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I guess print ain't dead yet. xup feeble in huntington beach a few winters ago from the @pushitastop zine. support anyone still putting time and effort into creating tangible items.

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Newest addition to the family. shout out to the canadian beast.

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Hit up the @ridebmx site to check out the bike that i trash the streets on. @animalbikes

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Hit up @ridebmx and see my newest @animalbikes piece from a week in san francisco. filmed by @zackgerber

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Life's not so hard anymore.

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My collarbone might be broken but california ain't so bad.

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Hit up @digbmx and peep the trailer for the @us.andthem video i've been working on for the last year or so with @jeffreymilby_ @jakecoulson_ @hell_smash. link in bio

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Animalbikes.com peep 18 minutes of the rawest real street shit. @animalbikes

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. 10/25/2007. flash back nine years ago this week. riding my favorite handrail with @skavenger937 and @ricwood937. shout out to white v necks, green glh tires, rick's boot cut jeans and first try xup crooks. what a time it was to be alive.

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. i hope you don't think less of me if i'm cold i don't want to watch you go. not a bad way to spend my birthday. alone seeing my favorite band.

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. crooked grind on the @legendbikesusa rail from the new issue of @ridebmx. this night was a trip. 15 years after seeing grimaldo ride this rail in the first @animalbikes i never imagined i'd be inside a mall at 2am crooked grinding it. nice way to cap off that trip to jersey. πŸ“· by ultimate host @chrismarshallphoto

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. gap to switch wallride to feeble. east chicago, indiana. usa πŸ“· @andrewbrady @animalbikes @us.andthem

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