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Ad- vienna is one of those cities that tends to appear somewhere near the top of those "the best places to live" lists, and apart from the fact the locals are way too obedient with the lights at pedestrian crossings, i haven't found a reason to argue with the authors of those lists. it's probably helped that the weather has been absolutely perfect for a tourist this week (a tourist who has got through a heck of a lot of suncream). so with the sun blazing these past few days i've taken the opportunity to go for a swim when i can, once here in the danube for an early morning dip and another time at the amalienbad pool- which is a serious contender for an #accidentallywesanderson. swipe to see it, as well as the waterfall at schönbrunn and one of the many fountains at belvedere (you'll probably get some strange looks if you try to swim at either of those last two though) #viennanow @viennatouristboard

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It's superman day so i'm giving away a print of this photo (from strokkur geyser in iceland). competition now closed. to win it comment below with "💦" and i'll get a friend to randomly select a winner (so no trying to bribe me in my dms 😂). check out my story to get an idea of the size of the print. competition will close at the end of the week & i'll announce the winner on my stories #supermanday #iceland

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It was clint eastwood's birthday this week so i thought i'd use the occasion to post a few more shots i took in arizona last year (and one from 2017 when i passed briefly through). in order of appearance they are horseshoe bend (well, my interpretation of it), antelope canyon, monument valley & the grand canyon. i've got loads of recommendations for each of those places but to save a long caption i'll stick to one- if you do monument valley it's well worth spending the night at a hotel called the view. it's one of the two best hotels i've ever stayed at (the other being in iceland) #arizona #horseshoebend

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I drove a bit of the legendary route 66 when i was in arizona last year and it was one of the best roadtrips i've done, partly because i had my good pal @levanterman with me (in a rental car that we nicknamed cacky, a terrible name inspired by all the cactus' in az). if you're someone who likes rusty middle-of-nowhere truck stops, long forgotten signs & mysterious ghost towns then you've got to spend some time on this road. route 66 runs from chicago to santa monica but we stuck to the arizona bit taking in kingman, hackberry, the grand canyon caverns and seligman (with a slight detour to jerome). arizona is a great place all over but whenever someone tells me they're heading that way, i'll always suggest spending some time on this road. riding it feels like a real american adventure. #route66 #arizona

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I shot this one a year ago although it feels like i was only exploring barcelona a few months ago (what is it with life going way faster in your thirties than it does in your twenties)? anyways, you know how i like to try and link my ideas in some way to the location? well this time i've got absolutely nothing to link jessica rabbit to barcelona, so instead i'm going to list my top five favourite films, because although "who framed roger rabbit?" isn't in my top five, bob hoskins -who stars in it- is in one of my top five films. did that make any sense? the bullet point is here are my top five favourite films (even though you didn't ask). in no real order: kings of summer, mary and max, before sunset, hook and the shawshank redemption. oh and not that it's top five material but i've got a real soft spot for bart got a room. anyone else got any of those in their top five? any films i should watch would would make me want to put it in my top five?

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Ad there's often a @spotifyuk playlist or podcast playing in my ears, whether i'm on ground here in london, underground on the tube or in the air heading somewhere new. this year i've slowly been building my own playlist based on some of the new music i'm finding via @spotifyuk as well as some old tunes i haven't heard in ages (you can find it in my instastories). i'm also going to start sharing some of the podcasts i listen to on there because i've managed to find so many to keep me interested while i'm working #spotifyuk #spotify

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Ad i’m going to be hosting two intimate events in london later this month with @ tnluk. we're keeping the details under wraps but i'll be talking a little about how pursuing a hobby wholeheartedly has been the most exciting thing i’ve done & we're adding an exciting immersive element (we’re also providing lunch if that sways you?) the events are on 30th & 31st may from 12.30pm - 2pm in london. to be there enter the draw by commenting under this post with which day you'd like to attend and @ mention the friend you'd like to bring along. see below for more details and the ts&cs #ad #setforlifetnl #amazingstartshere
uk & iom, 25+ only. enter by 11.59pm on 19/05/19. prizes: 20 winners plus a guest for each event. travel, accommodation and any other costs of a personal nature are excluded. max 1 entry per person. visit http://bit.ly/setforlife-terms for full ts&cs and prize details or visit @ tnluk and head to bio. promoter: camelot uk lotteries limited.

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It’s probably true of a lot of people my age that the lion king is one of those movie experiences which is a really fond memory. that’s why i’m psyched for the live action re-make. i was at an event a couple of years ago where jon favreau (the director) was talking about it and ever since then i’ve been excited about it. so i thought i’d disneyfy the london skyline for this one to celebrate @cineworld 's unlimited card, which will let me watch the lion king as many times as i want – plus offers advance screenings, discounts on cinema food & drinks and more for one monthly price! #ad #cineworld #unlimited

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Toy story 4 is out next month (i can't wait), but even before then the new x-men, men in black and aladdin films are coming out. i think there’s going to be a lot of trips to the cinema this summer, and for anyone who’s thinking the same, @cineworld have their unlimited card which offers unlimited films, advance screenings and discounts on food & drinks at the cinema–all for one monthly price…so there’s plenty to keep me busy until woody & buzz are back #ad #cineworld #unlimited

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I thought i was the only one thinking this but then i went on the internet & i'm definitely not. season 8 of got has been disappointing so far. there. said it. sorry. i still love it but jon not giving ghost a pat on the head? c'mon? there are other flaws, but mostly the ghost thing. anyone else feeling the same about this season so far?

this is a re-post of my dracarys moment in tokyo from last year. i should probably dedicate this to rhaegal really.

#東京タワー @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew

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The team from @jaffacakesofficial sent me some of their mcvitie’s jaffa cakes nibbles to try- which was probably one of the nicest packages i've ever received. so i spent a morning setting up this shot & then enjoyed them with a cuppa while editing it. not a bad morning at all. happy friday! #ad #jaffawhaaaaat

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I'm in #gotterritory this week, exploring some of the locations where game of thrones was filmed (and meeting the direwolves). check out my stories and highlights to go behind the scenes at some of the filming locations. if you're in belfast over the coming weeks, keep an eye out for these stained glass windows all over the city. each week a new one appears depicting memorable scenes from each of the main families in the show. this is the house lannister window and it's the second window that's popped up so far. you can get a closer look at the windows online too via the link in my bio #ad #glassofthrones #discoverni #ireland #loveireland #instaireland @tourismireland

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