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A little less than a year ago (january 2018) evie flew out to hawaii to visit me and we schemed, dreamed + launched @theheartworkshop - a photography business retreat for female girl-bosses to come learn business skills, get inspired, and leave empowered. that day we launched our first one in january we sold out in 7 hours, which at the time was absolutely bonkers to us. we’d never hosted a workshop before + the fact that so many people said yes and bought tickets the day we announced.... we couldn’t even fathom it.

that first workshop in malibu went better than our wildest dreams. there were so many tears shed, hearts shared, and dreams ignited. after that workshop we immediately launched the next one.... this time, here in hawaii. we were hesitant to do it here because we legitimately thought no one would pay the travel fees to come to a workshop in the middle of the pacific. boy were we wrong. not only did it sell out in two hours but we had such a high demand that we opened a second week.... and that also sold out in 2 hours.

that was 8 months ago, and the day is finally here where my best friend and i get to welcome 50 bad a*s girls into our hawaiian retreat home over the next two weeks. our hearts are overflowing with so much gratitude and thankfulness.

from the very beginning.... this was never just a photography business workshop. this has always been about so much more. cultivating likeminded women to build community, friendship, and to provide a place where girls walk in strangers, and leave as sisters.
it’s why we called our workshop the heart. because our heart behind all of this has always been to empower others, build them up, let them know they were made in the image of a god who loves them fiercely, and that they are capable of accomplishing their wildest dreams. we are so ready for the next two weeks to begin.
the party starts now. 🎉

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Tickle fights in the ocean are pretty much my favorite thing. 😝👌🏼

in other news i’m 14 weeks and apparently my baby is creating u***e inside me (so basically peeing in me k kewl).... but it’s chill cause i parked in the expectant mother’s parking spot for the first time today and even though i’m pretty sure you’re not meant to do that until you’re like waaayyy preggo, i did it anyway cause #firsttimemom. 🤰🏼💁🏼‍♀️🤣

p.s. baby roman finished growing it’s genitalia this week so now i’m sitting here forever wondering if it grew a p or a v? any guesses? 🤣🤣🤣 #lindseyromanphotography

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Yesterday we tramped all over the island creating enough content of the both of us to last all of next year since i’m like preggo 🤰🏼+ evie refuses to move to paradise... 🙄

while we pretended we were way cool, in reality we got a ton of stares cause 99% of the shenanigans looked like this ^^ (swipe left 🤣).

in other news, our 2 back to back workshops start in two flippin days and we cannot contain our excitement. head on over to @theheartworkshop to see the party go down. it’s gonna be the best end of the year retreat everrrrr.

who wants to come to the next @theheartworkshop next fall!? hint: future baby roman will probs be making an appearance. 👶🏼😍 where do you want us to come next!? #theheartworkshop

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To all my 2018 couples:
thank you.
for trusting me. choosing me. letting me come alongside you on whatever adventure you were already on.
thank you for going with the flow, getting wet, dirty, muddy, sandy, and all around messy for the experience of the moment. thank you for opening up, being vulnerable, letting me in to capture your incredible love stories.
thank you for hiring me to capture the most incredible day of your lives. i made so many new amazing friends via clients this year, and my heart is so full from getting to do the best job in the world and do it for you.

to all my future 2019 couples:
i cannot wait. and i truly mean that. i don’t just want to show up on your wedding/elopement day a random stranger with a camera. i’m gonna show up a friend, one who’s cheering you on, serving & loving you in every way i can. i can’t wait for all the wild + messy adventures we’ll get ourselves into. i’m here for you. i got you. i cannot wait to get this party started. 🎉🔥

if you were one of my clients in 2018, would you comment below with your favorite memory of us together! it can be from the shoot or wedding day itself or some other time. i literally cannot wait to read them! and to future clients, tell me what you’re most excited for this year together! 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️❤️ #lindseyromanphotography

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If you didn’t see our video yesterday, andrew & i are expecting a lil baby this coming june, & we couldn’t be more excited! i’m 13 weeks, & it’s slowly starting to become more real. thank you to all who facetimed, messaged, commented, & dm’d congratulating us on our lil announcement!

