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This is what happens when u keeping bossing around for the whole year and finally youngsters get a chance to give it back.thanks guys for making the day special

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Morning walk with the pack.i think sam knows she is my favourite so she takes the liberty of troubling everyone

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Thanks everyone for the support and mumbai for turning yellow.shane ‘shocking’ watson played a shocking innings to get us through.end of a good season.ziva doesn’t care about the trophy, wants to run on the lawn according to her wordings.

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Ziva gives me company for the last walk to the pune dressing room for this season.thanks a lot pune for supporting us and turning the whole stadium yellow,hope csk entertained you guys enough

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Dances better than the father atleast

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Game over, had a nice sleep now back to daddy’s duties

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When ziva wanted to give a hug to papa during the match

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Shooting gun is so much more fun than shooting ads

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An honour to get the padma bhushan and receiving it in uniform increases the excitement ten folds.thanks to all the men and women in uniform and their families for the sacrifices they make so that all of us could enjoy our constitutional rights.jai hind

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Fun time with the family

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