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A blue shark 🦈 swimming in the rich waters of the atlantic ocean. support @wildaid and @wildaid hk and tell maxim’s restaurants @maximshk in hong kong to stop selling shark fin soup, how can they support such a barbaric tradition in 2018. @starbucks hong kong also owns maxim’s so it’s about time we all boycott them as well, until they can wake up in the morning and feel good about themselves and stop supporting the slaughter and the plunder of our oceans. ‘ when the buying stops the killing can too’ . look out for updates from the field in the coming days on the indonesian shark fisheries #saveouroceans #savesharks

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This is bunta the critically endangered sumatra elephant that has helped the conservation of wild elephants of the leuser ecosystem for many years, sumatra, indonesia. bunta was part of a conversation respone unit, cru based in east aceh, with his mahout, abdullah. this team helped prevent human-elephant conflict, by driving wild elephants away from community. bunta and abdullah had formed a special bond, as other mahouts couldn’t control bunta, he was still very wild. i know many of you reading this may not agree with people riding elephants 🐘 but it’s the reality on the ground right now. bunta and abdullah had a special relationship. sadly a few days ago bunta was poisoned and one of his tusks removed by poachers. our friends at @haka_sumatra have offered a reward for any information leading to the arrest of anybody involved in the killing. in a promising sign of support, the aceh governor has just match the reward! it time to make a stance against wildlife crimes! before it’s to late! @bksdaaceh @wildlifeasia @nadyahutagalung @leonardodicaprio @leonardodicaprio fdn @rainforestactionnetwork @internationalelephantproject @racingextinction @istandwithmypack #lovetheleuser #saveleuserecosystem #cutconflictpalmoil #racingextinction

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May, a critically endangered sumatran elephant at saree, banda aceh, sumatra, indonesia. brainstorming with @wiiiiza of @haka_sumatra and @nadyahutagalung about the future of the elephants in the leuser ecosystem. at the same time @bksdaaceh was investigating the death of a large male tusker in east aceh. sadly the domestic demand for ivory still continues, by working together, the elephants 🐘 still have a chance to remain wild, in one of the last great forest of south east asia, the leuser ecosystem where tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans still run wild. link in my bio for donations @wildlifeasia #saveleuserecosystem #racingextinction #cutconflictpalmoil #lovetheleuser #elliemay

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Happy world oceans 🌊 day! let’s be thankful the oceans still teem with some of the most amazing creatures that have ever graced the planet. be a conscious consumer, reduce your plastic use, wherever possible. #emptythetanks #worldoceanday

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The beautiful leuser ecosystem, in all her glory. ecosystems support all life on earth, biodiversity creates the building blocks of these ecosystems. every living species has a roll to play, without them the system will collapse. we all have a responsibility to protect all these systems, to sustain life as we know it. just the other day i heard a very interesting fact that we all have a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born at this time, scientists have crunched the numbers, interesting days! enjoy your day and don’t forget to look around and appreciate and never take for granted the biodiversity that surrounds you 😉#lovetheleuser #saveleuserecosystem #cutconflictpalmoil #racingextinction

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The international trade in illegal wildlife parts has another victim. hornbills, an exotic species of bird. over the past five years, there has been an explosion in demand for the “red ivory” of an the helmeted hornbill, sadly all species are being targeted. in this video a poacher, mimics the call of a helmeted hornbill. once a poacher catches on of these birds the head casque get sent to china for carving. it sells for three to five times the price of elephant ivory. their value has triggered a boom in poaching, sending all the great hornbill’s plunging towards extinction. for more information please follow @rangkongid #lovetheleuser #saveleuserecosystem #cutconflictpalmoil

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Tiger, black and white. today i spent time with my kids and we talked about my childhood in australia and holidays we’ve been on. i told them that the land had taught me the appreciation for wild places. spending time in nature is so important for all of us and to take time out of your normal routine, to stop and appreciate the planet and all her diversity. #nature #happydays #tigers

