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Steve bannon is out! cock eyed kellyanne & mike pence are next!!! let's go!!!!❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

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Jew's in the nba, jareds barmitzvah paper's & trumps neck f*t on @colbertlateshow 🏀✡️🦃🦃🦃 @thebig3

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Tell @colbertlateshow to release all the cut out footage from tnites show on youtube or on bootleg dvd gold is on the floor somewhere

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Pre-gaming for @colbertlateshow 1130pm tonite who do you think i talked about first?

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To zeke or not to zeke? the premiere of the fantasy football follies podcast presented by @draftkings on @barstoolsports expounds on this and more tips to help you win your fantasy football league (link in bio) subscribe, rate and review if you're serious about winning

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Fu*k you & your chill pill bob deniro is 74 today jackie brown🎭👑

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Robert deniro is 74 years great today!!! hbd

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Jared kushner you make me sick, you're an embarrassment @iamrapaportpodcast

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Wonder bread bag & olive oil!🥖🍞🥖🍞 money in charlottesville likes running into people? shout out to the great @realghostfacekillah for the inspiration. #williehutch @gmoneti @iamrapaportpodcast @rmmpercy @snoopdogg y'all know about that willie👑

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New smash mouth @iamrapaportpodcast is live!!!

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The gentrification of racists

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Big air baller brand

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...ain't such thing as halfway crooks.... mobbdeepforreal.

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Tiki torch tough guys take over the streets of charlottesville,va

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At least they are t kneeling during the anthem right? these confused scumbags were listening to kendrick lamar afterwards last night in charlottesville the hipster nazis came out in hundreds

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#zeke never trust a running back who shows up to the draft with his belly button swinging.

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Dr.danny aiello gives prostate examinations, @seandabarbarian record is out & stickman beef with boston redsox chris sale on new @iamrapaportpodcast

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Have a fantastic day people!!! @docantle

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