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If you ever @visitseattle you may notice under the fremont bridge there's a troll which grabs vehicles from the highway. to make the seattle seahawks feel welcome ahead of their london nfl game, i've brought the troll here to tower bridge where he's put himself to good use by lifting the bascules for passing boats #visittheusa @visittheusa #visitseattle #ad

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The nfl is coming to london this week so to make the teams feel welcome i've brought some iconic american landmarks to the city. for the oakland raiders to feel more at home i've put the golden gate bridge over the thames @visitcalifornia #visittheusa @visittheusa #ad

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Godzilla's original name was gojira, which is a blend of the japanese words gorira (gorilla) and kujira (whale). in fact by the first draft of the original film the monster didn't even have a name - the script was titled kaihatsu keikaku g (development plan g), with the g standing for giant. when the film came out it was a massive hit in japan so toho studios wanted to release it in america, but worried about the title’s marketability abroad, they re-named him godzilla #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #tokyo #godzilla #ad

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Back in 2012 this was the scene of one of the most famous escapes in japanese history. the fugitive - known only as 337 - scaled up a sheer rock wall, miraculously squeezed through a barbed wire fence, swam out into tokyo bay and managed to remain in the water for weeks eluding capture. daily searches were conducted and on one occasion he was spotted resting near an estuary but by the time the japanese coastguard arrived, 337 was gone. it took eighty-two days in total until the authorities finally managed to capture him. by the time they returned him here to tokyo sea life park, he had become a local celebrity. as you may have guessed 337 was a penguin. true story #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #tokyosealifepark #ad

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Tokyo's 634m skytree is the tallest tower in the world. i know what you're thinking- you're thinking rich you fool, the burj khalifa in dubai is the tallest tower in the world. but actually the burj khalifa is considered a 'structure' and not a tower, hence why skytree has the title. i have no idea what the technical difference between a structure & a tower is, so if anyone knows i'm all ears. on a side note i went to the anata no warehouse today- it's the place i'll be recommending to friends to when they ask for quirky things to do in tokyo. check out my insta stories to see why! #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #tokyoskytree #skytree #tokyo #ad

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Heard there were robots here at miraikan so i went along to check them out. a very lifelike one started a bizarre conversation with me & another sprinted towards me from the other side of the museum at a freakishly fast pace. i went outside to escape and then came across a giant gundam robot firing lasers at passersby. i don't think i like robots #tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #miraikan #odaiba @miraikan

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Back in 1998 france loaned japan their statue of liberty (from it's home in paris) to celebrate franco-japanese ties. the statue went back home in 1999 but it was so popular that a replica was made so now she's here permanently in tokyo. there's also a statue of liberty in las vegas which, in 2010, the us postal service mistook for the real one in new york and printed on it's stamps. however it's not an exact replica so the artist behind the sculpture, believing his statue's features to be different enough, sued the us postal service for illegally using his design. a federal court agreed with him and ordered the post office pay him $3.5m in compensation! so to make sure i don't get in any copyright trouble i've embellished this one here in tokyo with my own design 🗽#tokyotokyo @tokyotokyooldmeetsnew #statueofliberty #odaiba #ad

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It's been a whopping two years since i spent a week exploring dubai with some great people. i'll never forget that trip- that was the week i grew a third hand #dubai #jumeirahet #emiratestowers @jumeirahgroup @jumeirahemiratestowers

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When i'm not working from home i'm usually found in the corner of a @starbucksuk figuring out how to make my travel plans & projects fit together. and if i'm not doing that then i'm pretending to be productive & important whilst taking victory sips of my americano as if i've just closed a major business deal #madewithespresso #ad #starbucks

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This week the guys at @instagram featured one of my photos, so today felt like a #tbt opportunity to remind myself of some the places i've 'vandalised' with cut-outs. this one of the lego man in paris is one of my favourites (but i'm also pretty fond of superman in iceland image, mr burns in sweden and the flamingo in canada). anyway thanks @instagram for the feature and thank you for following along & letting me spend my days doing what i love to do #muchlove

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There's about a hundred and one weird & whacky buildings in basel, but this one might be my favourite #whpperspective @baselswitzerland #lovebasel @myswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland

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In 1943 albert hoffman accidentally experienced the world’s first acid trip here in basel. the swiss chemist was studying the compounds of a fungus to see if it had any pharmaceutical benefits when he somehow absorbed it and went into a “dreamlike state” for two hours. three days later, on 19th april, he performed a self-experiment with a bigger dose. when he started to feel the effects he asked his lab assistant to help him get home. it was wartime and no personal cars were allowed on the road, so they erratically cycled bikes back to hoffman’s house. since then the 19th april has become known as bicycle day and marks the very beginnings of the psychedelic age @baselswitzerland #lovebasel @myswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland #ad

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