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Mlerm to the next menu. same as yesterday, different setup. check our instastories for the video. what will she choose now 😂🤦🏼‍♀️.

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Haha so nice all your comments on the previous post. most of you thought she would choose turkey first......

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What do you think loulou will eat first? hare, turkey or salmon.
in a few hours you will see the video what she chooses.

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Nothing wrong with their nose. waiting for a treat.

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Flying piranha. haha really, check the 2nd and 3rd photos.

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Orange, gold and loulou is a perfect combi ✨.
collar from @brannipets
what do you think?

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Our little shark.
(yes i still have my fingers 🤪)

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Happy friday 🎉

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A piece of mango and someone is jealous.
** wait for it.

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Happy tongues out tuesday! yes, you have to search well this time.

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Loulou is the easiest, sweetest dog i know. she is gentle, always calm, sleeps a lot, does not destroy anything, listens well, but there is one thing we have to pay attention to and she can not control herself. 1 thing! and that's food. she does nothing when we are there but when we walk away she can find something of food, she grabs it and does not stop eating whatever it is. i should have cleaned up the trash bag that stood on the trash.

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