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I am finally dropping the pictures from chafchaouene, morocco. only 2 years later, as usual with me and my photos.

which picture of the blue pearl is your favorite?

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We came to the beach but the sea was gone.🏖
also we didn't bring our swimsuits, so i had to improvise a flinstone-style pebble bikini top for myself😅

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Can't wait to discover new colors and shapes from air.
#djicreator #djisymmetry

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This year i am going to greece for a special holiday. a few years ago i've already made a beautiful sailing trip around the northern cyclades, but as usual not all the pictures have seen the light of the day.

which one is your favorite 1-10?

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Muralla roja is very popular with photographers, while its neighbor - the green "xanadú", also created by ricardo bofill - not so much. here i managed to have both in my lens.
oh, and this man @krzwl has his birthday today🎂 he doesn't like to be photographed, but i am good in convincing;)
scroll through all 3 pictures from calp and let me know in comments which one is your favorite.

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Once upon a time in cappadocia.
which one is your favorite?

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Last one before i let the winter go.
today i booked a flight to a new warm destination. can you guess where i am going? hint: it's a 5-hour flight from berlin.

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This is actually a bit different drone shot. can you notice me and @philipgunkelphotography droning in the background?:) the geese were scared of people, but totally easy with the drone.

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Time to show you some more pictures from petra, jordan.
many think that petra is that one most famous building - al khazneh (the treasury), but it is actually the whole enormous city with cave "buildings" and apartments and corridors. 👉which picture is the most striking? tag 1-8 in the comments.

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Which pool you'd like to swim in this sunday?
1 - salta, argentina
2 - la, usa
3 - cernobbio, italy
4 - grootberg, namibia
5 - calp, spain
6 - bangkok, thailand
7 - palm springs, usa
8 - maltahohe, namibia


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It's been a while since i last visited iceland with the female photographers from @bellcollective. now i am planning a new trip this summer.
have you been to iceland? what's your favorite place there?

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Colors of burano.
which color combination is your favorite?
1-2 or 3?

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