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Nepal - meghauli - sanju bhatta, 29, in her house in the village of meghauli, in the central district of chitwan. bhatta lives alone with her four kids, aged from ten to two, after her husband rameshwar bhatta left to work in qatar as a driver one week ago. the couple has been married for 11 years. rameshwar left nepal to repay the loan the family took to build their house, leaving sanju to look after their fields and small store. “i am alone. i have to cook, farm, feed the animals and raise the kids all by myself. they frequently ask me about their father” she says. rameshwar frequently calls her. “the only think he complains about is that he has to work so hard for such a small amount of money”. in today's hyperconnected world, many developing countries find that their most lucrative export is people.
in the past five years almost 700 nepali migrant workers have lost their lives in order to build the richest country in the world. enslaved by a system of bonded labour, they drop like flies, leaving behind thousands of families ruined by debts. we went to nepal to investigate.

nepalis make up the bulk of the workers in qatar, with more than 400,000 of them employed as construction workers, drivers and cleaners. forced to flee one of the poorest country in the world in order to feed their families, once in qatar they become entangled in a web of abuses that originates in nepal, where an array of unscrupulous brokers, recruitment agencies and corrupt officials trick them into signing crooked contracts and expensive loans. with no other option to repay their debts, they are forced to work in qatar at any condition, no matter how dangerous and poorly paid their jobs are. #nepal #worldcup #qatarworldcup #qatar #migrantworkers

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Saddened by the news that the might close its doors soon. last year, journalist @matteo.fagotto and i traveled to uzbekistan for a story and while we were there we had the chance to visit the theatre one night. we totally fell in love with its magical and powerful atmosphere and decided to do a story on the theatre as well. in the capital of an authoritarian regime, down a dingy basement once used as a vegetable warehouse, a beacon of freedom and hope has been gleaming for more than 43 years.

created in 1976 by a group of visionary artists and named after the uzbek word for “inspiration”, ilkhom was the first independent theatre in the soviet union. since then its unique creative energy and its will to explore humanity’s true nature have allowed it to survive the fall of communism, paranoid dictatorships and the brutal assassination of its founder by religious extremists.
nowadays ilkhom’s actors perform six times a week on the same old, creaky stage, earning a handful of dollars per month. yet their provocative contemporary plays, coupled with breathtaking innovative scenography, mesmerising aesthetics and live music resonate throughout the world, inspiring and attracting directors, artists and spectators from as far as russia, europe and the us.

lkhom is a cultural bridge between the east and the west and a universal symbol of courage and resilience — the living proof that tyranny, conformism and repression cannot silence our spirit. #tashkent #theatre #ilkhom #uzbekistan #culture #saveilkhom

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Enjoying the last days on my terrace before the big move #newlife #maincoon #catsofinstagram

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Vibrant barcelona #barcelona #spain

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Somali refugees carry tree branches on their way back to their tents. wood is used to build a fence around the tents and protect it from wild animals or for firewood. #somalia #kenya #dadaab #refugees

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Desert memories #kenya #africa #desert

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Glad to be taking over @lightroom instagram feed this week unveiling some of my most cherished human experiences during my 18 year long career as a photojournalist. #lr_human #lightroom #photojournalism

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A young buddhist monk lights a fire along a sacred lake #sikkim #india #buddhism

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Looking forward to seeing what the new decade has to offer. wishing everyone wonderful adventures ahead! #bestnine #happyholidays #happynewyear2020

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Le jardin d’eden #sikkim #india

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May you feel the magic while it’s unfolding, merry christmas to all ✨ #merrychristmas #sikkim #india

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Lepcha community dancing at a wedding celebration in the forest. #sikkim #lepcha #india

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