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I have stopped fight the “why.” all it does it give my anxiety more momentum, more power. i have stopped asking “why me?,” because it’s a question that i know i will never get an answer to. i have stopped asking “why can’t i feel normal?,” because truthfully i don’t even know what normal is. i have stopped questioning “why can’t i just be, just live and feel like i can breathe fully and deeply?,” because i know that in some strange way i was chosen to carry this load because i’m strong enough. i have stopped asking “why.”
i fought “why” with every ounce of strength i had for so long. i broke down and crumbled in small corners asking, screaming out loud “why am i going thru this!?” only to feel even more isolated than the moment before. the more i fought the worse i felt. the more i pushed the monster away the harder it came back at me. the more i told myself “i’m stuck and will never be free” the more of a prisoner i became.
i didn’t know peace until i opened the door to my anxiety and met it face to face. the day i decided to sit down with it, take it in, and partner with it the more i realized that i was just fighting myself, this new me. in order for me to feel any bit of internal freedom, or exhale just a little bit more, i had to welcome my anxiety in, give it the attention it craved, and send it packing when its stay was over. i had to come to terms with the fact that it will visit, unannounced, more often than i would like it to but that i would work with it and take it in every time. i finally saw that by fighting it i was only giving it more power, but by taking hold of it, embracing it as much as i can, the power over me decreased, the gears shifted and i had more control.
i have horrible days. i have moments of panic where i still feel the “why me” creeping in, but the difference now is that i refuse to stay stuck in that. i allow myself to feel the moment and then i take my power back.
dear #anxiety.
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I keep being asked “what makes a workout “pregnancy safe”?”✨🤰🏼
so here we go! 😘
➡️aside from the mystery what to actually do during pregnancy workout which i’ll get to later, a lot of pregnant mamas adopt a poor posture with an arched low back and slouched shoulders. the consequences are extremely harmful for your back, pelvic floor and core in general. in this position, the deepest ab muscle (the transverse) and your obliques are passively stretched. ⚠️there are two physical issues here: because the muscles are stretched, they can’t be engaged anymore, and the 2 sides of the r****s abdominis start to split (dr). here are some things to be wary of.. ❌avoid anything leading to:
🔹pelvic floor pressure/stress incontinence
🔹ab mid-line pressure/bulge popping out
🔹strengthening your r****s abdominis (6-pack muscles)
being out of breathe
🔹twisting motions
🔹poor posture
🔹i don’t recommend using weights since you’re already gaining weight, your joints become more flexible (relaxin hormone), your center of gravity shifts, your pelvic floor and and are already stressed from the growing uterus…
🔹that’s also the reason why i don’t recommend high impact activities!
🔹and of course avoid anything increasing the risk of accident or falls, scuba diving, contact and collision sports… ✅so what should you do?❤️
🔹abdominal breathing exercises to strengthen your transverse
🔹gently stretch the r****s abdominis to avoid the abs splitting (dr) 🔹posture and stability exercises
🔹light cardio : power walking, swimming free-style, stationary bike… ✅so drop your weights, forget pull-ups and planks for now; and forget crunches forever! 🤰🏼#pregnancy is a special time - focus on your deep core, take the time to tune into your body, take care of yourself…
❤️now is not the time to push yourself, use this time to reconnect with your body, learn what’s good for it and start to connect with your #baby.
⚠️i know it can be frustrating to read that if you’re are super active, enjoy cross fit, etc… i was like you… and that’s why i suffered from ab separation and stress incontinence for 3 years after my 1st boy!
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Mum bum 🍑 some women experience a flat b**t during and after pregnancy (some, not all!) but why does this happen?!!
pregnancy can change your alignment and can cause certain muscle groups to tighten (hip flexors), while others weaken (glutes)
how to fix this - posture! start by getting your body back in alignment! your b**t shouldn’t be ‘popped’ (see first pic) or tucked (see second pic) your back should be neutral! this will allow for the correct muscles to be activated (core + booty!) and reduce back pain! #bonus 🙌🏼 practice good posture all day, standing, walking, sitting and during exercise.
next up is to stretch those hip flexors and strengthen your glutes!! i love lunges, bridges and flute kickbacks! .
building a b***y is one of my main focuses from now until new year’s eve! why? because i want to improve my posture, strengthen my core, reduce back pain, and fill out my jeans 😏🍑 .
where are my b***y building mamas at?! leave me a 🍑 in the comments if you’re building your booty!!
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This is a question that’s been on my mind since i was pregnant - seriously - what is there to judge about the way i choose to have my baby enter the world 🤷🏽‍♀️?
when i was pregnant, people would ask me why i was going to have a c section, a question i didn’t mind answering at all, unless someone ended the question with “not judging” and this was how 8/10 ended their sentence.
just to clear this up once and for all - there is nothing to judge about the way a mother chooses to welcome her baby into the world - as long as everyone is happy and feel safe that’s always the best way ☺️ simple as that. .
if you have a question just ask it - no one is assuming you’re judging - until you say you’re not 😉 *kidding*
(i don’t think these people were or are judging mine or any other moms decisions - but that phrase makes our decisions look shameful, like other people would’ve judged us for it - so let’s just stop using it - we shouldn’t judge each others choices at all just empower them)
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Almost #5monthspostpartum now and i still pretty much look like the picture on the right.
my body hasn’t “bounced back” the second time around and i’ve been way more gracious with myself.
proper nutrition and regular exercise throughout my pregnancy definitely helped though! it’s crazy what our bodies are capable of, isn’t it? i never really grasped that until my own body went through it.
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Double tap if you can relate 😂
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Looking back at what has been the most incredible, life changing year of our lives. i’m so lucky to be your mum ✨
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I was so spoiled with my first pregnancies. i rarely ever got sick! ugh but this one is another story completely. every pregnancy is so different... but definitely worth every minute. how many others had morning sickness all the time!? any tricks for this would be great as well. pretty sure i’ve tried them all though haha! . . .
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We can do it all! 💪🏽
a few months ago, i wrote this in a caption and it has stuck with me ever since. the past few months i have been able to balance motherhood while chasing my dreams and goals i want to fulfill. and i’m not stopping.
what i have learned over these past few months is that we all have our own definition of doing it all. you define your journey. whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a full-time working mother, or juggling both, doing what’s best for you and your family is all that matters. i read this quote that said “sometimes society expects women to work like they don’t have children, but also raise their children like they don’t work”. to be honest, i think almost all mothers try to do that already. its ok to have a job and be a mother. it’s ok to be a stay at home mom and that be your full time job. do what’s best for you, always.
to all the amazing mothers out there working at home or in an office, i see you. you are a boss, you are a mother, you are incredible. you can and are doing it all!! don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

