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Gucci’s alessandro michele taking a bow after his show at le palace in paris. photograph by @matthewschneier

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The grand finale at @dior. video by @matthewschneier

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The art of the dance at @dior. “fashion has to speak another language,” said women’s creative director maria grazia chiuri. “it has to make you dream. for the designer, too. if you mix different worlds, that helps you create something different.” photograph by @matthewschneier

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After roberto cavalli at milan fashion week. from left: joan smalls @joansmalls; adesuwa aighewi @adesuwa; theresa hayes @theresahayesofficial and janaye furman @iam_janaye. photograph by

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Paola ventimiglia, fashion director at @vanityfairitalia. her thoughts on milan fashion week so far? "it’s a good season. we saw many, many beautiful shows. @stellajeanroma was very poetic. the @jilsander show was beautiful. a new life for jill sander, a return to the roots,” she said. photograph and interview by @styledumonde

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Carolyn murphy, @carolynmurphy, supermodel, at milan fashion week. photograph by @styledumonde

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As the 22-year-old star of the netflix teen comedy “to all the boys i’ve loved before,” @ncentineo sent the internet into a collective swoon 👀 last month, playing peter kavinsky, the jock with a heart of gold. what is it like becoming a verified celebrity overnight? “it’s all of the above: it’s humbling, it’s inspiring, and it’s really motivating,” he said. “i’ve been working for this for 14-plus years.” @isuredontknow spent a very hot new york city day with him recently as strolled around nolita, a neighborhood that he tries to check out whenever he is in new york. read the interview by swiping up in the story. photographs by @danieldorsa

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Shalom harlow @shalomharlow leading the finale at @versace during milan fashion week. video by @elizabethcpaton

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Gigi @gigihadid after @maxmara at milan fashion week. photograph by @styledumonde

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“i am wearing my very favorite t-shirt, which is from the @kanyewest concert tour for yeezus. i hold his music deep in my heart so i wear this t-shirt almost once a week,” said gabriella karefa-johnson @gabriellak_j, style director at @garage_magazine at milan fashion week. photograph and interview by acielle @styledumonde

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Annsophie stoltenberg roest @annsophieroest, copenhagen based fashion editor of @eurowomandk at milan fashion week: “my favorite outfit item is the neon green shirt vintage shirt that i got from my grandmother. she passed away. it's nice to have it with me". photograph and interview by @styledumonde

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Ami and aya @ayaxxamiaya, japanese twin sisters at milan fashion week. the inspiration behind their synchronized outfits: "together, the same". photograph and interview by @styledumonde

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