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Celebrated my test getting cancelled by going to a concert. very on brand for me!

comment 2 star 184 5 days ago

Wishing i could meet @codyko and @thenoelmiller again instead of taking my midterms

comment 2 star 217 3 weeks ago

Dad’s weekend is when everyone realizes bill is 20x funnier than i’ll ever be💙

comment 3 star 224 4 weeks ago

Comment how many times you think i cried. #tmg

comment 13 star 234 5 weeks ago

Comment how many concert tickets you think i’ve impulse-bought in my life!

comment 12 star 200 last month

As you can tell, i turned 12 yesterday!!! #twentyone

comment 14 star 303 December 2018

You may all go to hell, and i will go to texas

comment 29 star 321 November 2018

Like this if it was rude of my dad to wear wvu colors to the game, comment if i should forgive him since he brought our dog to austin

comment 3 star 262 November 2018

When someone asks me how i plan on getting through midterm season

comment 3 star 241 October 2018

Best weekend of the year!! #a#c#l

comment 2 star 255 October 2018

Ask me how excited rachel was to see the pigs

comment 1 star 267 October 2018

Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you

comment 7 star 229 September 2018