if i’m being 100% with you all, i never wanted kids. on one of andrew & i’s first dates we talked about how many kids we wanted. he said 10. i said 0. 🤣 since that day we’ve been at a tug of war trying to come to a compromise. i’m an only child; i never grew up around children; & i never babysat growing up. i never looked at other people’s kids like, “wow i can’t wait til i’m a mother.” i never really had a maternal bone in my body, always wanting a career over children.

yet as andrew & i got married & people started asking where we saw ourselves in 5-10 years, i always had the image of us in overalls (both of us matching if andrew has anything to do with it 🙄) at an orchard picking apples in the fall... with our kids running all around us like crazies. that’s literally been the image in my mind whenever someone asked where i saw myself in 5-10 years. yet i’d always still say, “oh no i don’t want kids. they’re messy, annoying, & you can’t get anything done with them, etc..”

over this last year as we’ve settled into hawaii life & started making friends with kids, god slowly started changing my heart. he showed me that children don’t have to completely change the course of your life, but instead get to come alongside the adventure you were already on. he showed me children allow you to pour into something much bigger than yourself. i always wanted the big picture dream, but was too selfish to want to try & get there. god taught me that one of the greatest legacies we can leave on this world is raising brave, fearless, passionate children who continue the calling you started + expand it to future generations. wow that’s beautiful.

i thought if i ever became pregnant, i’d be terrified and regret it. well i’m here. i’m not terrified. i don’t regret it. i’m so excited for the adventure god has in store for us. and i quite literally can’t wait.
#aromanromance #babyroman

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I normally like to tease the heck out of you guys and hint at big surprises coming in the future, but andrew + i have another surprise in store for you, one i haven’t hinted at before.

swipe left to see what we were up to in new zealand with a lil somethin’ extra for you at the end.
#aromanromance #romanaroundnewzealand

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Remember that one time andrew actually got dressed up and let me take tripod photos of us and he didn’t make ugly faces in protest. and it was actually his idea. whut. those were the days. 🤣🤣

quick story of how these happened: there’s a pull off on the road to the north shore that i’d been eyeing as a potential photo shoot location forever. so the day andrew miraculously was like “let’s take photos,” after i picked my jaw up off the ground in shock 🤣 we headed to this spot. we got there, set up the tripod and started taking photos when a truck drove past, screeched to a stop, reversed, pulled in and a guy got out. immediately i thought, “crap, we must be trespassing.” turns out we were. 😂 but also turns out this guy owns the land and is the kindest human ever. he told us to hop in his truck so he could drive us even farther onto his land where the real good mountain views were.
he could have kicked us off for trespassing, but instead went out of his way to help us out even more. people like that remind me to treat other people with the same love and kindness. 🖤

p.s. you can use my code roman for 30% off your own prints from @parabopress. they’re legit where i get all our prints from (i love how thick and matte they are) + they make such great gifts! merry christmas! 🎄🎁✨

p.p.s. some of you wanted to see what our hawaiian christmas tree looked like. it’s super different from a normal pine tree but still looks festive and it doesnt shed so 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.

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I read an email yesterday that made me snotty nose kim kardashian bawl.

it was from a follower & she shared the story of how she’d just graduated high school, & some health issues completely threw her off course to go to college as she had planned. in the midst of her confusion with god she stumbled upon my instagram & she told me it changed everything.

girlfriend was so inspired that she pulled together her graduation money, sold her old canon rebel t6 & bought herself a canon 5d mark iv + a 35mm & freaking went for it. in just 2 weeks, after styled shoots, learning to edit as quick as she could to find her style, she booked 36 people. (can we pause for a sec cause whuuuuttttt. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 that alone deserves some claps.)

i’ll let her tell the rest:
“i had no idea what the heck i was doing, but i knew i wanted to tell stories the way you & @evierupp do, be myself, & feel confident as heck while doing it. lindsey, god purposely showed me your feed for a reason. i had no idea who you were until then. he put you there, to inspire me to go out & try.
thank you for setting an example that its ok to speak up when you have something  important to say. that its ok to be your crazy cooky self all day every day. that its ok to take leaps of faith & trust that god has a plan for your life, even though you may not see it at the time. but lastly, that its ok to believe in yourself, that you are bound to do great things, and that someday with hard work and dedication, you may get to bless lives, just how mine was blessed by you two.”