side note- can we all admire aria’s modeling range! she’s got the smiling and serious pose down! . .
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I spent the last few days feeling so offended and triggered by a few nasty messages i received from the ol’ mum police. and then i read this and it really cheered my a*s up ☺️
“the sooner you can figure out how to accept unwanted advice gracefully, the easier your year is going to be.
for whatever reason, people love to weigh in on babies—everyone has an opinion, and everyone wants to share. i believe that most of this advice is pretty well-intentioned. most of it falls into the "it worked for me and i am so happy and i want to share my joy with you because you look very tired" category, which is at least only mildly offensive and really very sincere.
here's the thing: you can stumble through this crazy first 12 months in defense mode, snapping witty comebacks at judgmental old ladies or know-it-all childless people, or you can decide to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, smile and say thank you, and become very zen and confident about knowing what's best for your child and not giving one ounce of your abundance of poop about what anyone else says.
if i were you, i'd aim for zen.
nobody is out to get you. everyone wants you to succeed. and s***w them all anyway, because you are raising a child, and that is awesome. did your kid eat something today? is she relatively hygienically sound? smiles occasionally? you win all the things. you are awesome enough to absorb any and all commentary, keep the bits you like, and toss the bits you don't. how sweet of them to care.”
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Boy did i pop! 🤣 the first image was taken hours before my water broke and the second one just a few hours ago.

on a serious note, if my posts are nauseating please just move on and don't feel the need to comment that "you're nauseous" and then proceed to private message me some more about how i make you sick. ok?! ok! thanks. ✌️
and for the woman who ripped me into pieces a few weeks back publicly but then decided to apologize privately... i'm clearly still angry but thank you for saying how sorry you were/are.

for everyone else (99% of you) thank you for being here and all your love and support... you make all the nonsense i deal with in this space less visible in my mind and heart.

i'll always say this, this community has been my biggest supporter throughout my motherhood journey and i'm so blessed to have you but most importantly i'm here and i'm here to stay. 🙏🏾
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