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Nyc is just so gross today and i’m like.. where can i go? 🤔

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Oh yeah is that how you really feel? #cowsofinstagram

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Fall matches my color palette + it’s good for the soul. more on @alwaysroaming

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Sometimes i’m really boring but other times i’ll chill in a helicopter with the doors off

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Had some hot coco this weekend, how about you? 🍁

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You’re my significant otter 😏 @mblockk

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Light me up baby #artifact

comment 6 star 193 September 2018

“mom, i’m fine” 🐒

comment 2 star 145 September 2018

Kindness is badness.

comment 7 star 176 August 2018

Letz pls not undestimate the power of being surrounded by stories + beautiful literature 📚 #realsmile

comment 12 star 177 August 2018

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ‘merica you’re still my favorite although i’ve been enjoying the rest of the world a lot recently. #happy4th

comment 6 star 169 July 2018

6:30 am with the beautiful country of slovenia. post hot air balloon flight over lake bled. landed on this pretty field and took advantage of it after 😚 more on stories @alwaysroaming.

comment 9 star 251 June 2018