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“big waves are masculine, women feminine.” that was the title of an article published in surf guide magazine in 1963. not much has changed. female surfers today still have to fight for their place on big waves — some 50 feet high. while in recent years female surfers have won the right to compete in several of the world’s biggest (and most dangerous) competitions, they are being paid far less than men. now, a small group of women surfers is fighting for gender equality in the league. meet them at the link in bio. 🌊🏄‍♀️ | 📸: @dina_litovsky for @nytmag

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#tbt to valentine’s day in 1993 when an activist group who called themselves the “lesbian avengers” (their motto: “we recruit”) unveiled a paper mâché sculpture of alice b. toklas — an american writer — embracing a statue of her lover, gertrude stein, who sits in new york's bryant park. the group was famous for their political street theatre. fire-eating was their signature move — and if you happened to be passing by grand central station, you might have found them handing out hershey’s chocolate kisses that read, “you’ve just been kissed by a lesbian.” 💋

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Happy #galentines day! in their book, “the social sex: a history of female friendship,” the authors marilyn yalom and theresa donovan brow note that as far back as the 16th century, it was understood that while a woman could share the same soul with her best friend, she could rarely if ever share one with her husband. female friendships have been a catalyst for social progress throughout history: the path to women’s voting rights in the u.s. was laid in part by a lasting friendship between susan b. anthony and elizabeth cady stanton; it was a dinner between friends that resulted in the first-ever women’s rights convention, at seneca falls; the success of oprah winfrey and gayle king is owed in part to forty plus years of support, advice and daily phonedates. #galentinesday is a holiday that originated on the tv sitcom parks and rec — and has since become an unofficial holiday for gal pals everywhere. tag your besties, and tell them what they mean to you. 💕👭|gif by our galentine @libbyvanderploeg

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You probably remember the story. how in 1993, lorena bobbitt cut off her husband’s p***s with a kitchen knife as he slept. how she then disposed of the detached p***s out the driver’s side window. how she later told the police where it was, they found it, put it on ice and rushed it to the hospital where in a 9 hour surgery it was reattached and restored to (almost) full function. and how a couple years later, it was enlarged and starred in p**n films titled “uncut” and “frankenpenis.” “they always just focused on it ... and it’s like they all missed or didn’t care why i did what i did,” lorena told @amychozick in an interview this month. but that’s not the whole story. in a new four-part docu-series produced by jordan peele (out this friday), lorena opens up about the domestic violence she endured and how that one night in 1993 changed her life. read our profile on her at the link in bio. 📸: @heathersten

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Amy klobuchar, the third-term minnesota senator, entered the race for the democratic presidential nomination on a snow-covered stage in minneapolis on sunday — hopeful that her moderate politics, midwestern roots and carefully cultivated history of bipartisanship can appeal to a broad swath of voters in contentious times. she is the fifth woman in congress to announce her candidacy for the democratic race, joining elizabeth warren of massachusetts, who announced on saturday, kamala harris of california, kirsten gillibrand of new york and tulsi gabbard of hawaii. check out the the link in bio for a chart of all of 2020’s presidential hopefuls. 📸: steven maturen/getty images

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Cash. champagne. twerking. and hardly a man in sight. cardi b made history as the first solo woman to win the award for best rap album at sunday’s #grammys. along with ariana grande, who won for best pop vocal album, she has reimagined music video tropes created by men by keeping the outrageous displays of wealth and s*x but cutting men out of the picture — literally, writes maya salam. their message: i’m hot, i’m rich, i earned this, and i have nothing to apologize for. cardi performed her hit song “money” on sunday, twerking on a piano. read more at the link in bio. 📸: @giphy

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The #grammys kicked off with an all-star moment of female solidarity, including a guest appearance by former first lady @michelleobama who joined host alicia keys — resulting in raucous applause. cardi b showed up in a real-life version of sandro botticelli’s “the birth of venus” — and became the first solo woman to win the award for best rap album for “invasion of privacy.” janelle monae performed “make me feel” from her grammy-nominated album dirty computer, and managed to incorporate backup dancers in her infamous “pynk” pants. dolly parton sang the classic “9 to 5.” more broadly, women dominated the night: lady gaga, brandi carlile, maren morris and kacey musgraves, who won album of the year, competed in the most important categories — a significant departure from last year when just one woman won a solo award and the outgoing head of the recording academy said women should "step up" to advance their careers. "i guess this year we really stepped up," said dua lipa, who won best new artist. | 📸 : kevin winter & steve granitz/gettyimages

