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There are still places #outthere that we haven’t discovered. join me on a @outtherewithpaulhilton adventure and let’s not forget why we are alive #outtherewithpaulhilton

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Good news- the photo shows a wildlife trader selling fake tiger paws 🐾 on the streets of guangzhou, guangdong province, china.
china postpones lifting of ban on trade of tiger and rhino parts

beijing (reuters) - china has postponed the lifting of a ban on the trade of rhino horn and tiger parts for medicine and other uses, the government said on monday, after a storm of protest from conservation groups over a plan to water down the decades-old prohibition.

in october, the state council issued a circular replacing a 1993 ban on the trade of tiger bones and rhinoceros horn, opening up exceptions under "special circumstances", including medical "research". environmental groups said lifting of the ban would be disastrous for endangered rhinoceros and tiger populations, even if the animal parts were only sourced from those bred in captivity.

rhinos and tigers are already under critical pressure from a black market supplying the traditional medicine trade.

the "detailed regulations for implementation" of the october change had been "postponed after study", the official xinhua news agency reported, citing state council executive deputy secretary-general ding xuedong.

under the october plan, exceptions to the ban could be made for parts from those animals, bred in captivity, being used for medical and scientific research, education and "cultural exchanges". ding did not give a reason for postponing the change, or indicate if it would be permanent, but said the old ban remained in force. "the 'three strict bans' will continue to be enforced: strictly ban the import and export of rhinos, tigers and their byproducts; strictly ban the sale, purchase, transport, carrying and mailing of rhinos, tigers and their byproducts; and strictly ban the use of rhino horns and tiger bones in medicine," ding said.
china would continue to "organize special crackdown campaigns" with a focus on "addressing the illegal trade of rhinos, tigers and their byproducts". conservation groups argue that easing the ban would be devastating for efforts to protect tigers and rhinos because it would confuse consumers and authorities as to which products were legal etc

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timor leste is on! we can’t wait to get out on the water in the morning 🐋. #outtherewithpaulhilton .

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filming @paulhiltonphoto for our new documentary #weareone. -
paul is an incredible world-renowned photojournalist specilizing in exposing the illegal wildlife trade, focusing his efforts on global environmental and conservation issues to bring about much needed worldwide change. he is currently working to save organgutans and other endangered species from #palmoil destruction in #indonesia. documenting deforestation, land clearing, and the wildlife trade in sumatra’s #leuser eco-system. -
follow paul’s incredible work to save endangered species and their habitat worldwide. 🌍👉@paulhiltonphoto -
stay tuned for more behind the scenes from our new documentary #weareone🌱🐵 #palmsoffpalmoil ✋🚫 @peace_4animals @worldanimalnews_

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Sadly the proposal was rejected! by guess who? china, russia and norway 😔 a plan to turn a huge tract of pristine antarctic ocean into the world’s biggest sanctuary has been rejected, throwing the future of one of the earth’s most important ecosystems into doubt.

environmental groups said russia, china and norway had played a part in blocking the proposal, with the other 22 members of the commission for the conservation of antarctic marine living resources, the organisation set up to protect antarctic waters, backing the proposal.

the 1.8m sq km reserve – five times the size of germany – would have banned all fishing in a vast area of the weddell sea and parts of the antarctic peninsula, safeguarding species including penguins, killer whales, leopard seals and blue whales. #saveantarctic #greenpeace

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I first visited the tiger farms of a china, 20 years ago. i remember walking past hundreds of tiger enclosure, on the premises they also had huge vats of tiger wine. fast forward to 2018, china has just declared that it will allow trading of tiger and rhino parts from farmed animals for use in “medical research or in healing” after lifting the ban that was put in place in 1993 to protect the fast disappearing endangered species. this once again will allow loopholes in the system to make it harder to track wild animals coming into the trade. wtf.., 😔🐅. why can’t we do the right thing? it’s beyond me

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This week the commission for the conservation of antarctica marine living resources ( ccsmlr) come together to decide on the future of the a antarctic,. china could be key to unlock a positive outcome. this image was taken earlier this year of two chinstrap penguins at half moon bay, not far from the proposed weddell sea mpa, which would be the world’s largest protected area on the plant. the proposal requires a unanimous “yes” vote by all 25 members. i’m holding my breath!! for once china please do the right thing!! @greenpeace uk @greenpeace #protectantarctic #racingextinction

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The circle has healing power. in the circle, we are all equal. when in the circle, no one is in front of you. no one is above you. no one is below you. the sacred circle is designed to create unity. the hoop of life is also a circle. on this hoop there is a place for every species, every race, every tree, and every plant. it’s this completeness of life that must be respected in order to bring about health of the planet. - - dave chief, oglala lakota #racingextinction #lovetheleuser#cutconflictpalmoil #forgottenelephants #peaceforanimals #istandwithmypack

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Still so much good in the world! keep on keeping on my friends 🦋 #lovetheleuser

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It’s time to give back! the earth needs us now more that ever. it’s time to look inside, we have all the tools we need. be the change for a better tomorrow. #cutconflictpalmoil #lovetheleuser #forgottenelephants @haka_sumatra @wildlifeasia @rainforestactionnetwork

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🚨(part 3) the most intense rescue that we have been a part of with the incredible team at (oic) @orangutaninformationcentre accompanied by @paulhiltonphoto and @haka_sumatra of a critically endangered sumatran #orangutan named saba. -
the #leuserecosystem is under threat by the #tampurdam. please sign the petition link in our bio to stop it!👆#palmsoffpalmoil 🚫🤚
credit: @worldanimalnews @katiecleary11 @peace_4animals -
@wildlifeasia @rainforestactionnetwork @racingextinction @socp.official @wiiiiza #lovetheleuser #cutconflictpalmoil #socp

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🚨(part 2) wan in #sumatra helping (oic) @orangutaninformationcentre rescue a critically endangered sumatran #orangutan named saba. she is thankfully healthy and will be able to live a full life in the #leuserecosystem, #sumatra, #indonesia with her little one.💞
the leuser ecosystem is sadly under threat from the #tampurdam being constructed which will fragment one of the last corridors that elephants use to migrate. please sign the petition link in our bio to stop it! 👆#palmsoffpalmoil 🚫🤚
@worldanimalnews @katiecleary11 @haka_sumatra @paulhiltonphoto @peace_4animals @wildlifeasia @rainforestactionnetwork @racingextinction @socp.official @wiiiiza #lovetheleuser #cutconflictpalmoil #socp

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