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The youngest winner in #thevoice history and #teamkelly’s first winner ever. congratulations, @brynncartelli! ✌️✨

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They’re not just coaches. they’re family. #thevoice

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So much to say about you @brittonbuchanan! you are an old soul with a playful personality. it’s been a pleasure to watch you come into your own on and off the stage. you are going to shine! ✨ #thevoice

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Miss @kylasings, you are a powerhouse. you stepped into the spotlight and showed the world who you are. we are so proud. 👑 #thevoice

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@thespenshabaker you made us laugh, you made us cry and you stole our hearts. you have left your mark on #thevoice forever!!! 💖💖💖

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From backup singer to duet partner! ❤️👑👏 #thevoice

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Show @jasonaldean a lil love, y’all. ❤️ #thevoice

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We know you’re dying to meet them. 😘 #thevoice

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We like our queen red hot! ❤️ #thevoice 📸: @kellyclarkson

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We can’t get enough of these two queens rocking out together! #thevoice

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Look how far she’s come! 🤘#thevoice

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