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Swords ⛩ lanterns

comment 129 star 6,309 2 days ago

One nice morning spent around tokyo tower. i was just all by myself trying to capture this monument from different angles and from darkness to daylight. i still have a lot more shots, guess it’s quite crazy how many photos you can take during 2 hours there. 😬 if you’re in tokyo and can’t catch sleep, i highly recommend to just head out somewhere and experience an area with your camera while the city awakens. 😍

comment 102 star 6,188 2 days ago

Three hours in dusky kyoto.

comment 115 star 7,001 3 days ago

I’ve been to japan five times in the past years, but not until this day last november we have witnessed a perfect sunset at mt.fuji 🗻 rare sights that leave an impression. thanks to @szy_94 & @shota0305 for showing us around that day 🙌🏻

comment 119 star 7,607 4 days ago

Chicago or tokyo? 🤔 "chitokyo"

comment 72 star 4,273 5 days ago

🍁 tunnel view 🍁

comment 42 star 3,631 6 days ago

The never ending story ii 🎶 @flitzsuppe

comment 266 star 5,526 3 weeks ago

Koyo in kyoto 🍁🏯🍁

comment 114 star 7,590 3 weeks ago

Extra bright. #allupinitt

comment 91 star 6,164 3 weeks ago

Blue hour encounters 🗻⛩🇯🇵
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comment 185 star 9,113 4 weeks ago

It’s a jungle out there. for real. 🇯🇵 #allupinitt

comment 101 star 6,987 4 weeks ago

Bamboo champloo. ⛩

comment 172 star 8,353 4 weeks ago