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A little journalism history for your wednesday: #onthisday in 1978 the @nytimes settled a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of 550 female employees — who alleged gender discrimination in pay and promotions. why, the women wanted to know, were there more than 9 male reporters for every 1 female? why no women photographers, no national correspondents, only three in "top editorial positions," no columnists, no upper-level managers? why did 88 male general assignment reporters average $59 more in weekly pay than 26 women? the suit was one of a series like it, brought by women at time and newsweek — the first to sue — that paved the way for female journalists. the women of the times are documented in the book by pulitzer prize-winning reporter nan robertson called “the girls in the balcony” (it references the balcony where women journalists were relegated inside the national press club) and the women of newsweek in “the good girls revolt” by lynn povich, which briefly became a scripted series on amazon. ✏️ 📰 #nowyouknow

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Mothers are dying. does anyone care? the united states’ maternal mortality and injury rates are estimated to far surpass those in any other developed countries. the author kim brooks looks at how our health care system is failing so many women — and why america is blaming pregnant women for their own deaths. “the problem is not that pregnant women are uneducated or uninformed,” she writes in @nytopinion, “the problem is that those in charge aren’t listening to them." 🎨: @angelicaalzona

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For women who work in federal prisons, where they are vastly outnumbered by male colleagues and male inmates, concealing every trace of their femininity is both necessary and, ultimately, futile. every day is a terrifying exercise in avoiding harassment not just from inmates, but male co-workers and bosses. a times investigation found that the women who report harassment face retaliation, professional sabotage and even termination — while the careers of many harassers and those who protect them flourish. today, women make up a third of the bureau of prisons’ work force, holding jobs from secretary to regional director, overseeing an inmate population that is 93 percent male. but there is a feeling that they have never fully been accepted or treated as equals — and many say that little to nothing has changed for those who dare to speak up since #metoo. 📸: @alyssaschukar

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On sunday, a&e premiered #theclintonaffair — the first of a six-part series that details bill clinton’s affair with then 22-year-old white house intern monica lewinsky and coincides with the 20th anniversary of his impeachment. many have argued, in the age of #metoo, that mr. clinton owes ms. lewinsky an apology; many also view ms. lewinsky — once dismissed as “ditsy,” predatory,” and “a little tart” in newspapers such as this one — as a powerful spokeswoman for this era, highlighting all sorts of critical nuances about power, consent and public shame. gender editor @jessicabennett profiled ms. lewinsky three years ago as she prepared to speak out publicly for the first time. she spoke bluntly about her regrets about relationship with the president — but also about the searing impact of its the aftermath. “anybody who has gone through any kind of trauma knows it doesn’t just go away with a snap of the fingers,” ms. lewinsky said. “it lives as an echo in your life. but over time the echo becomes softer and softer.” re-read that profile at the link in bio, or check out the new series on @aetv. 📷: @damonwinter

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As representative and house democratic leader nancy pelosi insists she has enough support for the role as speaker of the house, democrats wrestle with the importance of keeping a woman in the top job — after a “pink wave” delivered the party back to the majority. as the first woman to become speaker (she held the gavel from 2007 to 2011), pelosi, of california, is a history-making figure in washington. the notion that men are at the forefront of the opposition to the 78-year-old leader has infuriated her most ardent defenders, who regard the campaign against her as both sexist and ageist — and one that mirrors a similar generational divide that surfaced among women when hillary clinton ran for president. when asked about the debate over the speakership, pelosi said: “if, in fact, there is any misogyny involved in it, it’s their problem, not mine.” 📸: @sarahsilbiger

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#tbt to 1899 when the times interviewed a tailor, a philosopher, and a pickpocket on the nature of pockets and whether they were sexist. “no pocketless people has ever been great since pockets were invented,” said the philosopher. “the female s*x cannot rival us while it is pocketless.” over a century later, and much of women’s clothing is still pocketless (or has pockets so small they’re unusable). how do you feel about your pockets?

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📣 @ all women: what did you learn from the movies? films have been teaching us lessons for their entire history, gently suggesting and outright lecturing us on how to live. they teach us how to be good or very, very bad. they teach us how to smile and flirt, fight and surrender. if you are a woman, they’ve probably made you cringe or rage. from “snow white” to “gone with the wind,” films have taught us that women are to be kissed, at times violently. from “halloween” to “thelma & louise,” they’ve taught us that women can take care of themselves. they fight and survive. (they sometimes get a hit sequel.) we would like to hear from women about what movie made the biggest impression on them, good or bad. tell us in the comments and at the link in bio 📽🍿🎥 via @ giphy

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The news anchor gayle king, known for decades as oprah’s best friend, has finally become a celebrity in her own right. and in the swirl of #metoo, perhaps no woman has found herself at the center of the storm quite like gayle. millions of viewers have watched, again and again, as she and her co-host norah o’donnell of “cbs this morning” have had to explain — live on air — the alleged misdeeds of executives at their very own network. reporter @amychozik and @gayleking sat down to talk career, redemption after being #metoo’ed, and what it’s like being oprah’s bff. read the full interview at the link in bio. 📸: @benbakerphoto

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Meet the new house democrats: the most diverse, most female freshman class in u.s. history. there is a former n.f.l. linebacker, a climate scientist, a pediatrician, and a rapper with a harvard law degree. there is an immigrant from somalia and another from ecuador. there are two former c.i.a. officials, an air force veteran, a former navy helicopter pilot, and a retired marine commander — all of them women. the class is ideologically diverse too, spanning the philosophical spectrum from alexandria ocasio-cortez (top right), a self-described democratic socialist, to joe cunningham, a south carolina lawyer who won a stunning upset victory in the charleston suburbs on the strength of his promises to put “country over party” and work with president trump.
pictured here (clockwise from top left): ilhan omar, the first muslim and somali-american woman elected to congress; abigail spanberger, one of several new lawmakers with a background in national security; ocasio-cortez, the youngest woman elected to congress; rashida tlaib, the first muslim and palestinian-american woman elected to congress; ayanna pressley, massachusetts first black woman elected to congress; and donna shalala, a washington veteran, was elected to represent florida’s 27th district. read the article at the link in bio.
📸: kerem yucel / getty images; @erinschaff; @elizabethdherman; @brittanygreeson; michael dwyer/associated press; emily michot/miami herald, via associated press

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Monday: “hang wall art for photo shoot. the artistic mood in my apartment is like ‘solange on a budget.’” tuesday: “comedy set. i’ve been doing comedy for 10 years. i think any time you go on stage, you’re going to have a small part of you that is dreading sucking, but it’s work.” want to know how comedian, author, podcaster and actress @dopequeenpheebs spends every hour of her work week? check out our new series, #likeaboss, with dish from phoebe on her workout routine, standup process and why she lives and dies by her google cal (us too). 📷: @tawnibannister

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Michelle obama’s new book, “becoming” — which is out next week — is in many ways a fairly conventional first lady’s memoir: an insider’s view of what it was like to live through national tragedies and other major events, in one of the most high-profile positions in the world. but as the first african-american first lady, mrs. obama’s experience was far from typical, and she writes about feeling greater scrutiny than her predecessors. “i was humbled and excited to be first lady, but not for one second did i think i’d be sliding into some glamorous, easy role,” she writes. “nobody who has the words ‘first’ and ‘black’ attached to them ever would.” read our review at the link in bio. | 📚: @crownpublishing | 📷: @damonwinter

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Today’s morning playlist is for the people who work out even when they don’t feel like it. we aspire to be you. still in bed, @cloverletter and @nytgender.🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏽🚴🏿‍♀️🥊 spotify link in bio 🎧|gif: @katebingburt

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