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🚨psa to anyone who has ever had professional photos taken of themselves.🚨

the literal second you get your photos back from your photographer, download the entire gallery to your computer. don’t just cherry pick your faves to your phone for instagram thinking you’ll come back eventually to download the whole thing. do it asap. then back up the full gallery again to multiple hard drives. multiple. don’t bank on one place being sufficient.

there’s a lot of talk about the importance of photographers backing up their images, which is a whole other topic and so important. but not enough people talk about how clients need to also back their images up. because technology is fickle. and for the exact same reasons professional photographers should have multiple backups in place for their client’s photos, the clients themselves should equally take action to make sure their memories are protected from a hard drive failure or computer crash.

there have been multiple times i’ve had past clients from over a year or more reach out to me to see if i still had their gallery link to their photos because they didn’t download and back them up to begin with. my personal policy is to have galleries up for 6 months online before taking them down, but i always keep the files on my hard drives forever. but every photographer is different so pleaseeeee pleaseee don’t bank on your photographer still having your photos years & years later. do the due diligence yourself to back up your memories multiple times to make sure they’re not going anywhere. 😊 psa over. 👌🏼

who’s going right now to back up their images after reading this? good. 😁👏🏼

p.s. this epic pnw adventure session with wil + tayloranne is up on the blog! if you want to see more of a whole lotta love + some washington vibes head to my story and swipe up! #lindseyromanphotography

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Why are you afraid to show up? really ask yourself that.

i get so many messages weekly asking me how i’m “confident” enough to show up in my stories talking to the camera or share photos of myself for the world to see. to me it’s second nature. so oftentimes when people ask for advice on how to be confidently themselves online without feeling weird about it, at first i don’t know what to say. because it does come natural to me.

but i slowly realized there’s something i inherently don’t care about that a lot of people get hung up on... the fear of being seen. the fear of rejection. the fear of looking like a fool in front of everyone.

so why do so many of us not show up for the world in the way we were meant to? because ultimately we care too much about what others will think of us.

so here’s a lil page from my book that hopefully helps you today:
i genuinely don’t care what people think of me. i don’t care if i get weird comments on my dancing videos. i like to dance, so i dance. i don’t care who sees my pimples when i show up in my stories with no makeup on. because the value of showing someone out there that real is so much better than perfect is more valuable to me than someone thinking, “wow she looks bad.”

anytime i feel self conscious + doubt whether or not i should show up... i think about that young girl out there who follows me. i think about how i can be a positive influence to her. i stop thinking about me & my insecurities. and instead think, “if i can show up boldly as god created me to be, maybe i can teach her she has the power to do the same.”

so friend, get out of your own head. you have the power to decide what kind of influence you want to have on the world. and when you second guess + doubt your awesomeness + hide... you completely ignore your power to be a positive influence on someone else. ❤️ show up. even if your knees shake. i promise you, you do have the power to make a difference. you first just have to get over yourself to do it. 😉

if this inspired you, tag 3 friends in the comments you want to share it with. let them know there’s beauty in showing up boldly & imperfectly themselves. ❤️

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Bumpdate. heyyoooo. 😉 #28weeks coming along 👌🏼.

this morning we headed to our appt with our midwife on the north shore + everything with #babyroman is looking great. she agreed with a lot of you that my random 24 hour v***t attack on tuesday was most likely a bug that came and went. 🙌🏻🤷🏼‍♀️

also every time we go see her we bring our basket because she lives on a farm on the north shore filled with 5 million fruit trees, and she let’s us grab avocados every time we come. 😉🥑

who here’s as obsessed with avos as me? 🙋🏼‍♀️🤣

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Storytime! and it has to do with this lil lion + why we’re holding it like the holy grail... 🤣

back in october we found out we were pregnant a couple days before we flew to new zealand for vacation. we were giddy, excited, and nervous as heck - basically all the feels you’re feeling when you find out you’re expecting for the first time. we had a couple hours layover in the sydney airport before flying to christchurch. so we were meandering through the airport and stumbled upon a store filled with clothes, blankets, and toys all made out of 100% peruvian alpaca wool. super bougie. 🤣

we wandered through the store touching everything 🤣 cause turns out 100% peruvian alpaca wool is friggin soft. we suddenly happened upon the toy section with a bunch of assorted stuffed animals and we laid our eyes on this lil guy. i picked him up, started petting his mane, and we both looked at each other with those “we just found out we’re having a baby” doe eyes.

we had the same thought. we’re having a baby. this could be his/her first toy. it was the softest freaking thing i had ever touched in my life. then we looked at the price tag....

