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How do you say "eye" in your language?👁️
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Photo vs drawing 💚💛 ©rob2018 😊

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"special eye" - charcoal drawing - ©rob2018 😊
"i have looked into your eyes with my eyes. i have put my heart near your heart" 💚💛
do you like it? 😄

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"let's explore life" - ©rob2018 😄
full version of my last charcoal drawing. i hope you like it 💚💛

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Finished work!! 😄 what do you think? 💚💛 i'll show the whole drawing on the next post.

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New little drawing. how do you say "baby" in your language? 😊👶🏻 - ©rob2018 💚💛

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For your support and for following me here on @instagram,thank you! ♥️
i’m grateful and i can’t wait to share the rest of my drawings with all of you!! 😊 #80k

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"and it is in the eyes of a boy, in his dark and deep eyes, where light begins to exist". 💚
"ed è negli occhi di un bimbo, nei suoi occhi scuri e profondi, che nasce la luce". 💛 - rob2018 😄
i'd love to hear what you think about my last drawing! thank you!!! 😊

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Starting a new #charcoaldrawing work! i hope you like it - ©rob2018 😊💚💛

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With a little delay, here's my #eyememe !!! 👁️👁️ 😊

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Finished work - ©rob2018😊
thanks to everyone who believes in me and permits me to realise this little creatures, beautiful like stars!! ⭐💚💛

comment 218 star 5,539 July 2018