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Thanks guys! ☺ i've received so much love & support already! if you haven't yet check out my first ever youtube video on my channel now!! subscribe for fashion tutorials, diys and more! (link in bio) ❤️

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I've had mixed feelings about this youtube thing for ages - literally ages. i had a lot of doubts...would anyone watch my videos? will my content be youtube worthy? what if people think i'm just doing it as part of a trend?! but i know why i'm doing it and i'm gonna go for it. ______________________________________________________________ the channel will be dedicated to fashion tutorials and diys. mainly everyday wear pieces, nothing too fancy and nothing too complicated! just a camera, me and my sewing machine whilst i make some of my usual basic wardrobe pieces. @larapetersuk will still be alive. this is simply because i love to sew and anything related to showing off what i like doing, i'm down for!! hope you enjoy! and don't forget to subscribe ☺❤️ (link in bio)

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Remembering what 1 corinthians 13 says about love. 'love is patient, love is kind...love never ends ❤️ happy vday.

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Check out my homegurl @tarnarenae first vlog post 'out and about featuring me!!! ☺☺ (link in bio)

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• back in these london streets •

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H a p p y m o n d a y • issa selfie 🖤

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Always love a good detailed shot 💛

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Tbt. to my time in texas + that time my dad said this looks like a painting. i've already said it loads but....i miss texas 😩😩❤️🇺🇸 📷 @motolapphotography

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At this point in my life i strive and desire to be the best version of me i can ever be! not competing with anyone else but myself. focussing on my own lane & following the path god has laid out ✨

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Not too long ago landed back in the uk. but my heart is still in the usa 🇺🇸❤️💙 📷: @motolapphotography outfit: @preciousolara

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This was literally the other day! but throwback i guess. so many cool photo spots in dallas! texas i'm gonna miss you! 😩🇺🇸 📷 @motolapphotography

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