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Came home in need of food. thank you @geethebrat

comment 1 star 36 3 weeks ago

Dinner last night. can you tell which is my plate and which is gee’s? the lamb. a spicy spinach salad. and another spicy jalapeño and green pepper salad.

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Happening right now! swipe for the sizzle!

comment 2 star 68 3 weeks ago

Oh no... heard you’re on the ketogenic diet...

comment 3 star 35 3 weeks ago

@geethebrat was so hungry she wouldn’t stop to let me take a pic of our #hwaedupbap (chunks of sashimi in a salad mixed with sesame oil and a spicy paste)

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#sashimi dinner to round off an incredible day @opbrontecreek - sorry to the kiddos that we didn’t get to swim!

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Wish i could make #keto #pakistani food for my darling @geethebrat - it wouldn’t hurt if i could recreate that backdrop too! beautiful place to have a meal.

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Friday’s dinner with @in.lieu.of.liu - i’m liking this new potential routine btw - was the bomb! #steak and #eggs topped with #sauteedonions and #sauteedmushrooms with sides of #bakedgoods and #spicysalad

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I love when @geethebrat is feelin like steak!!! weeeeeee~

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Picked up some fresh #broccoli #cauliflower and #jalapeno from @lococos_fresh for a baked medley

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My favourite topping for steak. gee’s sautéed mushroom & onions. joshua loves this as much as i do. the kid can almost eat as much of this as i can. our 2nd child is an eating machine!

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Indistinct. because it’s a whole whack load of leftovers. shakshuka. omelettes. baked cauliflower. bacon. avocado.

comment 1 star 39 4 weeks ago