$100 australian dollars. 😳

are you kidding? for a tiny piece of stuffed fur.... i guess 100% peruvian alpaca wool isn’t cheap. we put down the lion like, “nope. that’s absolutely ridiculous.” we left the store and continued wandering around the airport.

but we couldn’t stop thinking about the lion. about our first baby. about how excited + nervous we were to be parents. i texted a couple friends asking them on a scale of 1 - 10 how absolutely ridiculous it was to spend $100 bucks on our unborn child’s first toy. they all said the same thing: “you 1000% have to get it. you want it.”

so dang it, we went back to the overpriced airport peruvian alpaca wool store and laid down $100 for this lil guy and to this day i have absolutely no regrets. 🤣

baby girl... you are so loved. so much so that you’re mom and dad spent way too much money on an overpriced bougie toy before you were the size of a pea. 🤣 you’re friggin welcome.

p.s. the aus dollar currency rate made it slightly more justifiable... but only slightly... 🤣🤣 #babyroman

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“you know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. and i promise you, something great will come of it.”

this quote from the movie we bought a zoo is one of my all time fave quotes ever. why? because 20 seconds literally can change your life. when we step outside our comfort zone, take the leap, and face our fears even in the midst of embarrassment.... the outcome is always worth it.

so send that email.
go up and talk to the boy or girl.
send that text.
knock on that door.
take the first step in a direction that is terrifyingly scary.
more often that not.... you’ll be so glad you did.

and hey... even if you do the big scary embarrassing thing and nothing good comes from it and you fall flat on your face + fail big time.... you get a pretty rad, hilarious story to tell at future dinner parties so really it’s still a good thing tbh. 🤣 win win in my opinion.👌🏼

what’s your fave quote + why!? tell me below! 👇🏼#lindseyromanphotography

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It’s been a hot minute since i’ve introduced myself to some new faces around here sooooo heyooo! let’s get to some #fridayintroductions!

my name is lindsey! i’m a 27 year old spitfire livin’ in hawaii with my husband andrew, our cat tako, and our first lil #babyroman who is still cooking in the oven and due in june. 😍

i started my whole journey photographing elopements, intimate weddings, and couples in love & i’m still freaking obsessed with it. i love meeting new adventurous friends + documenting their love in a wildly beautiful way that makes their hearts beat fast when they see the photos i took of them. 🥰

somewhere along the way, i discovered i also loved teaching + empowering fellow entrepreneurs to pursue their god given calling + chase after their dreams. so i co-founded the @theheartuniversity with my best friend & we teach photography workshops & an online course for the entrepreneur who wants to fearlessly kick b**t & wants more for their lives.

in my spare time you can find me eating spicy food (i don’t play with my spice guys 🌶), traveling around the world (for work + play), playing catan with friends, and now prepping for our first b**e to come into the world. 👶🏼

sooo enough about me. i wanna hear from you! if you’re new here say hi! i wanna get to know you and hear your hearts! do we have anything in common!? 😊👇🏼

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Ready for your heart to burst + melt into a thousand tiny pieces? good. cause i’m telling you lars + josh’s love story and trust me... you wanna keep reading....

these two were set up on a blind date while attending college in hawaii. lars was friends with josh’s sister who thought they would be perf together. cut to the end of their first blind date and lars totally wasn’t feeling it. except josh mega was. 😳 cue the awkward turtle. 🐢😬

so boy then proceeds to pursue the heck out of her heart for a straight 7 months sending her flowers every week to try and get another chance with her. 😭👌🏼
lars gave in + gave him a second chance. and that second chance was all they needed. they fell in love + didn’t look back.

