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Chinese ‘ivory queen’ jailed for 15 years! yes yes yes, this is bitter sweet. karma gets you in the end, but at what cost, how many more elephants 🐘 have to die, for this barbaric and antiquated trade in ivory. the first image shows the scale of the problem, hundreds of tusks are burn in east africa, sending a message to poachers that this will not to tolerated anymore. tusks belong to elephants. check out the link ‘ivory queen’ #theforgottenelephants https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-47294715 #canon_official

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Heading out on the water tomorrow to look for mantas rays. presently in indonesia following the live reef fish trade, then over to london to judge the wildlife photographer of the year competition #wpy. then hopefully back to the leuser ecosystem, for the elephants. the life of a conservation photojournalist is always changing, being flexible helps a lot in this industry, plans are always changing. one of the constants in life is change. 😊

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Searching for elephants in the leuser ecosystems. one of my favourite places to be. #lovetheleuser #cutconflictpalmoil #theforgottenelephants

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World pangolin day, this poacher has caught a sunda pangolin on the island of borneo in indonesia, kalimantan, today it’s still the world’s most trafficked mammal, for its scales used in traditional chinese medicine, or tcm. the scales are made of keratin, the same material in human fingernails. their meat is also considered a delicacy in china and other asian countries. just last week, malaysian authorities have seized another record 30 tons of pangolin and pangolin products in eastern sabah state on borneo, the biggest such bust in the country, a wildlife monitoring group said tuesday. how long can this continue ? read more at this link @wildaid @wildaid hk http://time.com/5527422/malaysia-pangolin-wildlife-trafficking/

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#repost @sealegacy so happy to be part of the sealegacy collective, now i just have do the work, upwards and onwards 😉
photography by @paulhiltonphoto and gabriel vianna // sealegacy is excited to announce paul hilton (@paulhiltonphoto ) as a new member of the collective; a distinguished group of world-renowned photographers who tell stories about marine ecosystems and life at the water’s edge. @paulhiltonphoto is a conservation photojournalist based out of hong kong, whose fearlessness and passion have taken him across the globe; following wildlife trade industries from fishing ports in yemen and the middle east to the pacific high seas, as well as documenting deforestation and land clearing for palm oil in indonesia. paul’s undercover footage of the illegal wildlife trade features heavily throughout the 2015 film "racing extinction.” in partnership with wildaid and manta trust, paul set up the manta ray of hope project to document the plight of the great rays and to investigate the use of gill-rakers in traditional chinese medicine. he is a member of the ilcp (@ilcp_photographers ), an author, and a multiple-award winning photographer. we are proud to be #turningthetide with @paulhiltonphoto !

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Regram @outtherewithpaulhilton come and join us in timor leste, this november and swim with whales in this biodiversity hot spot 🐋, learn to free dive and experience all that timor leste has to offer. “ remember you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time “ link in our bio for more information #outtherewithpaulhilton #outthere #liquidlifeindo @liquidlifeindo

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Editing away on the sunshine coast, australia waiting to head back to indonesia to follow up on the live reef fish trade and the elephant program in the leuser ecosystem. i just wanted to post this image of a beautiful coral reef system, notice the crown of thorn starfish in the middle. well over the last few weeks northeastern australia has had huge floods, that will take huge amounts of runoff and nutrients out onto the great barrier reef. which will cause algae blooms, which is a perfect food for crown of thorn larvae, one female can produce 60 million eggs a year. this could trigger the perfect conditions for a starfish outbreak that feed on coral, it’s happened in the past but it normally takes a couple of years after a big flood according scientists at the james cook university, townsville. these floods have been the biggest on record, is it all linked to climate change? what’s your view on this. #savethereef #greatbarrierreef

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A pod of dolphins 🐬 on hunt for breakfast. happy sunday 😉. #emptythetanks

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Green turtles swim in a poachers net, southern china. help us protect one of the last places in earth where endangered sea turtle nest every night of the year. help us support the rangers that work these remote locations night after night. we need to completely eradicate poaching on this pristine island, to ensure the survival of these endangered species. dig deep, make a donation and help us move this forward without your help, i can’t do it on my own. i can only be good as you guys helping. think about it 🙏 more information in the link in my bio. #haka #bangkaru

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Next assignment the leuser ecosystem. the system is a huge tropical forest in sumatra, indonesia. it’s a biodiversity hot spot. on the west, peat swamps, with some of the highest orangutan densities on the planet on the east, tropical lowlands that support some of the last great herds of the sumatran elephants and tigers. the central highlands are frequently covered in clouds, where gibbons calls echo in the valleys. sumatra rhinos, last strong hold. but it’s under threat, palm oil expansion, road and dam construction is a constant and real threat. help us put a stop to all this, by going to www.ran.org and sign a petition and make a donation, it doesn’t matter how small it all adds up for our elephant program, link in my bio. #lovetheleuser #cutconflictpalmoil #theforgottenelephants

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Regram @outtherewithpaulhilton i have two spots left for our outthere mission, to spent time in the water with humpback 🐋 whales, truly a once in a life time experience. from 20th july to 27th july, out in the pacific ocean. details in the link above #outtherewithpaulhilton #outthere #liquidlifeindo

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Hong kong officials intercepted a shipment of nine tons of scales from pangolins, the largest seizure the city has ever made of products from one of the most frequently trafficked mammals in the world. a thousand elephant tusks were in the same shipment, officials said.

the scales and tusks were seized on jan. 16, said the customs authorities, who displayed the contraband for reporters. they were found hidden under slabs of frozen meat on a cargo ship that had stopped in hong kong on its way to vietnam from nigeria, said officials, who estimated the shipment’s value at nearly $8 million.

the pangolin is an anteater-like creature covered in large scales. there are lucrative black markets for it in china and vietnam, where its scales are pulverized for use in traditional chinese medicine and its meat is served in restaurants as a delicacy. hong kong officials estimated that the intercepted scales had come from nearly 14,000 pangolins. sadly nothing seems to be working, the amount of wildlife products that get through hong kong customs must be colossal, images: a pangolin bust in indonesia, of over 4000 frozen animals. ivory burn after several ivory busts in kenya and east africa.

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