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Taking things down from christmas definitely made our place feel a little bare but something i got to put up was this 125 year old print my sister got me while studying abroad in london this fall. it's of christ church hall at oxford, the setting of some harry potter movies—so right up my alley. i love getting to pair old and new in our place but it’s a challenge that takes patience.

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\\ waco pt. 2

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\\ waco weekends

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We like christmas.

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Dear pumpkin pie,

we're ready.

everyone who's anyone

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Considering i started listening to christmas music in july, nothing about this feels premature. also psa there’s still plenty of time to prime some stretchy pants for thursday (🦃), probably a good idea honestly. happy sunday!

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The cloud room.

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A random rattan suit case find from new orleans for the win. i see a picnic or two in your future.

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New orleans overflows with personality and character. old and new never-not at play.

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It's all soul and style at sunday shop in nola. it's not every day you stumble upon a gem like this.

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Can i have it all? these tiles tho. by @annsacks_atx

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We want to be a ‘monday house’. we're often conditioned to dread monday – i know i’ve experienced it. like right now, i think monday would be the last kid picked in gym class type situation. but i believe it has a ton of untapped potential – so we’re going to give it a chance.

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