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Chinstrap penguins in half moon - antarctic island. the commission for the conservation of antarctic marine resources(ccamlr) is considering a proposal that would create a marine reserve in the weddel sea covering 700.000 square miles (1,8 million square kilometers). the weddel sea is a remote, ice-covered embayment east of the antarctic peninsula, and one of the most pristine marine ecosystem in the world. this area is a unique habitat know for it's outstanding biodiversity, including antarctic petrels, emperor and adélie penguins and multiple species of seals and whales. far below the sea ice, nutrient_rich benthic ecosystems form key habitat for an array of the creatures found nowhere else on earth, such as a glass sponges and cold_water corals on assignment for @greenpeace to document this fragile ecosystem to strengthen a proposal to create the worlds largest sea sanctuary in the weddell sea. photo : @paulhiltonphoto #protectantarctic #racingextinction #conservation #weddellsea #sanctuary #seasanctuary #greenpeace #halfmoombay #antactica #antartica #antartida

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workers at this fish market in taiwan routinely process thousands of frozen shark fins a day to service the growing international demand for shark-fin soup. once a delicacy, the dish is increasingly popular with china’s growing middle class.
many millions of sharks are taken solely for their fins and get thrown back into the ocean, where it takes hours for them to die. says photojournalist paul hilton, ‘it was sobering to think how many sharks had been killed to produce this pile of fins for a soup that isn’t even healthy’ (the fins contain high levels of methylmercury).
image: the end of sharks by #wpyalumni @paulhiltonphoto, uk/australia. commended 2012, world in our hands.
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the year was 2012 and we was on the height of exposing the illegal behaviour of an oil palm company in tripa peatswamp in the leuser ecosystem. the oil palm company has obtain their permit illegally and engaged in (also illegal) forest fires in an attempt to clear the land and make way for their plantation. decimating species and habitat standing on its wake. •
then on one of our field mission to document this atrocities we came across this one. the wildlife traders who held him captive told us he is only two months old. we believed them for he was so small and skinny, and we were ignorant on guessing orangutan’s age.

we collaborate with @iansingleton3622 from @socp.official to have him rescued. then we learned that he is actually three years old. socp team did an epic job to get him to safety, name him “chocolate”, re-train him to live life the orangutan ways, and eventually release him back into the wild. •
we share 96,4% of our dna with orangutan, yet we decimated over 80% of their habitat.

here some of the thing you can do to protect orangutan:
- lend your voice. there is so many on going campaign that will lead to protection of orangutan habitat, from places like leuser ecosystem or batang toru forest, where the latest species of orangutan was discovered, to the global stage. - be mindful and make educated choice. look at the product you buy, if it contain palm oil, try spare few minutes to research the track record of the company. are they a good company? pepsico, the makers of lay’s chips, quacker oat, and doritos are some of the worse environmental offenders. - join a cause, volunteer with organisations working to protect orangutan. if you’re time strapped, consider to donate.
- at the very least, follow these accounts and check out their updates @haka_sumatra @palmoilinvestigations @socp.official @theorangutanproject @international_animal_rescue @orangutaninformationcentre @orangutanssos @orangutanveterinaryaid @orangutanoutreach @orangutancoffee
and not to forget, the awesome photgrapher who put a lot of time and energy in the field to get pictures like this: @paulhiltonphoto

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photo by @paulhiltonphoto
for the past five years, conservation photojournalist and wildlife trade consultant paul hilton (@paulhiltonphoto ) has lived in indonesia documenting sumatra’s leuser ecosystem. “it is often referred to as ‘the last place on earth,’” says paul. “it is the only remaining habitat shared by critically endangered sumatran elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers and orangutans.”
paul’s work in sumatra focuses on the palm oil trade and the issues it causes for the more than 10,000 square miles (26,000 square kilometers) of the leuser ecosystem, including deforestation, climate change and habitat degradation. “my first interaction with a sumatran orangutan was in the tripa peat swamp forest with sumatran orangutan conservation programme team @socp.official . they had to rescue a large male orangutan caught in a very small block of forest. the orangutan was tranquilized, but it was still conscious. seeing the ape up close, it made eye contact with me, and at that point, i realized how wrong it all was. to do this to such an intelligent being, to cut down these huge tracts of forest, was wrong on so many levels.” @socp.official @orangutaninformationcentre
check out today’s story for #endangeredspeciesday to learn more about paul’s work.

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