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By @drewtrush | sweetwater county, wyoming. wild horses can be found throughout the high desert of wyoming. the red desert is home to three wilderness study areas. the rolling prairie gives way to massive sand dunes, created by the near- constant wind rolling across the landscape. follow along with photographer @drewtrush to see more images from wild places.
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Photo by @dguttenfelder | japan’s obsession with all things kawaii (which can mean “cute,” “cuddly,” or “lovable”) is on display at ueno park, as owners line up their pets for a portrait shoot. the kawaii aesthetic of cute culture has been one of japan’s most successful exports, driving pop culture trends in fashion, technology, video games, and cartoons. for national geographic’s cities-themed issue, i walked the streets of tokyo, home to more than 37 million people, to photograph one of the most dynamic, safest, and most innovative cities on earth. for more tokyo photos and video, please take a look at our story “walking tokyo: a journey through the rich textures of japan’s vibrant, reinvented megacity. link in bio @dguttenfelder .

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Photo by aaron huey @argonautphoto | danuru sherpa, friend and climbing partner, checks facebook at at camp 1 on ama dablam, in nepal. the reception up here at 20,000 feet is amazing! danuru has summited #everest 16 times. he is one of the best of the best here in the #khumbu (or anywhere for that matter). follow @argonautphoto for more images from #amadablam, #himalaya, #nepal.

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Photo by @adamfergusonstudio | aviela, nine, was born in the u.s and is a u.s. citizen. her mother is undocumented, meaning that aviela and her siblings potentially face either being separated from her if she’s deported or returning to a country they’ve never called home. follow me at @adamfergusonstudio to see more stories about important social issues. #adamferguson #natgeo #migration

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Photo by @jimmychin | expeditions are often hurried, with multiple agendas and objectives. in this moment, we had finished most of our filming, shooting, and skiing objectives. it was just a time to be present and reflect on the intrinsic beauty of the west coast of greenland. for more images of adventures in greenland, follow @jimmychin .

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Photo by @coryrichards | pictured here, a climber slowly traverses a ridge en route to attempting the everest summit. less than two percent of climbers summit everest without the use of supplemental oxygen. #followme @coryrichards for the visual storytelling #onassignment for #natgeo and previously unseen footage of the #culture #travel #adventure of the #himalayas including my upcoming climb on the northeast face of #everest as i attempt a new route without the use of supplemental oxygen.

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Photo by @tasneemalsultan | a view of a local park, hours after the rain. #dammam #saudiarabia

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Photo by @stevewinterphoto | a caiman eats a catfish in the black creek in brazil's pantanal region. the caiman is the no. 1 food source for jaguars in this area. when the rains are good in the amazon and the rivers rise in the pantanal, the animals are abundant, and jaguars have a huge food court of prey to choose from, as nature is all connected. the amazon provides 20 percent of the oxygen we breathe, so we could say that every 5th breath is from the amazon. rainforests provide 40 to 50 percent of the oxygen on the planet; mountains, grasslands, and forests provide 75 percent of our fresh water. if we save the homes of big cats we can help save ourselves. “when the buying stops, the killing can too.” @wildaid
to see more images of big cats follow me @stevewinterphoto

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Photo by @simoncroberts | grindelwald, switzerland, march 2016. the cliff walk is a popular lookout platform rising 45 meters out over the grindelwald valley in the jungfrau region. visitors have been traveling to the area ever since the wealthy english set off on european grand tours in the 1800s. they hoped that switzerland would inspire with its sublime vistas, and today the swiss landscape often resembles a theater set, where tourists are transported to officially designated areas of natural beauty to gaze upon equally epic views of the monch, jungfrau, and eiger mountains. follow @simoncroberts to see more photographs from this series and other works. #reframingswitzerland #swisslandscapes #jungfrau #grindelwald

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Photo by pete mcbride @pedromcbride | exploring the dance of light and landscape within a hidden oasis of the grand canyon leaves you to reflecting on how small we really are. to see the documentary chronicling our 750-mile journey on foot through this geological time machine, check out "into the grand canyon" on @natgeochannel, available for streaming now on their app. to see more, follow @pedromcbride . #grandcanyon #nature #intothecanyonfilm #intothegrandcanyon #betweenriverandrim #humility #petemcbride

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Photo by @beverlyjoubert | a f*t belly full of food is not the most comfortable on an incredibly hot summer's day in botswana. digesting protein is a warm process, but spotted hyenas, like all carnivores, will not pass up on the chance to gorge themselves. although they are excellent hunters and well known for scavenging, they can never be sure of the next meal. a bit of respite can be gained from dozing off in a pool of cool water. there won't be any need to move from this muddy wallow unless other predators turn up. #spottedhyena #wallow #okavango

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Photo by @enricsala | spotted on our current @natgeopristineseas expedition to costa rica’s osa peninsula, this tiny harlequin shrimp is just one of the myriad species residing on the abundant corals of the isla del caño biological reserve. the osa peninsula is home to half of all the species in costa rica, and the waters around it harbor critical aggregations of sea turtles, sharks, whales, and dolphins. follow along @natgeopristineseas as we study and document the marine ecosystems of isla del caño, the drake bay, golfo dulce, and along the mesoamerican trench, in partnership with @osaconservation and @universidaddecostarica, and aboard the @underseahunter vessel, the argo. #campaignfornature

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