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A happy blue shark 🦈. @wildaid hk @wildaid is celebrating after the breaking news of the maxim’s restaurants chain in hong kong @maximshk has announced that it will stop serving shark fin at all of its outlets from 01st january 2020. thank you so much if you signed the petition, public pressure does work. together we can be the change. @racingextinction #savethesharks #nosharkfin

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@siestasandscience waves to a humpback whale as the news comes in that japan will not be able to resume commercial whaling in the southern ocean after losing its bid at the international whaling commission.
overnight the commission held a meeting in brazil where japan's proposal that would have opened the door to commercial whaling was defeated 41 to 27. 😉🐳🙃🐋😊. also those that signed the @sea_legacy petition, thank you. it was presented to the commission with your signatures at the iwc meetings with 205, 000 people acknowledge the ecological importance and the extreme intelligence of whales, and to promise to only visit iceland if they end commercial fin whaling. it’s now in the hands of icelandic government to pave a future without bloodshed of the world’s most intelligent species. we have so much to learn. @bluespherefoundation @cristinamittermeier @paulnicklen @racingextinction #stopthehunt #stopicelandwhaling @explorevavautonga

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#repost @savewildtigers
tigers, ivory and other wildlife contraband that has been confiscated from poachers by the authorities in indonesia being burnt in this impactful photo by @paulhiltonphoto in sumatra indonesia... the leuser ecosystem, is a huge forest block, and is the last place on earth where tigers, elephants, rhino and orangutans still run wild under the same canopy. sadly, poachers are moving deeper and deeper into the forest, as palm oil plantations expand into pristine areas, giving easy access to normally inaccessible areas. @racingextinction @rainforestactionnetwork #endwildlifecrime #stoppoaching #huntthehunters #savewildtigers #tigers #savewildlife #extinction #raiseawareness #photography #art #natgeo #animals #royalalberthall #london

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‘the pod’ every time i spend time in the water with humpback whales, i get the feeling they are from another world, from outer space. so many questions, unanswered. we know they use celestial navigation on their long migrations, and are so precise, being only one or two degree out each time, 🤔 #outthere #outtherewithpaulhilton

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Wrapping up a special week in blue realm of the pacific ocean 🌊. spending time with whales 🐋 is a gift, how privileged we are. @siestasandscience @therealtaylorhart @tkfranco @keeponlooking @haley__ellison

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Come with me on an expedition in search of blue whales, in one of the most undiscovered places on the planet. link in my bio, only a few slots left. #outthere #outtherewithpaulhilton

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Manta rays generating millions of tourism dollars each year but they are still being targeted for their gills used in traditional chinese medicine. follow @mantatrust @indonesianmantaproject to learn more information. it’s time traditional medicine gets an overhaul. pushing species to extinction is not acceptable, in any situation, ultimately, we move one step closer to our demise. ecosystems need biodiversity, our planet needs ecosystems to cleanse our water, our soil, we need every species.

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I’ll spend the next couple of days in the water with manta rays, trying to get images of ocean life with plastic for a plastics campaign but more recently we found a major shark fin traded with stock of manta rays gills bound for china to be used in tcm, traditional chinese medicine. it’s illegal here in indonesia but clearly there is still much work to be done to stop the trade. @greenpeaceuk @mantatrust @indonesianmantaproject @bluespherefoundation @sea_legacy @wildaid

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A collared sumatran elephant in the leuser ecosystem. gps collars are helping us locate different herds within the system, helping us understand their migration routes, and feeding habits. at the same time they will give us real time information around communities to help us prevent human - elephant conflicts. we need to expand our elephant protection units, into different areas, but without your funds it’s just not going to happen, it’s ongoing costs to keep people on the ground. poaches don’t stop, we need all help we can get. please make a donation, link in my bio. @internationalelephantproject @wildlifeasia @haka_sumatra @fkl @bksdaaceh @nadyahutagalung #forgottenelephants #cutconflictpalmoil #lovetheleuser

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Right now fin whales are being slaughtered in iceland 🇮🇸 and i’d like you to join us in signing a petition and boycott iceland as a travel destination until they end the madness and leave our great whales to swim in their ocean realm in peace ✌️. as if we haven’t already put them through enough. to do nothing is allow the slaughter to continue. link in my bio or go to https://www.sealegacy.org/pages/iceland-whaling #stopthehunt #stopicelandwhaling @greenpeaceuk @sea_legacy @racingextinction @bluespherefoundation @paulnicklen @shawnheinrichs photo: satellite tagging humpack whales in the pacific ocean

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‘inverted’ s***m whales 🐳 try to hit orcas away with their tails as the pod protects their young. we have a few more places left for our timor leste expeditions in late october/november. right in the middle of the blue whale 🐋 migration, anything is possible in these waters, from orcas, sperms, pilots and blues. link in my bio, http://outtherewithpaulhilton.com/ #outtherewithpaulhilton #outthere http://outtherewithpaulhilton.com/

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As i leave this small community behind, a conservation response unit elephant flanks our 4 x 4 in a cloud of dust and it makes me realise that the future of this species is at a critical point in time, it’s a race to protect the last wild herds but sadly they are going to lose some of their mystery. as more gps collars are deployed into the field each on one member of a specific herd, giving us real time locations to help mitigate human - elephant conflict, as the human population expands into these areas gps collars may be the only thing that saves them. please read the link in my bio and help us keep moving this project forward by make a donation, it all helps. we don’t have any other options right now. the clock is ticking. @wildlifeasia @haka_sumatra @bksdaaceh @nadyahutagalung @rainforestactionnetwork @racingextinction

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