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Paul Nicklen Co-founder of @Sea_Legacy and contributing photographer to National Geographic. Please join The Tide and support SeaLegacy http://sealegacy.org/tide
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Like these penguins on south georgia, we must stick together. it’s the only way to create real, lasting change in the shared southern oceans, or anywhere for that matter. @sea_legacy is currently part of a huge multinational campaign to create a marine protected area around the antarctic peninsula that will give safe haven to wildlife and protect the food they depend on most—krill—from heavy industrial fishing. but we can’t do it alone. please join sealegacy to protect the last frontier of southern ice and its animals. #12dreamsofchristmas #turningthetide #penguin

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For day six of the #12dreamsofchristmas, i’m wishing for oil-free northern norwegian fjords, a region i have spent so much time in. in mere weeks, these fragile, abundant and beautiful fjords are in danger of a policy change that will open them up to oil drilling. i believe it is my obligation to make others aware of the risks and the species that will be affected. species like this killer whale and the herring it feeds on, but also humpbacks, s***m whales, and atlantic cod, plus the world's largest cold water reef. all of this stands to be severely impacted by man's quest to add to the current global oversupply of oil. for those who want to lend your voice, please leave a comment below and mention norwegian prime minister @erna_solberg , asking her to leave the oil in the ground. to see all of @cristinamittermeier and i’s #12dreamsofchristmas, join @sea_legacy. #turningthetide #lofotenforever #oilfree #fossilfree #lovese #lofoten #oilintheground

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At @sea_legacy we have compiled a list of the #12dreamsofchristmas and today’s dream is for salmon to swim wild and free. i have been involved in attempting to get atlantic salmon fish farms out of british columbia waters for over 17 years. from open-net atlantic salmon pens which cause wild pacific salmon species huge damage, to operating without permission in first nations waters, to clearly disregarding the local ecosystems, the current state of #fishfarming in british columbia is embarrassing. please follow @sea_legacy to help us convince our governments to get farms out of the water so our salmon can swim wild and free, safe from #fishfarm-caused disease. #laststandforwildsalmon #fishfarmsgetout #forthewildones @justinpjtrudeau @johnhorgan4bc @bcndp @lanapopham @tavishcampbell @alexmorton4salmon

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When i first began photography in the ancient days of slide film, i was a young biologist who only wanted to capture the beauty of the arctic. as i became established as a professional, my job took me further and delved deeper into many different ecosystems, almost all of which i began to understand were fragile. i could not ignore what was happening in front of my lens. i still can’t. as we hit day three of the #12dreamsofchristmas and its theme “find your pod,” i am happy to say i have found my pod in @sea_legacy . togther with @cristinamittermeier , i am proud to lead us forward as a conservation organization that seeks solutions and hope before conflict. will you join us in #turningthetide for our oceans? view the #12dreamsofchristmas by following @sea_legacy and @cristinamittermeier

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There is nothing i’d love more for christmas than to know polar bears are healthy, happy and protected. as the apex predator in the arctic, and an animal i grew up in close proximity to on baffin island, these bears represent the general health of an ecosystem. for this to happen, we need to create marine protected areas in the arctic (like the recently created tallurutiup imanga / lancaster sound), and we need to combat climate change. @sea_legacy is working hard build constituencies that demand that world governments cut carbon emissions and create marine protected areas. if you’d like to help convince these government entities to protect bears of all kinds, please consider giving the gift of a membership to the tide and letting your loved one help in #turningthetide for our bears. follow @sea_legacy to learn more. #12dreamsofchristmas

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While on expedition this year in cuba, @sea_legacy raised $10,000 to repair a scientific research centre that had been destroyed by hurricane irma. we also discovered a revolutionary concrete product that can be used to rebuild corals. our pie-in-the-sky dream is to rebuild coral reefs and promote both science and sustainable tourism that supports healthy coral reefs everywhere. do you believe it’s possible? my partner @cristinamittermeier and i have curated a wishlist for the oceans. it’s called the #12dreamsofchristmas and our first christmas dream is healthy reefs. instead of purchasing plastic gifts that inevitably go into garbage or recycle, consider giving the gift of a membership to the tide and letting your loved one help in #turningthetide for our oceans. #12dreamsofchristmas

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Swipe left to view some of the sealegacy winter fine-art poster collection featuring imagery by myself, @cristinamittermeier and members of the incredibly talented @sea_legacy collective like @andy_mann. thank you for the amazing response. all proceeds help continue our important work in ocean conservation. want one in time for a christmas? there are 48 hours left (deadline: midnight on december 12th) to order in time for delivery before christmas in the u.s. international orders will now arrive after christmas. swipe left see more options, and click the link in my bio for all details: sealegacy.org/store. thank you for #turningthetide with us.

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I will be at the @paulnicklengallery today from 1-5 signing books and prints, sharing the message of @sea_legacy and #turningthetide on #climatechange i will be in new york until tomorrow sharing the conservation story of the #dyingbear of the arctic. let’s get the message out there! @goodmorningamerica @todayshow @fallontonight @jimmyfallon @thelateshow @colbertlateshow @stephenathome #naturelovers #nature #climatechange #arctic #polarbear #conservation

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Hello #nyc. i am going to be at the @paulnicklengallery today from 1pm to 8pm. address is 347 west broadway, nyc. there are many people who are emotional about the dying polar bear that we posted this week. rightfully so. i will be addressing that and some messages of hope at 5pm. please come down today and i would love to meet you. how do you think these polar bear tracks were made? a huge amount of #gratitude for all of the support pouring in for @sea_legacy. we must keep our film crew on the the front lines of the biggest issues facing our planet today. #bethechange #nature #naturelover #polarbear #fineartwithpurpose

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This week i posted a video of a starving bear. it was difficult to film, and even harder to watch, as evidenced by the reactions it elicited. the truth is hard, but photojournalism is more than pretty pictures. it can be a difficult job. journalism exposes—raw and without bias—the world’s issues in the interest of transparency, honesty and, i believe, change for the better. at @sea_legacy , we want to break down the walls of apathy and move people to change. we went to the canadian arctic to document the effects of climate change. we found the good, the bad and the ugly, but mostly just beautiful animals and landscapes we want to protect. we will continue to share it all with you in the interest of creating positive and lasting change. thank you for helping us in #turningthetide. @sea_legacy with @cristinamittermeier.

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I am back in new york city to attend events at the @paulnicklengallery on dec 9th and 10th. please contact them for questions regarding events, prices and prints. this print is available in open edition at a holiday-friendly price, with partial proceeds going to @sea_legacy. i will be signing these prints—as well as copies of my books. both @cristinamittermeier and i will be there for the weekend, so make sure not to miss us.

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The dance we do when we speak about climate change is exhausting. some people will simply never believe, despite irrefutable scientific evidence, bizarre weather events, and unprecedented natural disasters. so, as we head into holidays—where many of us will find ourselves debating with loved ones about important topics like climate change—do yourself a favour and search “global temperatures over the past 100 years.” find one of the innumerable graphs and studies that show the consistent rise in temperature, download it to your phone, and share it with deniers. most importantly, do not fight with these people. k**l them with kindness, intelligence, patience and empathy. the climate change crisis is urgent and important, but we must treat each other with respect.

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