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The beauty of our earth never stops to amaze me.
hope to discover even more breathtaking places this year! what about you? what is your next destination?

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Would you live in one of those bamboo huts?
tag a person you'd spend a weekend in one of those with!

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Driving in the countryside, full of olive orchards can be as great as chilling on the beach.
that is what i like mallorca for - it is relatively small, so you can drive almost anywhere in one hour. you have a relatively big city (palma's population is over 500k), you have great beaches and wonderful rural areas with romantic fincas (country houses) and pools.

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I had a wonderful time in mallorca - i am always happy to come back to this picturesque island.

and have you been to mallorca? what other islands in the mediterranean would you recommend for a short holiday?
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I came to play tennis but forgot my racket at home🎾
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One of my most memorable moments from bolivia. a lightning over laguna colorada.
and what your most memorable places are?

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If you want to see petra's most prominent sight - its treasury - without being overwhelmed by crowds, try coming as soon as it opens, around 6 am.

early bird catches the best shot;)

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Scary drone story below👽
as you know i like to get creative with my drone so this time i decided to do some portraits with it.
fast forward - i've drowned my drone in a lake, had to dive to get it and fast forward - i've revived it! it works!
now here i have to tell you, that i don't have any kind of underwater drone, just a regular #djispark , but if this happens to you - there are a few steps you can follow to save it (won't always work, depends on the type of water and how long it was in it). first of - salty water is much worse than fresh. if it gets inside - corrosion is almost inevitable.
so,if you were "lucky" and yours dunked into a lake, like mine (it got tangled in that grass while landing):
1. get it out of water asap. if it still blinks - it's a good sign.
2. remove the battery immediately. lithium batteries are sensitive to water and even though you can risk to use it afterwards, there is a chance it will explode or burst into flames.
3. open the lid of the drone (there are 6 small screws that hold the lid)- even if there is no visible water, still let it dry. i'm my case i put it into a bag of rice for 3 days - just to be sure (something you wanna do with a smartphone which got wet too)
4. if there is water inside,rinse it with alcohol - it will replace water, which is much more damaging to the motherboard and all the electronics. put it either into rice or keep it in a well-vented dry place for several days.
hope that will help some of you!
stay safe and keep your drones dry!

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More colors into your feed.
happy sunday!

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Yesterday i had a shoot with wonderful anouk.
i believe we achieved some pretty cinematic look here.
which picture is your favorite? name the movie and your favorite picture 1-2-3 in the comments below!

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I was trying to come up with the name for this one and the only thing coming to mind was "a clockwork orange". what would you call this shot?

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👉looking for models
i've decided to concentrate on my portrait portfolio recently, since photographing people is my biggest passion in photography (and combined with traveling - even more so). thus, i am looking for models/actors/dancers in berlin, who would like to collaborate with me. please dm me if you think you're the right person or you know someone who will be interested.

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