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salve esse post clicando na 🏴
e curta essa de de 4 em 4 minutos

comente sdv 4 vezes.

siga as pessoas que curtiram essa postagem.(siga aos poucos para o instagram não te bloquear)

todos que te seguirem no período da mega divulgação você tem que seguir de volta , mais o menos em até 24:00h. ✅ já siga esse perfil @gabrielmeyofc

click naqueles 3 pontinhos que tem em cima do insta, depois que seguir e ative as notificações de publicação e de stories pra vc ser notificado quando a mega for postada.

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Hope is the magic carpet that transports us from the present moment into the realm of infinite possibilities 🧸🎀🎉
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Winter or summer? ❄️🌙✨
credit: @simona.julia

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Amo roupa preta, e vocês?

uma roupa mesmo parecendo que vai ser vulgar, a cor consegue deixar elegante, e sim é uma suitã, mas nem parece né?
quando você não souber que cor usar, use preto e branco. 💕🌻
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Dust bowl farm, north of dalhart, texas 1938 // photo: © dorothea lange ⁠
born in 1895 in new jersey, dorothea lange was an american documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her depression-era work. lange's photographs influenced the development of documentary photography and humanized the consequences of the great depression.⁠
working for the resettlement administration and farm security administration, lange's images brought the plight of the poor and forgotten—particularly sharecroppers, displaced farm families, and migrant workers—to public attention. distributed free to newspapers across the country, lange's poignant images became icons of the era.⁠
inspiration for the 2020 visual storytelling award: this month we want to discover and celebrate photographers believing in the photography of ideas. all approaches are valid and we want to see your stories.⠀⁠
enter today get a chance to see your work published and exhibited at our international group shows. ⁠
deadline: january 31, 2020⁠
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Salen a la cancha! 🔥⁣

hoy, junto a una buena copa de malbec bajo el árbol nos deleitamos con unos choris puro cerdo, papas al rescoldo con un toque de chimichurri y los hermosos chinchus crocantes listos para ser bañados en limón! 😉⁣

que puntaje le ponés? mencioná @ a tu amigo con el compartirías una entrada así 👈🏻⁣

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Stay #wild moon child! 🌚 #whatthefashionista 👓!

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... prova del nove 😂📷#mattiapolibio #biella #shot #tiktokers #pic #instagram #usa🇺🇸 #italy🇮🇹 #boys #newgeneration #nice

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Parker kit hill @parkerkithill refuses to be pigeonholed. “i don’t fit into any one box,” says the breakout star who acts, dances, models and more. parker started posting videos online when he was just 17, and quickly picked up a following for his fierce attitude and outrageous sense of fun. now 23, having come of age in selfie mode, he’s never tried to fit a mold in order to fit in. “i was always outcasted, bullied, ostracized and picked on for wanting to be me,” says parker. “when people recognize me in public it kinda reminds me that i’m not this small-town boy anymore — and that what i’m doing means a lot to people.” 🤗 ⁣

this month, we’re looking to the future with #2020vision. follow along as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). ⚡ ⁣

photo by @parkerkithill

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#hellofrom taimu mountain in fujian, china, where this bronze temple seems to float in thin air.⁣⁣
say #hellofrom your part of the world. ❤️ please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #hellofrom hashtag. any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured.⁣⁣

photo by @nk7

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She’s on top of the world. meet coco (@cocothemaltesedog ), today’s #weeklyfluff who said hello from the 102nd floor of the empire state building.⁣

when she’s not traveling to take in the sights, coco volunteers as a therapy dog at her local children’s hospital in phoenix, spreading joy and happiness. 💕⁣

photo by @cocothemaltesedog

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Finger dancing. it’s a thing. just ask ryoga (@ryoga_xtrap ), who with his dance crew xtrap brings “tutting” to the masses. “tutting is based on grids and geometric shapes — creating interesting illusions using spaces,” says the japanese performer. “i literally dance with my fingers.”⁣

this month, we’re looking to the future with #2020vision. follow along as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). ⚡️⁣

videos by xtrap (@ryoga_xtrap , @zange_xtrap and @kenshin_xtrap ) with @hok @axyzm

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Sisters sara and avni deshmukh (@iconicakes ) are london teens who post daily videos with a unique, kooky style. in their posts, their bond is visible. but in reality, they’re polar opposites. “i’m spontaneous and just do whatever i feel like,” says 18-year-old sara. “my personality is more calm and collected,” says 16-year-old avni.⁣⁣

the pair is not afraid to poke fun at themselves, but there is a message in the madness. “we think it’s important to be visible as two brown girls, so we can show younger girls there are people out there just like them.” 🙏🏽💕 ⁣⁣
this month, we’re looking to the future with #2020vision. follow along as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). and to learn more about the sisters head to @creators — the place to learn more about what it takes to be a creator from the team at instagram, and the amazing creators who inspire us every day. ⚡️⁣⁣
photo by @iconicakes

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Luca mastroianni’s (@loucamastro ) surreal photography is straight out of fantasyland. “i like weird things like retro-futurism, nature and religious imagery,” says the 19-year-old student, “but the starting point is always fashion.”⁣

what began as a way to make his selfies stand out led to the photographer shooting billboard campaigns — but he still keeps things diy. “i’m constantly photographing elements of my daily life to use in future projects,” he says. 📸 ✨ ⁣

learn more about luca on today’s story, and follow along this month as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). ⚡️#2020vision⁣

photo by @loucamastro

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Juliana horner (@vesperucca ) is not your average earth-dwelling creative and makeup artist. “i like creating things that invoke the nostalgia of a different planet — bending themes and images and my face and words to touch on something you may have seen in a dream,” says juliana, who owns the cosmetics company @claropsyche where she shares her passion for saturated tones with collections that sell out fast.⁣

her looks have inspired a cult-like following in the #mua community, but when she’s offline she prefers to stay incognito. “i used to wear my looks out more, but now i don’t as much,” she says. “i don’t want to have a conversation about my face. but online, i’ll happily do it all day!” 👩🏼‍🎤⁣

this month, we’re looking to the future with #2020vision. follow along as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). ⚡️⁣

photo by @vesperucca

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In an ultimate matchup of the 🐅, the lsu tigers (@lsufootball ) claimed a well-earned victory over the clemson university tigers (@clemsonfb ) in last night’s 2020 college football playoff national championship (@cfbplayoff ), hosted in new orleans. 🏆⁣

watch our story to catch 20 prime-time moments from the big game. #geauxtigers 😉🏈

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“i grew up being told that black, f*t women aren’t seen as feminine,” says model la’shaunae steward (@luhshawnay ). “the world tells us that we can’t do what we want because we don’t have ‘the look.’” but since she started modeling four years ago, la’shaunae has already walked in new york fashion week. ⁣

the 23-year-old is adamant that the best is yet to come: “when i see more of us on the cover of major publications, not just used for shock value, then i’ll feel like my message to the world has been successful.” 🙌🏾 ⁣

this month, we’re looking to the future with #2020vision. follow along as we share the stories of 20 people to watch in 2020 (and beyond). ⚡️⁣

photo by @luhshawnay

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#hellofrom a cold and snowy day in the old city of tashkent, uzbekistan. ❄️⁣⁣
photo by @matildegattoni

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Today’s #weeklyfluff stars the snow-loving @mainecoonqueens . these three majestic cats — lizzie, luna and tiara — are free to roam and play in their winter wonderland. 🐈❄️🐈❄️🐈 ⁣

videos by @mainecoonqueens

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