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The happiest coffee shop on wheels! try some of my ☕️ for just $5. no strings attached. link in bio. @bixbycoffee

comment 11 star 326 January 2019

Today i took my 500th classpass! 💪🏻 wow - what a difference (see the “before pics” from day 1 😕). thanks to this app, i’m in the best shape of my life 🏋️‍♂️. hey, i’m 35 and can run a mile in 5:21 min 😎 @classpass

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Here’s why we’re the smarter, fresher, cheaper way to buy coffee👌🏼

comment 14 star 331 January 2019

Since becoming #dad, my favorite date moved from dinner to breakfast 🥞

comment 15 star 673 January 2019

Apparently i remind some people of @tomcruise. i don’t see it...

comment 80 star 765 December 2018

😲 @billboard just ranked my music video as one of the all-time greats! 👊🏻 in some good company there... @davegreeen @milesfisherclips

comment 62 star 874 December 2018

Early morning birdie on a crystal-clear la day 🙌🏻 ⛳️. 📷 by @linksgems🥇caddy @ben_thornton4

comment 14 star 500 December 2018

President bush was a dear friend of my grandfather. here they are, aboard air force two, learning that president reagan had just been shot. from left: house majority leader jim wright; texas gov. bill clements, vice president bush; congressman jim collins of dallas (my grandfather).

comment 19 star 629 December 2018

Always a slam dunk hanging with my pal @jackcarlson at his shop @rowingblazers. #mysoreback #nbajam2000

comment 3 star 477 December 2018

Happy 1st birthday little bean. your mom and i love you so so much. 🎁 🍰 ❤️

comment 27 star 1,025 October 2018

Sneak peak at some fun over @bixbycoffee 😜 playing different characters in a new series of just brew it ☕️ guides.

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Capturing one of the most magic moments in my life. 📷 by @carrie_patterson

comment 17 star 673 October 2018