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I wonder what 25yo me would have said if told that this mischievous, wholeheartedly-loving and beautiful boy would be mine in a few short years... much smaller than most five-year-olds and often sitting on my hip while other kids his age would run much more independently. i often think about what “past me” would have thought... especially when i hear the lyrics “i know it makes you nervous, but i promise you it’s worth it” by billie eilish. ♥️ would i have felt peace knowing that while he would sit on my hip he would hold my face in his little palms and kiss my cheeks... showing more affection than most of his peers? ☺️ would that have changed my worry and fears? i don’t know... 🤷🏼‍♀️ but today this five-year-old was especially attached to mom... insisting that i follow him room-to-room and giggle at his creative mess-making. he also insisted on snuggles every time we were seated. ♥️ i don’t dare take this kind of love for granted. #myboy #nothingdownabouthim

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What?! a picture without my kids?? who even wants to see that... ??😆 but wait! i’ve got to tell you about these sisters of mine and how much impact they have on my parenting, life decisions and all around happiness. we love each other’s babies like our own and find so much joy in being together. it’s a special kind of sisterhood that i wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. this weekend we went to a conference together to learn about how to better parent our kiddos with @simplyonpurpose. even our youngest sister who has no children of her own (yet) took diligent notes for her “aunting” skills. ♥️ she also reminded us that we might regret taking her, as she’ll keep us in line when we stray from these new-learned skills. 😂 who else loves a good sister trip? where do you like to go together? we are thinking this needs to be an annual event. ♥️

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Some days i can’t wait for him to get a little older... especially as his speech is improving. i can’t wait to hear all of the things he has to say. also... i get excited thinking about the day when he’ll stop trying to make a run for it in every public place we go to! 🤞🏼😆 then i find pictures like this... and i cry because he is growing up and those rolls have melted away. some days i feel lucky to have a baby/toddler a bit longer than the average parent. other days... i realize it’s still not long enough. 😍 #tbt

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Welles was born with rock n’ roll in his blood. just look at that focus. 😍 and his daddy... well he was born to be welles’ best groupie. ♥️

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There is always someone in the band with a bad attitude. 🤣 👨🏻‍🎤 🤘🏼#happysaturday

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Happiness is having a clean nostril that you can easily breathe through. okay... happiness is a lot more than that but i’ll tell you what unhappiness is... having a nose that does nothing for you!😫 again... probably more than that. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 this kid has been a congested and fussy sleeper over the last week or so... tis the season! 🤧 today, for the first time we tried the @nosiboo_usa and 💥 it cleared his nose up in seconds! no more snot bubbles while he chugs his morning smoothies. 😆 i can’t wait for him to get a good nights rest tonight. 🙌🏼 have you tried this helpful snot-sucking ball of magic? if not... do it! i’m excited to have this on hand all winter. #snotseason #breatheasy

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First day of school together. ♥️ if you’ve been following along you know that ames just qualified for diagnostic preschool because of his speech delay. never did i think that i’d have another child in therapies or preschools for delays but life is a journey filled with surprises. 🤷🏼‍♀️♥️ i’m excited to watch them learn together and help each other. welles was sobbing on the bus (first time ever as the bus is his favorite place) because ames couldn’t sit by him (they couldn’t put two car seats on the same bench). i called their teacher a few minutes ago to see how school was going and as we were on the phone she said welles ran over to ames and gave him a giant hug. 🤗 all is well... surprises can be quite wonderful and lessons are being learned all around. ♥️ #nothingdownaboutit

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We call him uncle casey. there may not be any biological connection but we still claim him. ♥️ i met casey and his mom (@b_corwell ) shortly after welles was born and they’re an extra couple of people to love like family. my heart melts watching casey teach my kids new things (like how to properly roll out cookie dough) and hearing him explain his love life while scarlett interjects “if your girlfriend isn’t nicer to you, you should break up with her!” 😆 he is also quick to remind me that my kids are kind of “out of control” and then tells me better ways to discipline. 🤣 i then assure him that i’ll work on his tips. 😉whenever he leaves, my cheeks hurt from all the smiles. if you’re lucky enough to know a casey... i hope you answer all of their facetime calls, accept their requests to teach you how to make cookies and listen to all the juicy details of their love dramas. ♥️

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Our 2019 family mantra... “look outward, grow inward” ♥️ ames clearly isn’t thrilled about it yet☝🏼but most three-year-olds are narcissists. 😉 the focus is finding ways to get outside of ourselves to serve others. i especially want to help scarlett learn the joys that come when we take the focus off of ourselves and shift that focus to those around us. i want our family to be more mindful of our surroundings... the lonely, the left out, a struggler, a good friend, teachers, coworkers and family members. when you’re looking outward, growing inward is just inevitable. ♥️ 2019 is going to be great.

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Sunday naps are quite impossible when you’re the more popular parent. i guess there is a perk to being #2. 😆 #bestdad #nothingdownaboutit

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Welles firmly believes in starting his days off with shenanigans and messes. watching mom scramble to clean smeared vaseline, pick up shredded paper, find remotes in the trash and wipe pink lipstick before it ends up wiped on the couch... it’s just so entertaining. 😆 ames is up to his own shenanigans as well to keep things extra lively. #boys #keepinmebusy #houseofchaos #nothingdownaboutit

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