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Our house may be haunted, but make yourself at home. #ps_eerie piece by @firdaus.zulfan.

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Stopping traffic with @eye.c’s image for #ps_opposites.

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Is it just us, or is it getting a little spooky in here? #ps_eerie piece by @sphantasy_art.

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@tankuss’s piece is a bit too #ps_eerie for a bedtime story.

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Anything can happen during the witching hour… #ps_eerie piece by @jerquartz.

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@photified is making waves over here.

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Hoping #ps_eerie doesn’t get us into murky waters. piece by @k.psd.

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Sweet dreams. #ps_eerie piece by @frankdiamondphotographer.

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@shaunryken here with my final eerie piece. this flaming horse is something i wouldn’t want to ride. that’s for sure! i used multiple masks and overlays to create this transparent look. overall, this image has that headless horseman vibe i was going for. thank you all for following along during my weeklong takeover!

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Hey fellow creatives! @shaunryken back at it again. we all know that this is the month of dressing up and being something completely different for a night, so why not recruit some insects into the mix? putting the little military outfits on these bees was so fun! if you celebrate halloween, what will you be dressing up as this year?

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I’ve got my eye on you! @shaunryken here. i like to challenge myself with depth and blending. i find that using masks and brushes at low opacity helps me achieve that well-blended look i’m going for. blending is my main focus when editing a surreal image. what is your main focus when you work on your visuals?

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piece inspired by artist @alexandreevart.

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Here we go again, @shaunryken on that spooky grind. for this image, i wanted to take a more artistic approach, using reflections to my advantage. you might notice that it has the exact same colors as my first takeover image! i love to match my tones in every creation i make, which is why my entire feed has a similar aesthetic. but enough about me, what’s your favorite horror movie?

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