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Walking the line for a sunrise, in the land before time.

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A big red kiss from the west, is a promise taranaki can rest.

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The lady paints traditional didgeridoo in design and colour of the yolngu people of northeast arnhem land.
buku-larrŋgay mulka centre houses the world's best aboriginal artists, but the most fasinating part is the preservation of yolngu history, law, governce and culture.

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There's a lot going on at @mthuiafarmstay besides great hosts and accommodation in one of the most scenic areas in new zealand.

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A lot of people said it couldn't be done, but i married the most beautiful model citizen.

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One breath, one chance, it's not natural to touch this sunken vessel. this was a frantic treasure hunt on our last day in cuba, to find this alleged usa marine boat that was sunk in the bay of pigs invasion 1961. with elusive directions, we scoured the ocean floor from the surface taking turns on shark duty of course. then far in the distance she appeared, 1, 2, 3 hyperventilate and we were driving next to history under the sea.

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A millennia of knowledge of hunting and gathering gets passed onto the new generation of the yolngu people of nyinyikay, east arnhem land. the cycle of life is taught from day one where they conservate all things provided by mother nature. one day when their time comes, they will turn into a part of that nature that surrounds them.

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Mt taranaki you are perfect in every way. your story is a sad one of love and defeat. that is why you call and keep clouds close to your ridges, to hide from your shame. for what it's worth i think your wrong, and it is time to move on. you bring beauty, mana and everyday teach us to be strong. we respect you and will care for you, until our time comes to return to the soil. no more hiding, no more crying, just this kia kaha - turangawaewae

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Hunt for dinner with eyes in the back of your head, this is croc country. only with @intrepidtravel

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Mt taranaki is kind when she wants, and i respect her more for this unpredictable law.

but the fact of the matter, comes down to the weather, and if it wasn't for the scrogen, and a milky way show up in a higher heaven, this sundance we see today would have been the one that got away.

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Lake waikaremoana is a nz great walk for obvious reasons. it ticks all the boxes for mind b**w nature, but when you step into te urewera national park get ready to be enchanted by this spritually majestic home to the people of tuhoe.
sometimes words don't cut the cake, you've got to rise for the sun gods yourself; close your eyes and hear the ancient whispers of song through moss laden trees; baptise your soul back to mother nature under her powerful cascading cleansing. when you enter tuhoe country, respect, rejoice and preserve.

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