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New tutorial video up on youtube now!!! 'v-neck top (2 ways)' check it out! link in bio ☺✨

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Oh fantastic - it's friday! ☺👏🏾🌴

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I will forever love embellishment and detail! 😍

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We don't see a rainbow without rain before sun. we don't see a flower grow without being watered by rain. sometimes we need to be watered in order to grow and see our lives blossom 🌸🌼🌸

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In real throwback mode lately...

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Forever on pinterest pinning workspaces #inspo

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Just realised i never uploaded this • cali, dec 2016 •

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---swipe right--- new video 'diy: turtleneck bodysuit' up on the youtube channel now!!! go check it out!!! (link in bio)

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Going through one of these seasons in life where it's literally either things or done now or not at all

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🌴always cali dreamin'

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Love flared sleeve tops! defo might make a tutorial vid for a top like this! ☺ #inspo

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One of those pics i don't think i'm gonna get tired of for a while 🔹💙🔹

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My first diy video is up on the channel now!!! if you haven't checked it out click the link in the bio! ✨

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Check out my first diy video now up on the youtube channel now!!!!! and don't forget to subscribe - lots more vids to come! :) ---- link in bio ---

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At this point in my life i'm trying to take more risks. not to be so worried about how things will work out. but trust that god is with me guiding my steps along the way. in life it's hard to see a change unless we leave our comfort zone. time to do exactly that! ✨

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Thanks guys! ☺ i've received so much love & support already! if you haven't yet check out my first ever youtube video on my channel now!! subscribe for fashion tutorials, diys and more! (link in bio) ❤️

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I've had mixed feelings about this youtube thing for ages - literally ages. i had a lot of doubts...would anyone watch my videos? will my content be youtube worthy? what if people think i'm just doing it as part of a trend?! but i know why i'm doing it and i'm gonna go for it. ______________________________________________________________ the channel will be dedicated to fashion tutorials and diys. mainly everyday wear pieces, nothing too fancy and nothing too complicated! just a camera, me and my sewing machine whilst i make some of my usual basic wardrobe pieces. @larapetersuk will still be alive. this is simply because i love to sew and anything related to showing off what i like doing, i'm down for!! hope you enjoy! and don't forget to subscribe ☺❤️ (link in bio)

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