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. getting ripped again. 📈🔥let’s see where i can take my dad bod in 2018. #linkinbio to see exactly what i am using to get shredded for the summer. all i need is 30 days or less. same goes for you when you follow my plan. 💪🏽🔪

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. omg!! 😂😂 @javidigital & @edgarmart29 just posted this on our private fb group ... you guys c***k me up! lmao!

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. too many of us dwell on the past, or spend time hoping for a better future. both of which only ever happen “now”. if you don’t take control of your “now”, you’ll relive more of your past by default. — set specific goals. then come back to the only place where you can execute on them, “now”. #raiseyourstandard 📈🔥

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The only competition is your yesterday. and the only reason it matters is so you can do better today. let yesterday be a benchmark for today’s success. #raiseyourstandard 📈🔥

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. chest this morning. what did you train today? do you smile when you train too? if i think about it, i actually smile a lot when i train. #raiseyourstandard 📈🔥

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(words that changed my life👇🏽) you only get one life, and it always happens "now". — friction in your life occurs because you’re here, in the “now”, and want to be somewhere else, in the future, which you’ve imagined better. — when you’re in a good mood, you’ve imagined a better future, as your mood changes, it shifts with your imagined future, maybe less hopeful as a result of some thought or limiting belief programmed by your past. — congratulations. this shift from good to bad, the daily agitation, your anxiety and frustrations, are called “inner conflict” (not depression or some other label). everyone goes through it, though most never find the cure. it’s through this awareness that you can stop the pain of the past or the anxiety of the future. — what you’re really after is just growth, and that takes time. if you realize that the future and the past only ever happened in the now, you’ll quickly realize that’s the only place growth occurs, right here and “now”. — life isn’t defined in the material world. life is defined through experience, and through our experiences, which always happen in the now, there’s growth, and the culmination of this growth (your journey), is all there ever was, or will be. — if you’re dwelling on the past, or spending too much time in the future, you’re missing the one and only thing that creates them both, “now”. — when your mind wonders off, get back to the “now” as fast as you can. create an environment that fosters more meaningful relationships, deeper conversation, and richer experiences. — learn, grow, and serve others through it all, just do it “now”, and tell me that’s not a life worth living. 🙌🏽 #raiseyourstandards 📈🔥 #powerofnow

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Is doing nothing with your life, not considered failing? you can die only one of two ways. either pushing forward or holding back, and you get to choose. — are you holding back or are you going to #raiseyourstandard? 📈🔥 👉🏼 #linkinbio (you’ll make the best decision of your life if you click it).

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. even when you leave the smallest tasks incomplete you’re reinforcing this behavior. good or bad, aware or unaware, you’re building habits every day. — look for patterns, and then look for ways to simplify tasks into small bite size bits that are easy to complete. the more you do that the more you reinforce the “do not quit” behavior. — watch it spill over into all areas of your life. congratulations, you just #raiseyourstandards 📈🔥

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. the world is full of them. sell out; celebs, athletes, influencers, trainers, teachers, politicians, entire brands & companies are selling out for financial gain and power. — we see you, one s****y product to the next, something new and just as s****y week after week. congratulations, you represent a plethora of products, one more s****y than the previous. no standards, no integrity, just spoon feeding your community; more lies, more propaganda, on top of all the harmful ingredients. — till i hit the fuckin’ dirt ... we are going to do it the right way, the hard way, and the not so glamorous way. — because you deserve the best. #raiseyourstandards 📈🔥 👉🏼 #linkinbio

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As i sit and reflect back to almost 5 years ago. i remember being in my mothers basement. all i had was an iphone and a dream. it was from my mothers basement, after moving back home at 31yrs old, i started making youtube videos. — no one was watching. i remember getting no views, no likes, nothing. i kept on learning, and i kept posting. always moving forward, not always in the right direction, but always serving, and always staying true to what i believe. — accumulating lots of failures along the way. believe it or not, after early growth, i found myself almost bankrupt again for the second time. — a little over 2 years in, and 33 employees, we couldn’t pay our bills. i had to take on $100,000 loan just to make payroll. i’ll never forget two summers ago having to let my entire staff go. — back at ground zero. with just a handful of us left, despite the uncertainty we kept on. — the mission was just too important to give up. now with a clearer vision, more specific goals, and through relentless execution, we are back stronger than ever. — this year alone we are on pace to help more than 500,000 people, putting our grand total just shy of a million lives transformed in 5 years. — when i started, my goal was to transform the lives of 1,000,000 ppl, a more recent goal is to reverse the declining health trends in america. — people are fed up, tired of being fed lies and propaganda, tired of being taking advantage of, and ready to take control of their own health and lives. — @morellifit is its own eco—system now, growing exponentially every day because you believe. i cannot wait to share more of, and uncover bit-by-bit, the vision that i believe is going to change the world. — we’ve got work to do, that being said, i know with all of you, it’s just more execution, more love, more compassion for others, integrity and leadership. — leaders are being born inside our community every day. it’s inspiring to see, and it makes me want to push even harder. your growth impresses me. — thank you for believing. knowing there’s adversity and challenge on the horizon, i look forward to the future. there’s just too many of us now, and we can’t be stopped. #raiseyourstandard 📈🔥❤️

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. i dunno. do you? i do know what the studies show for those that exercise a little bit every day. — is 15-30min every other day worth (on average) an extra 3.4 years on your life? i bet once you get to the end of it, you’d try to make up for it ... that’s if you could. you can today though. — don’t become another statistic, #raiseyourstandards 📈🔥 👉🏼 #linkinbio

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Caption this. best one gets the stack. the competition (if that’s what you call them lol) has no idea. 😏 #raiseyourstandards 📈🔥 👉🏼 #linkinbio

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Chase growth and you chase greatness. once you’ve figured this out, you’ve won. comment below👇🏽 if you’re a “growth chaser”. #raiseyourstandards 📈🔥

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Text & tag to win a bottle of stamina for you and a friend (10ppl will get lucky). — step 1: text “stamina” to 66331 step 2: tag one person you know would love stamina step 3: check my stories tomorrow at 12pm pst to see if you and your friend won. — 👉🏼 #linkinbio to learn more. #raiseyourstandards 📈🔥

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I have a feeling ... there's going to be a lot of people that say "i should of listened to him". i really hope i am wrong. #raiseyourstandard 📈🔥

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Focused af. effects of #thrive. #tag someone you’d like us to send a sample to. first 100 get thrive on me 👀 ... and for you selfish b******s tag yourself lol #raiseyourstandards #braingains #linkinbio

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What does loyalty mean to you? this sums up our community. ps. you amaze me beyond belief. the things i am witnessing inside our community are unreal. consciousness above all else. #raiseyourstandard 📈🔥

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That face sums up my relationship with stamina ... i am just glad i never have to train without it. #linkinbio #raiseyourstandard 📈🔥

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Did you catch that? 😉 #raiseyourstandards

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Do you know what happens when you rub two stamina together before you drop them? 📈🔥😂 #linkinbio — just because, the two best answers in the comments below get a bottle on me. #raiseyourstandard

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