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Breakfast with your special someone is always great way to start the day. tag us in your favorite #oppomoments this love month! #oppof5 #capturetherealyou

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It's not too late for that valentine date! capture your most precious moments with that special someone. #oppof5 #capturetherealyou

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Kung hei f*t choi! may the year of the dog bring you prosperity, joy and success. 😊

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Cheers to an extended valentine weekend! share with us where you and your special someone are headed to. #oppof5 #capturetherealyou

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The perfect gift for the perfect woman. what would be your reaction if you receive an #oppof5 this valentine's day? ;)

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Cupid was right all along. capture love with #oppof5. #capturetherealyou

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Imagine receiving an #oppof5 from your special someone this valentine's day. what color would that be? #capturetherealyou

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Hang out with a special friend today. capture moments with #oppof5red #capturetherealyou

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Every guy knows the struggle, don't you think? ;) tag your #instagramboyfie below! #oppof5red #capturetherealyou

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Tag your pig-out buddy! #oppof5red #capturetherealyou

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Remember your first date? how did it go? we wanna know! share 'em below! 😉 #oppof5red #capturetherealyou

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Wouldn't mind having more dates with you. double tap if this is your ideal date! #oppof5red

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Capture your most precious moments during this month of love with the #oppof5. tell us how you plan #capturetherealyou this coming valentine's day! 😊

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Ready to take sweeter moments together with #oppof5red. share with us where you'd take your special someone this valentine's day.

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Some warm color in this cold weather! #oppof5red

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Downtime sunday with #oppoa83.

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@iamrobidomingo just got himself a new selfie buddy #oppof5red. #capturetherealyou

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Off to the #tgif grind with #oppoa83 and #olike!

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