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@badurgovislam is the real deal. if you haven't seen some of his bar work it's worth checking out. showcases his lumbo pelvic hip complex as well as his upper body strength.

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@kingryang is an animal. as he pivots his hips he's using his obliques, gluteus, and lats with each punch. i wish we could see his legs so i can describe which muscles are being used as he pivots to each punch. but the speed on this young man is pretty impressive.

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Check out @badurgovislam and this impressive video. his flexors in his hands and forearms are exceptionally strong. obviously his lat strength is up to the standard. he's also chosen to use a very proprioceptive rich environment. all and all very cool video.

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Check out this ridiculous hamstring development! this is @ifbbdandecker wow. so you athletes out there, if you want to sprint faster and be more explosives you have to work the posterior portion of your body. so basically, hamstrings are key.

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Talk about focus and athleticism...amazing. thank you @unstoppable for the cool content!

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Things may become exceptionally hard for you but that doesn't mean you can't accomplish it. never give up.

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I thought he was a fictional character. but @movemendijs has to be d**k grayson! very impressive!

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Much respect to a person that knows the need to change and actually starts the process. much love and respect to her. thank you @fitransforms for the video.

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We should all take a lesson from @rynosaurusflex . when you keep it fun and enjoyable you'll always do it. so staying in shape becomes much easier.

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This little girl is another example of just because you're at a disadvantage it doesn't mean you can't finish the job. she's definitely an inspiration. now what's holding you back? thank you @all_fitness_tips for the video

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Isometric contractions could be a valuable tool in any workout routine. this may give you something to work towards. 405lbs...for a 30 hold...pretty crazy.

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Its never to early to teach the fundamentals to our children. it doesn't matter what it is. teach them young. if these two young men decide to take boxing all the way, i think it's pretty safe to say they will be phenoms in the ring. thank you @grandytwins_boxing for the lesson.

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