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Enjoying a chilled day of no classes, playgroups or tidying up. it means extra time for important cuddles ❤️.
i’ve been trying my hardest to keep everything as normal as possible for theo, so we’ve basically been to every class he normally goes to since beatrice was four days old. plus last weekend was full on because of his birthday. in contrast, it’s so nice to have a day at home with no plans. we played in the garden earlier and cleared some leaves. now theo’s napping, instead of rushing around the house trying to keep on top of everything i’m snuggled on the sofa and giving little one some 1:1 and just looking at her squidgy face and listening to her breathe ✨
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i could make a statement about the fact that theo is a boy and loves his buggy and doll, but i shouldn’t have to, so i won’t 😜

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Saturday chilling 🙌🏼
since we got curtains in this room it feels so much cosier. i had a quote for blinds to be made for in here and between two companies the average quote was an eye watering £1k 😵. these curtains are a beautiful weight velvet and were £100 from @madedotcom ✨. bargain. .
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Why is paternity leave so short 😩? but what an amazing two weeks we’ve had ❤️
public declaration of love and adoration for jon who’s the most amazing and supportive husband and doting father ✨

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Who’s seen the new @johnlewisandpartners ad with elton john? did you cry, like me?! 😩
i love the story and it made me think that one day maybe we’ll have our very own little elton 😉. we bought this beautiful piano from a charity shop for £30(!) which is cheaper than many plastic toys... the idea being that theo would hopefully be inclined to play with it as often as his other toys and learn to love music 🎶. and he does!
this room has been filled with flowers recently as we’ve had congratulatory bouquets from family and friends. alas they’ve all gone now but our butterfly print still provides lots of colour...
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This room really has a split personality... you walk into it and it looks relatively calm, considered even. then you turn the corner and boom! toddler chaos 🧸 🚗 📚 🚌 🚂 ⚽️ .
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Squishy little pixie 🧚‍♀️

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Happy birthday theo 🥳
today we’ve been treated to a private concert from the birthday boy himself 🎤, travelled to london by train 🚂 , visited the london aquarium 🦈 and had a pizza express 🍕. theo has now finally gone down for his nap clutching his microphone that we bought him for his birthday 🎤😂

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Thanks also to our friends for their understanding that we didn’t pass beatrice around yesterday - it was tough as we knew everyone would want cuddles but in such a busy environment we were conscious that she would feel most content and comfortable in just our arms. she’s certainly enjoying a bit of quiet today ☺️.

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Every bit of planning was worth it to see this little nearly 2️⃣ year old enjoy his party yesterday! and we are incredibly lucky and indebted to family who made food, masks, puppeteered, blew up balloons and set up the venue for us whilst we juggled nap times and feeding 👶🏻. my personal highlight was @mr_j_stanton reading the gruffalo to a captivated audience whilst @jlowe120 crouched behind a little stage set with cut-outs 👏🏻.
thank you to all the friends who made it yesterday and were so generous with gifts - theo is a very lucky boy ✨✨✨✨✨✨

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I can’t quite believe theo is turning two on monday. last night while cake-making i said to jon we’ve been so focussed on his birthday that we’ve kind of missed the point that he’s been in our lives for two years. and when i was up at 2am feeding beatrice, i had a look through our @lifecake and all the moments captured (there’s a lot!). the toddler stage is tough... i wouldn’t say it’s terrible because there’s so much fun thrown into the mix and development that i’m in awe of on a daily basis. but looking back at the photos, i can reflect on what a happy little boy theo is and how he started something for us, way before he was born, that made jon and i stronger people and our relationship unshakable.
theo at two is kind, courageous, loving, a dancer, a singer, a let’s-run-everywhere, friend-to-spiders child. i can’t wait to see what more is to come from our very special boy ✨

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I made a massive cake 🧁! it may not be perfect, elegant or even edible 😉 but it’s for theo’s birthday party tomorrow 🥳 and i was desperate to make a home-made one for him and it’s taken every last bit of energy i have.

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