Rachel Left my Chicago life when I fell in love with mountains 💕 📍Arizona is now home Next ⛰ trip ➳ ZION
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I know i’m biased, but.... 😍

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Mom💕they say you’re a city gal, beach gal or a mountain gal. mama’s always been a city and beach gal!this lady taught me everything about being a tough, brave, strong gal at a very young age. she may not think so, but she’s the very foundation of my adventurous soul! she taught me the city would grow me, but gave me soul with all our beach and camping days! she may be a city gal, one day a full time florida beach gal, but my mountain heart will always appreciate how much she’s grown me so very much. happy mother’s day! 💕

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Escaping arizona heat 🔥

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Tuesday’s trail ❤️🌵✌🏻

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Tuesday desert destination 😮

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What a terrible tuesday 🤪 🌸 🌵💕

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Sunday funday 😎

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‘tis the season 🦌

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Breakfast 🐶❤️🌵

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You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl 😘#chicagogirl #pieceofmyheart

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Kayak mornings

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Lighthouse exploring with lil bro ❤️

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