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“you only get to fall once.” for decades, window washers have been risking their lives just so we can look out a clean window — and they love the rush. entrepreneurs have been trying to train robots to clean skyscrapers for years and, if the technology ever gets good enough, it will be a hard day for the men and women who wield the squeegees. pictured here, bambi lee at 18, who was reportedly the first female professional window washer in california. here she is 28 floors above downtown san francisco in 1974. 🏙#tbt |📸: bettmann archive/getty images

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There’s a persistent cultural myth that working moms and stay-at-home moms are locked in a perpetual grudge match (often referred to by the cringeworthy, retrograde term: “the mommy wars”). but according to researchers, the mommy wars are, at most, a clash between extremists on either side. “women’s actual attitudes about their professional and caregiving choices are far more complicated and less judgmental — and they have been for a while,” writes parenting editor @jessgrosewrites. research has shown that working moms and stay-at-home moms are often the same people — because parents go in and out of the work force depending on their caretaking needs. follow @nytparenting and visit the link in bio for more 🍼💼
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The time’s up legal defense fund, formed last year to extend the muscle of the #metoo movement beyond hollywood, is taking on mcdonald’s. the fast food food chain is being accused of gender-based discrimination, s****l harassment in the workplace and retaliation for speaking up. on tuesday the @timesupnow fund, along with the @aclu_nationwide and the labor group fight for $15, are announcing the filing of 25 new complaints against the company — the third and largest round of e.e.o.c. complaints that workers have filed against mcdonald’s in the last three years. with 1.9 million workers in more than 100 countries, mcdonald’s is one of the world’s largest companies and most recognizable brands — making this #timesup campaign a major test of the legal and labor power of the #metoo movement. read more at the link in bio. 📸: @lananita84

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Rihanna told us all about how to be a boss (in business and in life) in an interview with @tmagazine, where she talked about becoming the first black woman to run a major luxury fashion house. “i want to be as disruptive as possible,” she said. visit the link in bio to read more about @badgalriri’s new clothing line, @fenty, her music (a new album is in the works!) and her next business empire (hair products). 📸: @kristinleemoolman

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A record number of women are expected to vote in india’s general election — the world’s biggest election — and for the first time they may account for half or more of the total votes cast. we asked female voters across india to talk about the issues they were most concerned about as they cast their ballots. from education to the environment, here’s what 4 of them had to say. voting ends on may 19. | 🇮🇳📣 we want to hear from you: are you or have you already voted in india’s current election? what are the issues you are most concerned about? tell us in the comments and we may feature your response in the article at the link in bio.
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For most of its 176-year history, the citadel, a military college in south carolina, did not admit undergraduate women. that changed in 1995, with a supreme court ruling. but it wasn’t until last year that the school appointed its first female regimental commander, sarah zorn. we sent photographer @alyssaschukar to follow zorn through her senior year as she sought to change the culture of an institution that long denied entry to women. visit the link in bio to learn more.
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These are the 25 republicans — all white men — who voted to effectively ban abortions in alabama, a measure signed into law on wednesday by governor kay ivey, a woman. this image, posted by @guardian_us , has since been shared widely — bobby singleton, the minority leader of the alabama senate and a democrat, called it a symbol of who is telling women “what they can do with their bodies.” alabama’s legislature is 15.7% women overall, the sixth lowest in the country, and there are four women in the alabama senate. the alabama law is among the most restrictive in decades — banning abortions from the moment of conception, and threatening doctors with up to 99 years in prison for performing the procedure. it includes exceptions for when the mother’s life is at risk but not for r**e or incest. read more about the alabama ban, the way it could reshape abortion access in this country, and how politicians including the 2020 presidential candidates have responded, at the link in bio. | 📸: screenshots from alabama republican senate caucus website via @guardian_us

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Teen girls are claiming their place in the world of flipping, an online community of extreme athletes who flip, freerun and defy expectations. flipping culture — which includes subgenres like #gtramp, or elite-level trampoline tricks, and parkour, which features running, jumping and twisting off concrete pillars and ledges — is mostly dominated by boys. “i think some girls are afraid of what the boys might think or say,” said sophie tillis, a 14-year-old former gymnast who practices flipping three hours a day and posts her progress on instagram (@flipssophie ). visit the link in bio to learn more about girls like sophie who are taking the sport to new heights. 📸: @lnweatherspoon

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The alabama senate has approved a measure that is among the most aggressive efforts to curb abortion in decades — setting up a direct challenge to roe v. wade, the 1973 supreme court case that recognized a woman’s right to abortion. the proposal bans abortions at every stage of pregnancy, from conception on, and threatens doctors who perform the procedure with up to 99 years in prison. it includes an exception for cases when the mother’s life is at serious risk but not for r**e or incest. the measure now moves to the desk of governor kay ivey, a republican, who is expected to sign it into law. opponents will likely challenge the measure in federal court — but that’s exactly the plan. along with the long list of abortion limits being weighed in other places, the architects of the alabama measure are aiming for the supreme court, where conservatives have been buoyed by the arrival of justice brett m. kavanaugh.

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Last week, hbo aired a documentary titled “at the heart of gold,” about the institutions that allowed the serial child s*x abuser and former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar to have round-the-clock access to girls for decades — and a system that prioritized winning over everything else. “i convinced myself i must be the problem," said former gymnast larissa boyce. early last year, nassar got back-to-back sentences for multiple s*x crimes, ensuring he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison. visit the link in bio for our takeaways from the new film. 🎨: @moon___dong

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Voters have made it clear they want political representatives whose families and experiences reflect their own — among them, moms. while fathers with school-aged children are a mainstay in congress, there are now a number of mothers who are juggling long commutes, school lunches, nerf battle cleanups along with the duties of the job. rep. @cathymcmorris, republican of washington (first in slideshow) and her husband, a navy veteran and stay-at-home dad, moved their three kids to washington — a politically charged move. rep. @katieporteroc, democrat of california (middle photo), spends some 20 hours a week commuting between washington and irvine, calif., where her children live. rep. ilhan omar (@ilhanmn ), democrat of minnesota, spent her first weekend after being sworn in helping her daughter isra, 16, pick out a dress for a school dance. “if i wasn’t here, my children wouldn’t see a representation of themselves,” she said. but the trials of mothers with young children in congress are many — and several say they still feel a stigma attached to their decision. read about mothers in congress at the link in bio. 📷: @erinschaff

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“a baby albino giraffe.” that is what flutes sound like, according to björk. there are seven flute players, all women, in björk’s latest live extravaganza, “cornucopia.” the show is a sci-fi, feminist fairy tale opening this week at @theshedny, a new arts venue in manhattan. billed as @björk’s “most elaborate staged concert to date,” it includes a 50-member icelandic young people’s choir, a custom-made reverb chamber, mesmerizing video projections, carefully positioned 360-degree sound and multiple bespoke instruments, some used for mere moments. visit the link in bio to read more about her latest show. 📸: @ryanpfluger

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