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It is the most rare thing of all for me to be at a show i am not producing, promoting or somehow involved in. it is even more rare for me to be so insanely happy watching a show that i do not even check my phone😳 but, @tcgentertainment has done such a beautiful job of bringing #prince music to the stage via symphony, that i could not hide my joy!!! the orchestra was superb. the band was on point. the visuals were heart warming. well done. just, very well done. @4uprinceshow is the first and only estate approved symphonic presentation of prince’s music.

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Yes!! another amazing panel coming up and so excited to see these conferences continue to add women to the panels!! honored to be joining scott mcnearney from @sxsw in a conversation moderated by @anubhamomin from @vice talking about brand building with music and technology! thank you @elevatetechfest i cannot wait!!

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@iheartradio thank you sooooo much for this amazing @jazzyamra snapchat feature from me and the entire @headsmusic team! big plans ahead 💪🏽

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@iamtjriley 👑 thursday night, he’s on stage performing (six pack and all) and today, we here talking about what he’s learning in college freshman orientation and about plato and socrates in one of his classes. our young black men are not one dimensional. they are not savages to be feared or gunned down in the street - even if they have made a mistake. they are human beings who deserve as fair a chance as everyone else to live, to grow, to learn, to express themselves, to stand up for equality or kneel to express concern for a lack of it.

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There are people who tell me they don’t understand my singular focus. they think i need a “social life”. they don’t think its healthy to only focus on work. i often respond in frustration because i struggle with having to bother explaining my self on this topic. maybe this image will help? it was taken when i was 18 years old, while i was in boot camp of the u.s. navy. boot camp is a place where they put you through the most difficult, grueling, trying days for months in order to turn you into a soldier. and, after boot camp, i was shipped off to a trade school in a place that often had below zero wind chill factors❄️ - more difficult, demanding, often spirit-breaking days. later, i volunteered to be a member of the first group of women ever to serve on a u.s. navy oiler ship. that led me to become the rarest thing of all for a woman in the navy, at that time - surface warfare qualified💪🏽
it meant extra duties, extra training, learning to shoot different weapons, learning how every piece of equipment on the entire ship worked. this set the stage for who and how i am and forever will be. i did’t see that as “work”. i saw it as a path i chose. i never felt i was missing out on anything because everything i wanted - no matter how big or small - seemed achievable if i stayed focused. fast forward to today. i am still a soldier. my ship, now is @headsmusic - my surface warfare qualification in music came with a lot more bumps, bruises, harassment, discrimination, and lessons than i ever experienced in the military. and, because its so much worse, im that much more focused. this is the path i chose. late hours are worth it. early mornings are worth it. pushing through to achieve a goal is worth it. im having just as much fun, in my office as others have to go to the club to have, because that is my happy place and the people, there are dancing with me underneath my invisible disco ball💃🏽 as we prove #girlscandoanything even in the music business

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Excited and proud to be speaking at #a3c18
@a3c #headsmusic #girlgang #girlscandoanything

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Walking into everyday like... yes. we. can.

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I really do believe your smile is a reflection of those around you. mine is so big, today because im with @alissapollack and @efeninresimleri thank you both so much for all that you do for so many🙏🏾

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@salinamvrie keeping it 💯 with me about rockin’ a lace front..

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@salinamvrie 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Sometimes you have to get out of the matrix...

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