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90 years young. santina with her lolli for @pastagrannies.

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Spring in sicily

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Sfoglia scraps - too pretty not to snap - from the upcoming @pastagrannies cookbook. vicky has been working so h*****n it, telling the stories of all the nonne and noting down their pasta secrets. i’ve been lucky enough to be testing the recipes, all of which have been πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. out in october but you can get your order in now on amazon (link in pasta grannies’ bio). it’s gunna be great.

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Angela making busiate at the speed of light- too quick for me to focus the πŸ“· @pastagrannies

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Just arrived in the land of blood 🍊 so here’s one i made earlier/ last year to a @we_are_food recipe.

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Roman walls

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Even the light in the bathroom was nice. @narrowaystudio

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Basil flecked 🌿 @granofarina @pastagrannies

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Gnudi on @pastagrannies shoot, made by @marinafilippelli

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@pastagrannies palette

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