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Hi jain janta. please come soon, coz we miss you like the deserts miss the rain, like the stars miss the moon, like the birds miss the sky, like the cornflakes miss the milk, like tick misses tock and key misses lock. and obviously we s**k at this, so just come, capiche?

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Paryushan khatam, party shuru.

have you booked our private dining area yet? available both at prahladnagar and iim outlets.

p.c - @amapolasco

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To all the teachers who inspired, encouraged, explained, believed and threatened, just to make us better, we love you. for your innovative techniques to tackle our “genius bahanas”, you get a minus 10, on the bill at nini’s on 5th september.
students! now’s your turn to gift a minus 10 to all your favourite teachers.
tag your educational rockstars to let them know you care. post their famous dialogues and make them even more famous!
p.s. anyone who writes, “life is the best teacher” will not be given valet parking!

big thanks to @falgunivasavada , @n.sathyanarayan , @sujal1623 , @alka_sujal for being such a sport!

video creds- @official_manasbhattphotography
location creds- ique ideas & mica

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This friendships day, let’s cooperate with our friends in uniform, working tirelessly to solve our traffic woes. we request our guests to avail our valet parking facility (available at both outlets), and make ahmedabad traffic friendly. let this friendships day be all about sharing love, laughter, food and responsibilities.
dosti mein jaan lagao, jaam nahi.

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Kabhi kabhi to lagta hai ye hi bhagwan hai.

in picture: tandoori cheese fondue
pc: @amapolasco

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Making of new nini's kitchen, prahladnagar- the recipe.

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Use tongues, when feeling dirty. generously.

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Nini’s prahladnagar opens tonite! but today’s dinner service is exclusively for our staff and their families who’ve worked tirelessly to make this happen!
for everyone else we see you tomorrow!
p.s. iim outlet is functioning in all it’s glory.

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Ghar se nikalte hi, kuch dur chalte hi, raste mein hai naya ghar.
bigger, better, bolder.
this friday night(15th june), nini’s prahladnagar reopens, at a new address.
your love made us grow, and we felt the need to plant newer, stronger roots.
here’s a sneek peek of the new pad!

find us at our new location at: venus atlantis, 1st floor, next to shell petrol pump, prahladnagar.

p.c. @i_m_tusharmistry


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Last sunday service at our prahladnagar outlet, before the hiatus.

see you on the other side on 15th june (we’ll be closed from 11th-14th). p.s. iim outlet will remain open!

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