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"i was in sindh, pakistan, to see how uk aid was helping millions of people affected by the floods that hit the country in july 2010. we came across this bizarre sight – thousands of trees covered in cobwebs, surrounded by kilometres of flood water. spiders had climbed into the trees to escape the floods, and the trees had become cocooned in webs. the spiders were only small, and not dangerous, but if you stood under a tree, they dropped continuously on your head. not a great place to be if you’re scared of spiders! the webs are slowly killing the trees, but one benefit is that there are lower levels of malaria than normal, because mosquitoes get trapped in the webs.", says our reader russell watkins⠀
photograph: russell watkins⠀
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Immerse yourself in downtown la’s creative culture, showcased in vibrant art districts and engaging museums. @discoverla

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Walk down to lal kot walls built in the 11th century to see the spectacular views of qutub minar. a weekend in delhi revisiting the architectural secrets is just what you need this winter! pick our latest issue or subscribe to us here- https://buff.ly/2qdcjco

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As the seasons change, japan takes up a brand new form with beautiful red trees and in the sunlight, the leaves gold in sheer ruby hues. ⠀

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photo: @loic.lagarde

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Tourists don’t come to chittoor, they say. everyone goes to tirumala. and that is exactly why you should go to chittoor. read all about this tiny hamlet in our latest issue or sub to us here- https://buff.ly/2qdcjco

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The 'vertical forest' tower in milan isa real masterpiece of architecture! #milan #italy #europe #lonelyplanet #lpmi 📸: @kyrenian

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"the highlight of our trip to tanzania was a four-day safari to the ngorongoro, serengeti and lake manyara national parks. on the second day, between ngorongoro and serengeti, our guide godson stopped the car and we all looked to our left in disbelief: a group of giraffes was running towards us. i was afraid they were being hunted by a predator, but we soon realised they were running away from a maasai shepherd who was nearby with his herd. i quickly took out my camera because i’d never seen so many giraffes together. this picture shows them slowing down, looking at us, with the exception of the one on the left, who was checking behind for danger.", says our reader elena zanuccoli ⠀
photograph: elena zanuccoli ⠀
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"around 360km from shimla, nako, in the kinnaur district of himachal pradesh, is surprisingly well connected to that hub by bus. standing in front of nako lake, situated at a height of almost 12,000ft, we felt we had reached the gates of paradise. framed by trees wearing the hues of autumn, against the backdrop of the barren mountains, the lake seemed to blend with the sky to make a magical picture.", says our reader ashok roy⠀
photograph: ashok roy⠀
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The incredibly talented @masterchefshiprakhanna was with us at our first ever #lpmitraveltalks 2018 to share some of her culinary travel adventures, her tips & tricks and more! #masterchef #lonelyplanetmagazineindia #lonelyplanetindia #lpmi

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Home to endless stretches of tea plantations, valparai promises the perfect setting for a much needed detox from the everyday grind of the city life. read more about weekend getaways for the month of december in our latest issue or subscribe here- https://buff.ly/2qdcjco

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When it comes to temple towns, the narrative is almost always the same- quaint, peaceful and comforting. but if you think wai, in maharashtra is anything like your quintessential temple town, you're wrong. read about it in our latest issue or subscribe here- https://buff.ly/2qdcjco

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