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Lombard street from last night. i got a new 100-400 mm lens and thought this is a good spot to shoot from long distance.

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Feeling colorful today 😊

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Bonsai rock, lake tahoe. this was a crazy sunset, the burn lasted for like 20 minutes or so. i wish i could shoot closer to the rock but the tide was high.

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Blue hour shot from marshall’s beach

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An old photo from the tulip farm. just realized i have many old photos which i have not edited.. it’s like finding a small treasure 😀

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Some wave action at marshall’s beach

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An old picture from the trip to vermont. hope to go there again this year.

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Had a great time at lake tahoe over the weekend. this was sunrise from the emerald bay, it’s quite an amazing sight and it’s worth waking up early to see this.

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Budapest from the funicular station

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California st.

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Morning in tuscany

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Chain bridge, budapest at night

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