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Paul’s ready for the weekend, are you? #tgif

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showing varying colors as a paul does

#tongueouttuesday #nosypaul

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Paint me like one of your french gorls #mondaymood

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One of the best-dressed guests at the #royalwedding #fascinatorgamestrong

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Who left this chicken thigh in my bed? #🍗 #lookinglikeasnack

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Flowers fur you!💐

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Me: are you posing?
paul: google earth, always taking pics
#alwaysready #hejustsatdownlikethis #physicallyimpossibleformetotakeabadphoto

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My mom’s so lucky to be my biggest fan #whpimagination #happymothersday

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Ma’s gone for the weekend which means i get the bed all to myself🙃#meanwhilemomiscrying

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Ma wanted a photo of the floor #butimmoreinteresting #photobomb

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When you look better in ma’s clothes and you know it #ootd

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