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Burger without the bun.

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Hey pork belly... get in my belly!

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And a side of beef bone broth soup?

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Smash it together to make some ssam (#쌈)! how much better can it get from “mini steaks” wrapped in homegrown greens??? (#greenonion (#파). #perilla leaves (#갯잎). #lettuce). well... wait till you see the next next meal

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M washing homegrown greens for dinner part 2. #greenonion (#파). #perilla leaves (#갯잎). #lettuce.

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Leftover rotisserie #chicken topped with some #cheddar and #chimichurri

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Woke up to this awesome father’s day breakfast! :) thank you @geethebrat

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Simple and delicious. asparagus. bacon. brussel sprouts

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Loving @traderjoes onion salt on the eggs that mercy calls eggs runny kind. my egg intake keeps increasing...

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Easy lunch today. all leftovers. drumsticks and broccoli.

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Big breakfast for a work-from-home day. we had our furnace and a/c replaced (they were 22 and 30 years-old, respectively). i am elated to have cold air!!! 4 eggs, fist full of spinach, fist full of shredded cheddar, 2 slices of prosciutto, sea salt, paprika, avocado, and chimichurri. soooo good.

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