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It’s like night and day with @skip_closer.

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@suricts tells tales of #ps_wonderland.

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In #ps_wonderland, what goes up does not always come down. piece by @hobopeeba.

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Hi everyone! it's julius (@visualsofjulius ) here again. i think it's important to stay self aware about your work and be happy about what you've created. for me, that feeling comes from how challenging the piece was to create, how realistic it looks, and what the artwork tells or shows. this piece was the most challenging project i've ever  worked on because it had so many moving pieces.

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photoshop is an amazing tool. i hope i've been able to inspire you and that you will never stop creating. thanks for being a part of this creative community. let's all continue to create and inspire each other. i challenge you all to make your own wonderlands and post them using this month's theme, #ps_wonderland, for a chance to be featured on the photoshop instagram account!

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Hey, @visualsofjulius here again! sometimes in my edits, i think less is more. you don’t need a lot of action in your images for them to be great.

i find myself drawn to central perspectives and creating moods. the way you create lighting and colors in your images is one of the biggest things that sets the mood for your edit.

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Hi! @visualsofjulius here again sharing some more artwork with all of you! i've always liked to create realistic scenes with symmetrical perspectives. combining different light sources and creating depth is something i try to add into my work. i use a lot of fog to create depth, and i like to use colors that compliment each other really well. also, i think the word ''dreamy'' describes my art well because you often see me blending sunsets and night skies together to achieve a surreal effect in my work.

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Hey all, it’s @visualsofjulius back again with a new piece to share with you. all the images used in this edit were shot in indonesia, where i was traveling earlier this year. i love to create night scenes. matching the lighting in day images with the lighting in night images is always a fun challenge. my style is based on dreamy landscapes which usually consist of many images combined and blended together.

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Hello, it’s @visualsofjulius here! i am a 19-year-old digital artist & entrepreneur from finland, and i'm super stoked to be taking over the @photoshop instagram this week.

i started creating in photoshop almost two years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. i love to use multiple light sources, a variety of colors, and dreamy skies in my work. i find it fascinating how images that don’t fit together in the beginning can be combined into something realistic, yet still magical.

this is a combination of 74 separate objects & images! check out today's instagram stories to see how this image was created.

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Hey, peeps! this is inna afa (@owlhorror ) with a #ps_swipe tutorial for you! i am sure each of you could use a little magic in your life, and i’m here to help you with that.

first, i adjust the brightness and contrast of my background image. then, i add a layer mask to the image and remove the door using the rectangular marquee tool and brush.

next, i place the forest image under the room layer. using smart filters, i change the hue and saturation to add a yellow/green tint, i decrease the brightness, and i increase the contrast completely. for the final shade, i usually use the eyedropper and then adjust the opacity slider on overlay mode. i also add a gradient overlay in neutral density mode. to give a twilit mood, i always use an additional layer, which i fill with black in the soft light blending mode and with reduced opacity.

i then add in the arm. with a layer mask, brush, and magic wand, i remove the background of the arm image. i transform the layer to darken mode and reduce the brightness and contrast of the photo. then, i duplicate the layer in overlay mode, combine both arm layers into a group, and apply a black color overlay. in a corrective layer, i apply a clipping mask to the group. to remove the transparency of the hand, i take a white brush, draw underneath the layer, and blend.

the easiest way to create a phone light is to find it on the internet! with the stock image, i change the mode to color dodge, decrease the brightness, and increase the contrast. then, i copy and paste the light to a new layer that i resize and rotate to act as the room light. i give a purple haze by adding color overlay in color mode. then in an adjustment layer, i slightly increase the brightness and contrast.

for the glow, i add a layer in overlay mode, and draw with a soft white, blending the edges using the smudge tool.

after saving, i go to @lightroom and use my favorite preset.

that's all! hope you’ve enjoyed my tutorial. with love, inna afa

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We had a whale of a time traveling through melbourne’s art scene in our latest installment of creative layover. come along with us and tour the works of three local artists! link in bio. image by @colinanderson1.

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Do you think it’s just a bunch of hocus-pocus, or real #ps_magic? piece by @axel_captures.

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@bryanadamc has the #ps_magic touch!

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