J o c e l y n S a n c h e z Full time working mama trying to raise a kind human being. Love life with you, princess #josephineyebra 🐻.
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How did i get so blessed ?! and in that moment, nothing else mattered ✨💒 #josephineyebra #baptism #mysweetangel #loveyou #vscocam

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Josephine’s baptism ✨💒🙏🏼 #baptism #josephineyebra #vscocam

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“one day you will look back on this season and know that you are truly blessed; and not because things are perfect but because you found perfect grace in the worst of it” ✨💖 #officeoutfit #workingmama #sotired #scfilter ftw

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Baby shark 🦈 ✨💗

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I hope you know that i love and cherish every moment spent with you💖✨🌸 #josephineyebra

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Morning aquarium hangs with my favorite lucky charm ✨🍀🌈 #happystpatricksday #josephineyebra #vscocam

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✨girls rule ! let’s not teach them “they can do anything boys can” (because honestly they weren’t thinking that they couldn’t until you said it) but teach them they can do anything they set their minds to ! (and if you’re a mama you can watch them and be proud) 💘🤓🙌🏼💪🏼 #proudmama #josephineyebra #internationalwomensday #empoweredwomen #favoriteday

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Still my fave video of her 💓 especially part 2 !! where her solution to getting some more soap from a container we finished was saying “please” 😫

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Jojo, what’s your fish’s name ? “uhhhh ... bubbles!!” 🐠✨💗 #thatsmilethough #firstpet #littlefishy #fisharefriendsnotfood🐟 #josephineyebra #vscocam

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Gossip girl: “spotted. j searching for a starbucks to keep her hands warm because she’s from the west coast where 60 degrees is cold” #xoxogossipgirl #spottedgossipgirl #newyork #starbuckswhereuat

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