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Mike "Rooftop" Escamilla The Real Most Interesting Man in The World............ The first one through the wall,is always the bloodiest #BeTheAdventure http://digbmx.com/videos/mike-escamilla-caveman
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#throwback to more fun thursday's - can't wait to get back in the sky #betheadventure #gopro @skydive_perris #skydive

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Mullholland cruise on the @uralmotorcycles using the @lifeproof bar bike mount....with @united_ian #betheadventure #losangeles #ural #livelifeproof #shaka

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Happy father's day to all the dads out there who just trying to do the right thing for there kids. hope you're all having a wonderful day - keep on loving | #betheadventure @uralmotorcycles #lunaberlin #ural #fathersday @marieeeme @ant_cam

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My dad in jump school in vietnam sometime in the second half of the sixties. already being more of a man then i ever could be - thanks for being the greatest dad ever .... #happyfathersday #betheadventure #skydive #dad

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About a decade ago when i was riding big air at the @xgames - i decided that that year i was gonna do a fufanu to front flip on the 30ft quarter pipe - in my head i had it all figured out. i started out at @woodwardwest putting a sub on the vert ramp over the foam pit and would carve onto in into a fuf then front flip out, they were coming around to my b**t by the time i hit the foam so i figured i'd give it a go on the resi, obviously the next logical step right? - wrong. i decided to tailtap the first one to warm up, i thought that would make it just a little easier without having to aim for coping. well this was the result. i hopped to my back about 12-13 feet onto the flat. knocked the wind out of myself and came to the conclusion i had known before, and all along, front flips are stupid. #betheadventure #xgames #frontflip #bmx #woodward #death #slam #die #rooftopbackstory

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Tune is sunday june 18th on the @elreynetwork for the baja san felipe 250 - i'll be hosting all the races this year. this was the first time i'd been down to the races and it was pretty rad. check the action sunday at 530 eastern / 830 pacific #betheadventure #baja #sanfelipe #trophytruck

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Made it to the @sandmbmx #shieldbmx30 for the last 15 minutes on sunday after getting back in town. felt good to air this ramp again - the pow ramp was the one i learned on and this ramp felt just the same just lets bumpy and longer coping haha. thx @moeller_chris for always keeping bmx bmx photo @jasonenns #betheadventure #bmx #tabletop #miniramp

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Always fun when the az chapter is in town. big crew yesterday poolin around. tijuana cliffhanger on the love seat. while the clouds roll. photo: @jasonenns - another angle in my story from @pat__burke_ which you can see the full non cropped in the @united_bmx page soon. #betheadventure #bmx #emptypools

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#lunaberlin had a epic time at the #gopromtngames - so many first for her there. including her first zip line!!! all by herself!!!! what a fun few days at the @mountaingamesvail with @marieeeme & luna - thx again @gopro for having us and showing me the new #fusion and #quikstories - epic things coming from @gopro soon! music: florence + the machine

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Got to hang with the @gopro pr team the first day i got to the #gopromtngames - here's some footy from that day flying the #karma, big wheel'in, mtn biking and kayak battling nick woodman down the river. pretty epic day. #betheadventure #vail @elreynetwork @lifeproof #gopro #karma #karmagrip music: @foofighters new single "run" check there new video for the song and see me choke out a elderly man. #fun #betheadventure @elreynetwork @lifeproof

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So much fun yesterday here at the #gopromtngames kayak racing @gopro head honcho nick woodman down the river, he might have won,maybe...made this edit with #gopro quik app using #quikstories which the app takes your raw footage and edits it with all your highlights on it own --- it's pretty nuts - high five at the end courtesy of #lunaberlin #betheadventure #kayak

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Smooches from #lunaberlin in between kayak runs here in @vailmtn at the #gopromtngames #betheadventure @marieeeme

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Throwback to a great trip in new mexico - hoping this summer brings some hot desert nights on the road with the crew @jasonenns @andrewlazaruk @brian_terada - little table 180 outta the ufo | photo @paulluna242 #betheadventure #bmx #roadtrip

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Pipe creep up the ravine in my @underarmour lightweight and breathable #threadborne gear. #ad #betheadventure

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My good friend @pixopatomus is putting on her first retreat down in #costarica called @surfsweatserve -she is one of the most authentic and wonderful humans on this planet. she has put together a really special week. anyone who might be interested head over to @surfsweatserve check the link in bio for info. and follow her and the retreat she always has so much cool stuff going on.... #betheadventure #yoga #surfing #massage #pixie #nature #vegan

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Good luck today to @jtholmesjr and team in the baja 500!!! just shot this minutes ago right before he took off!!! see you at the finish buddy! #betheadventure #gopro #gpathlete #baja500 @elreynetwork

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Happy birthday grandma!!! forever young!!!! jk! if you haven't seen it yet check out the new @foofighters "run" that came out yesterday.... see me get my a*s whooped by a few senior citizens....what a fun day. thanks @fireballjim @caseys_atoms @davegrohlrp @foofighters

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Sometimes you gotta get away even for just a moment....#mountianmoment #gopromtngames #betheadventure #gopro #gpathlete come join us june 8-11th in vail. filmed by @mariodidit @unchartedsupplyco @sogknives @rolandsands

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