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A remarkable 38 meter high snow sculpture in changchun city, jilin province.

made using 200,000 cubic meters of snow, the huge work of art is a reproduction of the famous temple of heaven.

located in the southeastern part of beijing, the temple of heaven is a taoist temple which emperors of the past visited annually to pray for a good harvest.

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These are some moments i captured during lantern festival last year in china, where they celebrated with the traditional fiery dragon dance. i was planning to go again with friends this year, but unfortunately all major events are now canceled due to the current situation. i hope it will be resolved very soon. wishing you all the best, and most importantly, stay safe!

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Throwback to when we went on a summer holiday last year in doha.

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Just pray.

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Temple of twin dragons.

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My childhood hero, my inspiration, my 🐐. hung you on my wall as a reminder of how to attack every day with a mamba mentality. knowing the way i feel, i can’t imagine what your family must feel. thank you for inspiring me, and much of my generation.
rip kobe bean bryant.

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The winterfell at night. .

this photo was quite difficult to edit in my normal way, because it’s too colorful for me. this is how it turned out, what do you all think?

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Happy lunar new year guys! 🐁 may your year be filled with warmth, happy moments and lots & lots of yummy food 🧨✨

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Happy lunar new year to all!

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The sandglass remember the time you lost.

#miraux pavilion design featuring a “time-shifting” idea on the hexagonal space, echoing the time instrument inside and together with the interactive scenery, we crafted an experience of time travel in space.
@xcept_hk 【十區巡展-天津|萬象壹始.共襄百年】 「mirau-x」是我們為十區巡展天津站特別打造的互動體驗裝置。體驗館漩渦式外型設計酷似時光機,概念源自時間及空間扭曲。進入體驗區後,時光旅人們可通過操控時光儀穿梭空間,體驗區外設有蜂窩形光影雕塑,配合六角形首飾櫃,革新珠寶銷售模式。

xcept proudly presents mirau-x, a unique time machine especially designed for the tour exhibition in tianjin. with mirau-x, audience can engage in a time-travel experience infused with cultural essence. the hive-shaped light sculpture outside mirau-x highlights the cooperative nature of a new social and economic model, housing a bright and enlightening future. #xcept #miraux #chowtaifook #ctf90th #treasureofthetime new media artist: chris cheung @h0nh1m @honhim

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