josh later proposed to lars in new zealand while horseback riding. super casual. not romantic at all. 😭🥰😍

these two modeled for our @theheartuniversity workshop in hawaii this past december + when they told us all their love story pretty much everyone’s jaw was on the ground. their story is such a beautiful testament to the power of perseverance + how far you will go when you love someone. 😭❤️ thank you two again for rolling around in the messy waves + sand for our girls and being so cute + smily the whole time. you guys are the real mvp’s. 😉🥰 #lindseyromanphotography

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Remember how i said this pregnancy was easy peasy + i’ve had no morning sickness at all....

well jokes on me cause tuesday i woke up and couldn’t keep anything down. i was vomiting nearly every hour. it was like baby roman was making up for lost time all in one day. 🙄

thankfully it only lasted one day, and i’m back to feeling “normal” - well as normal as one does while 28 weeks pregnant. 🤣

today’s the first official day of my third trimester & it feels soooo weird to be hitting the home stretch. so please tell me - has anyone else out there experienced random morning sickness or nausea during their 3rd trimester? am i a freak? is this normal? halp a sis out. ✌🏼🙈 #28weekspregnant #babyroman

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Metaphor time: are you living like you’re in a zoo? being spoon fed. it looks nice + pretty, but it’s superficial compared to the real thing. because you’re not living how you were intended to, out in the wild.

metaphorically speaking, when was the last time you chased down a zebra and missed it? for example: cheetahs were created to hunt. to chase down the thing they need to live. to run like the wind to achieve a goal they need and want. they weren’t made to sit in the corner of a cage and have slabs of meat thrown at them every day while they do nothing to get it. they weren’t made to have everything given to them without any struggle or challenge?

so... when was the last time you experienced disappointment after you tried something and failed. if you’re getting everything you need right when you need it... are you really stepping out in faith and chasing down what you were made to? are you living inside your own personal zoo getting spoon fed, being lazy, and not tackling anything challenging? or are you living life boldly as you were created to?

friend, if something is challenging for you right now, good. yes it sucks. yes it’s hard. but nothing worthwhile happens without a little struggle and resistance. every time we go through something difficult in life... we grow. so if you’re facing rejection or failure or heartbreak... know that it’s okay. it hurts + it’s so sucky.... but power is guarded by problems. and working through those problems make us stronger when we come out on the other side.

i believe in you. you’re a fighter. you’re a believer. start fighting + believing in yourself + go out into the wild chasing down those goals + victories. it’s who you were created to be. whatcha say? 👊🏼
📷 by @sunnyjunebug

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Dear baby girl,
you haven’t even made it earth side yet, and already you’ve been to hawaii, new zealand, brooklyn, oregon, puerto rico, and now switzerland. you’ll also add utah to that list before you’re born. i pray you love seeing this grand, beautiful world the same way i do. i pray you have a spirit of adventure; that your heart beats to experience new cultures and to get outside your comfort zone. i pray you yearn for mountaintops, sunrises, & new horizons; that they teach you how the same god who created such beautiful places also created you to be just as beautiful + life changing. i pray you know how worthy + capable of moving mountains you are. i pray when you see how vast + diverse this world is, that you learn to love everyone like god loves, even if they are different than you. most of all, i pray you know how as much as your father and i love to travel together.... we cannot wait to take you with us on our next adventure. to show you life. to show you the world. to show you the love of god.
we love you so much already. see you in june.
lindsey 💗

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Eating fondue + buying expensive wooden toys for our baby girl she already doesn’t need + taking gondola rides up to snowy mountaintop alps with this one is my new favorite thing to do. 🏔🖤

babymooning in switzerland? 10/10 recommend. 👌🏼

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Wooozzaaaa switzerland is not disappointing lemme tell ya. we got into zürich in a jet lagged daze, and explored the old streets and churches before setting off to the mountains. we’re currently exploring the alps and are so in love.

yesterday we met up with @amandajoy_photography for a mentor session. we talked business for a few hours in a coffee shop in grindelwald before meeting up with these two cuties, loris + johanna. we all headed up the mountain in a gondola and photographed these two on top of the most beautiful mountain. what. a. day.

feeling so thankful + excited to explore more of this beautiful country. 🏔🖤🇨🇭

p.s. in case you were wondering.... yes... yes i am eating all of the chocolate + cheese. 😉 #lindseyromanphotography

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