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Paul tip: make your glam squad add paw balm in your morning routine to prevent cracked paws this winter❄️🐾 #mylifeissohard #glamsquad

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“paul me by your name”
#paulpuns #tongueouttuesday .
beautiful custom dog cookies by @boscoandroxys

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You have bed sheets at home and you don’t make a blanket fort? grow up #saturdaze

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🌺perks of being a paullflower🌸 #nofriendsnoproblem #antisocialpaul

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Leaf me alone and go vote #antisocialpaulsaysvotebitch

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Me flying away from my problems #happyhalloween #pixarup

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S'up? #whpdressup

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“look, i smell like chanel” #paulthecreator #whpdressup

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Mom: it’s thursday let’s get this bread
paul: get it yourself
#imbusy #teampixel

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Glazed and confused #donutcrazy

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When the weather suddenly skips fall #winteriscoming #its44degreestoday #tbt #paulsnow

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