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27 days of bali & paragliding.

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The jigsaw puzzle

when a piece of jigsaw went astray
it could not fit here, it could not fit there.

puzzled, it went from puzzle to puzzle
under pressure, it tried not to buckle

only to realise that in itself it was complete
that, there was no need to compete

slowly other astray pieces were found
they created a new puzzle, on common ground

this time they stuck so close together
could never separate one from another

it was no longer a game, to be torn by the external
but a solid foundation, that'll stay eternal - shristi rai.
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The making of..

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'be yourself. find your style, your way; find the border and cross it, or else you may be lost or even worse, boring. do not forget what you really want to say. there is no recipe. the recipe is you.' ~ béla tarr

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But first let me take a selfie!

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Smile please!

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“perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.” ― george scialabba
( 12 image collage)

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Trust your crazy ideas!
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