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The araripe manakin is a rather large and highly distinctive manakin that was only discovered in 1996. it is known only from a very small area of forest in valleys along the araripe plateau in ceará, brazil. its known population numbers only about 800 individuals, and is seriously theatened by deforestation. . there is very little information available on the life history of this species, but it apparently feeds on smallest fruits and nests over streams. - from wiki
🐦 watercolor miniature. size 20x18mm.

comment 4 star 54 March 2018

The buff-breasted paradise kingfisher is a bird in the tree kingfisher subfamily, halcyoninae. it is native to australia and new guinea. it migrates in november from new guinea to its breeding grounds in the rainforest of north queensland, australia. like all paradise kingfishers, this bird has colourful plumage with a red bill, buff b****t and distinctive long tail streamers. - from wiki.

comment 6 star 26 February 2018

"enough about you, let's talk about me, johnny bravo."😎

comment 3 star 58 February 2018

"set sail when the ocean calls"⛵

comment 8 star 80 January 2018

Duck[4/4]: darkwing duck.

comment 9 star 43 January 2018

Duck[3/4]: scrooge mcduck aka uncle scrooge...
the richest duck of all,
scrooge is worth "one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents".💰💰💰

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Duck [2/4]: donald duck

comment 3 star 35 January 2018

Duck[1/4]: daffy duck

comment 4 star 51 January 2018

"sylvester j. pussycat sr. aka.

comment 3 star 53 January 2018

“love me, feed me, never leave me.”🐱

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"i am what i am,
and that's all
that i am."
- popeye, the sailor man.

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"spider-man, spider-man,
does whatever a spider can
spins a web, any size,
catches thieves just like flies
look out!
here comes the spider-man!!"

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