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Our short preview of inspiration wedding shoot from frenchman coulee💫
dream team!
organization @peonyblossomeventagency
decor and flowers @peonyblossomeventagency
photo @marypastuh
video @jahdevochka
second photographer @ludmilayu
dress @christinnasbridal
models @muliarchyk and @dyomin_
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"this is the most beautiful bouquet i've seen!" - exclaimed the bride. gently - pink peonies were as if created for her angelic image. closing her eyes, she deeply inhaled their thin honey aroma. now it will forever be associated with a beautiful day.
in the afternoon, when she utters the main vow, when the father touchingly brings her to the altar. the most important day in the life of every girl ... the aroma of fresh peonies, like a magic time machine, will return it at the happiest moments.
stacy chose the best flower suppliers for a month. and the night before the wedding carefully collected the flower to the flower, bandaging the silk ribbon stems. "the ribbon is made of the same italian silk as on the bride's dress. i barely persuaded the designer to make an exception for us, "she shared with pride.
yes, i did not doubt her abilities.stacy knows how to get any flower “under the earth”, any decor for the most perfect wedding. oh, completely forgot to introduce myself.
masha and stacy are two friends and creators of the agency for the wedding of the dream "peony blossom". stacy is a florist and designer. and i'm a photographer. our enthusiasm and great work experience for a long time whispered the idea of ​​creating such an agency. but at some point in our life we ​​went to different cities. what happiness it was when fate brought us to seattle. at the first meeting, we remembered our old dream and decided it was time! . the idea came true quickly and today i am shooting a new story, a new happy smile of the bride, pride in the eyes of the groom and touching tears of my parents .... luxurious garden with a view of the mountains. candles are burning, playing a violin. the bride is ready. it’s time to begin.💫

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