you can see why i was in full blown tears. it’s so easy to get bogged down on this app by the algorithm, jealousy, or follower count, & forget that every time we go to post something we have the opportunity to make an impact in someone’s life. it’s so much more than marketing + pretty photos. you have the ability to change lives by what you share, no matter how many followers you have. what you post + what you say matters.

thank you @dariankaiaphotography for reminding me that following god’s call for my life & being faithful to show up as i am, raw & real, makes a difference. i’m so thankful for you. ❤️

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If this isn’t my newest fave photo i’ve taken i don’t know what is... 🤣🤣🤣

logan giving his wife a little b***y lovin with the biggest grin on his face during our session in brooklyn a few weeks ago.

this is marriage my friends. and it’s the best. 🙌🏻🤣 double tap if you agree.

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We set up our christmas tree sunday (which is actually a locally grown hawaiian norfolk pine that andrew insisted we get, even though i wanted a classic pine tree. he won in the end and now i’m sorta loving our cute and weird hawaiian christmas tree). now ever since sunday i’ve been watching cheesy hallmark movies + playing christmas music nonstop cause #tistheseason
this is our first christmas together where we get to completely have our own christmas traditions. last year andrew was out at sea for both thanksgiving and christmas and it’s so nice to get to celebrate the holidays with him by my side this year.

what are some fun holiday traditions you have in your home? we need some ideas!? christmas cookie making? watching elf on repeat? wearing onesies all december even though it’s hot as heck in hawaii? haha tell me all the festive things we should do! 🎄🥂🎁

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Just in case no one’s told you today.... you are amazing.
you’re seen.
you’re loved.
you matter.
even if you did nothing today.
even if you feel like blah.
even if you aren’t where you want to be quite yet.

our words are so powerful, and i think we often time forget the importance behind them.
our words have the opportunity to completely make or break someone’s day.

today, i want you to tag someone in the comments below and encourage them. truly lift them up. tell them how inspired you are by them or how much you love them or how strong they are for overcoming a challenge or heartbreak. whatever it is and whoever it is.... encourage them today. take a moment out of your day to make someone’s day. because your words are powerful. let’s use them to make this world a little better. ❤️❤️❤️ #lindseyromanphotography

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here it issss!!!!
officially introducing: the heart university!!!!
our waitlist for @theheartworkshop grew so hella fast this year. @evierupp & i are sooo humbled by your love and support & we still can’t believe so many of you want to learn from us. thank you.
but with that, as we watched our waitlist grow, we knew we’d never be able to meet the demand for our intimate in person workshops while still maintaining our photography work, lives + sanity. 😳
guys, we’re both so passionate about empowering other business owners. we live to see fellow entrepreneurs inspired, trained + educated so they can kick b**t in their businesses.
we’ve poured months of hard work into the heart university, creating an entire online library full of business strategies, tools, tips + tricks from evie + i.?we’re not holding anything back.
you might have some q’s, so here are our answers!
🖤what: the heart university is an online course for photographers + entrepreneurs. you get 25 full episodes covering everything from posing, editing, workflow, client communication, branding, instagram, how to get clients when first starting, softwares we love, reviews, destination weddings, travel hacks, + so much more.
🖤when: the official launch of registration is jan 23, 2019! (just around the corner!!!!)
🖤what about the workshop?? we’re still keeping our in-person workshops!!! nothing’s changing there at all. we’re keeping those to an intimate number to maintain the community + connection that’s so powerful in our industry. we still dump so much education at you at the physical workshops, plus our insanely gorgeous live-shoots, 1-on-1 time with me + evie, relationships with other girl bosses, free goodies, and so much more.
🖤if i wanted to do both?? uh, please do!!! in fact, we highly recommend it. if you have specific questions about this, reach out. we’d love to talk to you + help guide you in the right direction for the best investment for you right now!
🖤how much? the full library is $1,800. more info on pricing, payment plans, etc coming closer to registration!
guys… we’re pumpedd!!!
who’s with us?!
see ya in the freaking courseeeee!!!!

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