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Funday hiking around #angelescrest today with @christianschauf - here's a pic from the 5 minutes of sun that peeked through. #betheadventure #snow #hiking @flow snowboards #gopro #hero5 #gpathlete @unchartedsupplyco

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Happy monday - here's another minute of slams from my @united_bmx #caveman part i put out a week ago. i could literally put out a couple more of these there are so many haha. this one has some great slams from the guest riders in my part @livewireconstruction and @united_ian - enjoy #betheadventure #bmx #slam #bashguard music dre @digbmx

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I literally grew up in the pages of @ridebmx - sad to hear no more kids like me will. there will always be bmx online but nothing will ever feel like getting the cover of the mag, or flipping through the pages. sad day for sure. thanks @gbradmcdonald for giving us that for the past 25 years and thanks to @marklosey @mulligan4130 @jeffzphoto @fyanrudger and @glennppmilligan and many more for bringing bmx to so many and keep it going for so long. #ripridemag #betheadventure #print #ridemag #bmx

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Throwback to filming with my long time friend @glennppmilligan - i can't think of a person who has been more annoyed by my request of activities to film then glenn. hahha but still he's been there everytime making it happen. even the time he thought he was having a heart attack while making him jump into absolutely nearly frozen water for absolutely no reason at all... here we are shooting a scene deep in a cave on my @uralmotorcycles while he sucks in harmful carbon monoxide once again proving his friendship while cursing me the entire time hahah - love you man. photo @paulluna242

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This day will most likely be one of my favorite days in bmx for me. the "secret pool party" i held last summer. great crew amazing day. thanks again to everyone who can me ride and helped out. tabletop out the top of the wallride just before we started breaking down. #tabletoptuesday #betheadventure #emptypools #rooftopsecretpoolparty photo @paulluna242

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And another happy birthday to the most underrated rider of the past decade @biz_jordan - another great friend i'm lucky to have!!! #betheadventure #hbd

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Happy birthday to one of the best dudes i know @andrewlazaruk - lucky to have a friend like this - everyone wish him a good one and get ready for a new edit coming our way from him soon!!! #betheadventure #hbd

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Wishing for more of this in 2017 - creek crossing in belize from last year. photo @paulluna242 #betheadventure @gramicci #belize #visitbelize #horse

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Quick plant on a diy volcano this afternoon with @andrewlazaruk - photo lazer #betheadventure #gopro #hero5 #gpathlete

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Another shot from filming my new @united_bmx part that's up now in @digbmx -link in bio - feeble nose out of the box into the bank shot by @mariodidit - i'll put out a whole nother slam section from the vid next week. #betheadventure #bmx #bashguard #caveman

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Can can plant on a tombstone. stoked and humbled by the response from my @united_bmx #caveman video part up on @digbmx - thanks everyone for having a watch if you haven't yet - link is in my bio #betheadventure #bashguard #bmx #slam photo @united_ian 😀

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