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"enough about you, let's talk about me, johnny bravo."😎

comment 3 star 42 2 weeks ago

"set sail when the ocean calls"⛵

comment 8 star 71 4 weeks ago

Duck[4/4]: darkwing duck.

comment 8 star 41 5 weeks ago

Duck[3/4]: scrooge mcduck aka uncle scrooge... . . the richest duck of all, scrooge is worth "one multiplujillion, nine obsquatumatillion, six hundred twenty-three dollars and sixty-two cents".💰💰💰

comment 4 star 39 last month

Duck [2/4]: donald duck

comment 3 star 32 last month

Duck[1/4]: daffy duck

comment 3 star 44 last month

"sylvester j. pussycat sr. aka. sylvester"🐈

comment 3 star 49 last month

“love me, feed me, never leave me.”🐱

comment 7 star 57 last month

"i am what i am, and that's all that i am." - popeye, the sailor man.

comment 2 star 41 last month

"spider-man, spider-man, does whatever a spider can spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies look out! here comes the spider-man!!"

comment 1 star 41 last month

Mickey mouse 🐭

comment 3 star 36 last month

Nebula 🌌

comment 2 star 40 last month

When you look at the dark side, careful you must be... for the dark side looks back!

comment 3 star 73 last month

"to do, to do, to do, to do, to do, to do, to doooooo"

comment 3 star 93 last month

"felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat! whenever he gets in a fix he reaches into his bag of tricks!"

comment 1 star 43 last month

Merry christmas everyone!!!!🎅🎄🌌

comment 4 star 45 last month

All time favourite cartoon character - "jerry"🐭

comment 4 star 48 last month

"sailing away" ⛵

comment 3 star 60 last month

"the lonely island" 🏝

comment 4 star 40 last month

"the tramp" 🎩

comment 6 star 61 last month