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From elementary school through college, studies show that girls consistently outperform boys; they are more disciplined, they study harder and get better grades. yet the advantage disappears once they enter the workforce. men hold a staggering 95 percent of the top positions in the largest public companies. what if those same habits that propel girls to the top of their class — their hyper-conscientiousness about schoolwork — also hold them back at work? when investigating what deters professional advancement for women, two journalists found that a shortage of competence is less likely to be an obstacle than a shortage of confidence. when it comes to work-related confidence, they found men are far ahead. for tips on how to build both confidence and competence at school, visit the link in bio 📚💻📓|🎨: @wentingthings for @nytopinion

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Twenty six years ago this week, president clinton signed the family and medical leave act into law — which remains the first and only family leave legislation in the united states, requiring employers with 50 or more workers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family medical emergencies, childbirth and adoption. the united states is the only industrialized country in the world that does not offer paid family leave to citizens, though lawmakers in both parties now support some form of it, as do about 80 percent of americans. most policy proposals in the u.s. have been for four to 12 weeks — while countries like germany (14 weeks fully-paid), estonia (20 weeks fully-paid) and the u.k. (52 weeks of leave, but only the first 39 weeks are partially paid) offer significantly more. during the #sotu address on tuesday, trump called for nationwide paid family leave, “so that every new parent has the chance to bond with their newborn child.” while he did not elaborate on the details in his address, last august ivanka trump and republican lawmakers proposed a new bill that would allow parents to finance paid leave by pulling from their social security funds.

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There is a sense among many black women that society’s cultural disavowal of fur has coincided with their increased ability to purchase it. “as soon as black women could afford to buy mink coats,” said one woman, “white society and white women said fur was all wrong, verboten, passé.” so often the commercial habits of black people are demonized, writes jasmine sanders for @nytimesfashion. but, the image of a black woman, heading to church, enveloped in her fine fur, remains one of the most enduring and affecting totems of resilience and glamour in the black urban landscape. for her, and the black women of her life, a fur coat is more than a personal luxury item -- it’s an important investment. 💸✨ pictured here (from left): diana ross & the supremes wearing fur; billie holiday in fur; models at the international fur show in 1979; and a woman in midtown last month.| #tbt 📸: chester higgins jr.; andre d. wagner; hulton-deutsch collection/corbis; charles hewitt/getty images

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The 👏clap 👏heard 👏round 👏the 👏world 👏: here’s nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, behind president trump at his #sotu address, she in suffragist white, tilted head, pursed lips and outreached arms doing a slooooow clap. @speakerpelosi’s wordless gesture quickly became a meme. the internet saw it as the ultimate shade thrown by a skilled politician firmly in control. many called it a “clap jeer.” some called it a literal clap back. and her daughter, christine pelosi, said it took her back to her teen years. as she put it on twitter: “she knows. and she knows that you know. and frankly she’s disappointed that you thought this would work. but here’s a clap. #youtriedit”

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Stacey abrams delivered the democrats’ official response to president trump’s #stateoftheunion address on tuesday night, becoming the first black woman ever to do so. abrams, who narrowly lost her race in november to be georgia’s governor (and the first-ever black female governor), outlined her party’s vision for lower health care costs and a more inclusive immigration policy, pressing her case that access to the voting booth should be easier, not harder. “let’s be clear: voter suppression is real,” she said, speaking from atlanta and surrounded by supporters. “from making it harder to register and stay on the rolls to moving and closing polling places to rejecting lawful ballots, we can no longer ignore these threats to democracy.” @staceyabrams was not the only one to counter president trump: two presidential hopefuls — senators bernie sanders and kamala harris — delivered their own responses as well. 📸 via associated press

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