinding it. nice way to cap off that trip to jersey. 📷 by ultimate host @chrismarshallphoto

comment 25 star 199 October 2016

. gap to switch wallride to feeble. east chicago, indiana. usa 📷 @andrewbrady @animalbikes @us.andthem

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. a brick wall view that reminds me of nothing but you. #35mm

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. enjoying the fine grinding zones in the bx. 📷 @jakecoulson_

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Super throwback. 2007 was a wild year. 📹 @hell_smash

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Happiness is dead.

comment 3 star 64 October 2015

Well i played with fire, i burned it all down. i've made more mistakes than you can count.

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This was pretty cool. shout out to @devondenham138 @helllo_newman @animalbikes @ridebmx

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